"The Sword of Gilead & the Book of Angels"
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Authored by Eddie Russell FMI, SD.
Contributions by Fr. Mitch Pacwa SJ, Fr. John Rea SM

A true story began in 1990 when loud voice from heaven spoke to Catholic Evangelist Eddie Russell saying, "I am sending you an Avenging Angel - He is the Sword of Gilead." ......................>>>

I enjoyed this book and learnt a lot about...
>>> Overcoming the shock and realising it was not a threat, began a discernment process during which Eddie witnessed the frightening but awesome power of God's vengeance and justice enacted through this holy angel. - But is it real, fantasy, or coincidence?

This book traces that amazing journey while explaining how God's angels operate, think, move and influence our lives while exposing the angels of the demonic world.

"While the author gives us something of his own life and the history of the founding of Flame Ministries International and the Cathedral Prayer Meeting, even more valuable is his study of the angels and his explanation of the New Age Movement as darkness masquerading as light.

You have some great insights. Thank you for drawing my attention to the fact that no angel in the Bible has a feminine name." ~ Fr. John Rea SM.

"I read your book. When I started I couldn't stop until I finished it. It is a good book." ~ Archbishop Emeritus Barry James Hickey, Perth WA.

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