An Institution of Lay Evangelists/Preachers of the Catholic Church established 1990.
A Public Association of Christ's Faithful. (Canon 301) and
(Canon 300)
Entitled to us the name, "Catholic"

Head Office: 6/186 Hay Street, Subiaco, Perth, Western Australia.
Post: PO BOX 8133 Subiaco East WA 6008
Phone: + 61 8 9382 3668 Fax: + 61 8 9382 4080
Email: fmi (at) flameministries.org

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Flame Ministries
I n t e r n a t i o n a l
A Catholic Ministry
of the Word.

A Neo-Pentecostal Lay Preaching Institution of the Roman Catholic Church Canonically Constituted as 'An Association of Christ's Faithful', Canon 301 & 300 entitled to use the name 'Catholic'.

Sharing Jesus Christ with the world in the spirit of Ad Gentes, Evangelii Nuntiandi, Dei Verbum, Verbum Domini, and The New Evanglisation.

A Brief History & Mission Statement

:: 1990 - The beginning.
In January 1990 Archbishop William J Foley (the late Archbishop of Perth) gave his blessing to conduct a biblical seminar called Set My People On Fire which was based upon a prophecy received during prayer on Christmas Eve 1989. This prophecy was to later form the vision and mandate for Flame Ministries International. The first Set My People On Fire (SMPOF) seminars was conducted in February 1990 with great success. Since its small beginning it has been preached twice a year in Australia and, during 1994 in Birmingham and Peterborough in England by the Australian speakers. Since 2004 SMPOF has been preached twice a year in various areas and parishes around the United Kingdom.

:: Flame Ministries International was founded later in 1990.
Later in 1990 The Lord showed Mr. Eddie Russell his vision called "Flame" Ministries. This vision was formulated and accepted by the authors of "Set My People On Fire" and Archbishop Foley who gave his blessing to function in the Archdiocese of Perth.

F>L>A>M>E - Faith> Love> Adoption> Maturity> Evangelisation.

Since that time Flame Ministries became International and has grown with many more
Biblical programmes, seminars & outreaches.

:: Status & Credentials. Canonical Status.
On January 17th 1996 His Grace The Most Rev, Barry James Hickey, Archbishop of Perth, Western Australia granted Flame Ministries International Canonical Status as "an association of Christ's faithful" under Canon 301(p3) entitled to use the name "Catholic" Canon 300.

:: Commissioned as Catholic Evangelists.
His Grace, The Most Reverend Archbishop Barry James Hickey, gave a Special Blessing and Commissioned the Senior Directors as
Catholic Evangelists which was later publicly confirmed during an Institution Ceremony conducted by the late Bishop Healy. The Archbishop also accepted Vows of Obedience and Commissioned them to Preach the Gospel and to fulfill the Great Commission.

Missions to: St. Lucia Caribbean ~ Mexico ~ USA ~ England ~ Scotland ~ Portugal ~ Malaysia ~ Indonesia ~ Singapore ~ Pakistan ~ Uganda ~ Dubai ~ Australia.

:: Our Mission is to:
(1) Evangelise the unbeliever that they may know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the Baptism of Fire and, the fullness of life within the Church.

(2) Evangelise the Churched that they may grow in their Faith, Life in the Holy Spirit and the fullness of Christian Revelation by the proclamation of the Word of God.

(3) Evangelise and reach out to lapsed and disenfranchised Catholics giving them an opportunity to reconcile and enter fully into the life of the Church once more.

Above all - To love Christ, and to love his Church.

Second Edition

It's Faith Jim.
But not as we know it.
Second Edition Now Avaialble.
"...The author immediately takes us boldly where no Catholic writer, as far as I know, has gone before."
Fr John Rea SM.
New Zealand Catholic

"I've heard from a lady who had just read the chapter in which he (Eddie) describes raising the dead nun to life when she herself had to deal with someone who was apparently dead. She drew faith from Eddie's book and the young woman came back to life." Fr John Rea SM. August 31 2006

It's Faith Jim, is on a par
with C.S. Lewis 'Mere Christianity'."
- James Hastings, Catholic Times, United Kingdom

Free Chapter

12 Steps to Divine Healing
An Internationally popular book by Catholic Evangelist, Eddie Russell FMI is available in German, Slovenian and Portuguese.
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About the Book
Including the German, Slovenian & Portuguese editions.

“12 passos para a
Cura Divina”
Eddie Russell FMI Euro 9.00
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The Freedom Album.

My Word the Message Album.

:: FMI is a Non-Profit Organization.
ABN 92130821513 -The total funding of FMI relies entirely on Divine Providence and the generosity of those who support its work by their donations and offerings.

:: Membership.
There is no general public membership in Flame Ministries International: Each member of the organization has a specific job or role to play, and is therefore active in the full work of the ministry in its day to day function and outreaches. All positions are voluntary, and include full time and part time positions depending on the member's state of life.

:: Application to join.
After graduating the Set My People on Fire Seminars, and after meeting the required criteria, prospective members can apply for a one year term defining their chosen area of service and expertise. After one year, a member can reapply for a one year term, or for two year terms. After serving two year terms, a member is eligible to apply for five year terms after which, a life membership can be granted. Once accepted, each member is formally inducted in the name of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Perth, and in the name of the Roman Catholic Church, and as such, make Vows of Service and Obedience generally taken at the Mass at the Annual Congress in January, after which the member is entitled to use the formal affix "FMI" after their name and wear the Official Cross Insignia of FMI.

:: Public Membership.
There is no general membership in FMI but all functions are open to the public. The term Is therefore defined by people of all ages and walks of life that regularly attend our weekly public meetings. These general public 'members' (attendees) take no vows and are free to come and go. At these meetings, attendees can be called upon to serve the meetings in various areas such as; auditorium set up, sound set up, kitchen duties, greeters, overhead technology, and other areas as needed in the Ministry of Helps.

:: Our work is to:
Preach and teach the Gospel as our primary function as the Ministry of the Evangelist. To evangelise; write and develop evangeliation programmes, Biblical seminars and Video and Audio Productions. Write and publish books, magazines, compose and publish music. Run conferences, rallies, parish and school missions, retreats, youth programmes and leadership training. Form, develop, and conduct Prayer (Praise) meetings and missionary outreaches both in the Catholic Church and to the wider Body of Christ throughout the world.

:: FMI does not discriminate.
There is no distinction between age, status, gender or nationality. FMI gives everyone a clear opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the truths of Holy Scripture and life within the Church as its normal ethos.

:: FMI does not permit any form of "Inclusion" nor "Syncretism."
We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ needs no other religion, pagan belief or New Age philosophy to embellish its efficacy for Salvation.

:: Annual Flame Congress.
Annual Congress is held in Perth during January each year. The Annual Flame Congress has attracted international speakers of note and attendance in excess of 3,000 people over any one weekend. During these times many people have experienced healing and salvation.

:: Since its formation in 1990.
FMI has ministered in Australia, Pakistan, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, England, Mexico, USA, St. Lucia, Uganda and Portugal, where it has conducted seminars, parish missions, priests and lay retreats, youth conventions and conferences.

:: Regional Offices.
Were established in Birmingham, England in 1992 and function as a contact centre for FMI in the UK. A Regional Office was also established in Singapore in late 1997 for the same purpose. During 2004 Mr Derek Williams was appointed as an FMI Evangelist and established a Regional Office in Peterborough England. His tenure ended in June 2008.

:: Blaze Magazine.
Over the years since 1990, FMI has published a magazine called BLAZE four times a year as finances have permitted. This magazine has been distributed to 14 countries and has proved very popular with its readers. The magazine reports news of FMI's ministry activities, articles and testimonials. Due to its popularity, the cost of printing, and distribution for no charge has exceeded FMI's resources to continue as a print edition. Blaze Magazine is now an Online Publication. See Blaze Magazine Online.

:: Flame Revival News Online.
In addition to the print edition the Newsletter is also published Online. This edition gives a greater coverage of the news and more photographs. This
Newsletter is a FREE Confidential Subscription proving very popular on the Internet with an ever increasing subscriber list.

:: FMI Books Published.
In 1997, Senior Director and Evangelist, Eddie Russell wrote and published his first book called
"12 Steps To Divine Healing." This book is proving very popular around the world. There have been reports that people have received healing, insight and encouragement from Jesus through reading this book. More than anything else, this book shows the reader "how" to receive from God what He has divinely promised in His Word. In January 2001 12 Steps to Divine Healing was translated into the German language and published in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is now available in all Book Stores in all German speaking countries. In 2003 the book was also translated into Portuguese and Slovenian.

In 2005 Eddie Russell wrote and published his second book, now in its second edition, on the mystery of faith called,
It's Faith Jim, but not as we know it.

In the August 26 2006 New Zealand Catholic Newspaper's book by Fr John Rea SM, he said, "...The author immediately takes us boldly where no Catholic writer, as far as I know, has gone before..."

On August 31 2006, a letter from Fr John Rea said, "I've heard from a lady who had just read the chapter in which he describes raising the dead nun to life when she herself had to deal with someone who was apparently dead. She drew faith from Eddie's book and the young woman came back to life."

Another review by Journalist James Hastings for the Catholic Times UK said, "It's Faith Jim, is on a par with C.S. Lewis's 'Mere Christianity'."

:: Music Albums Produced.
My Word the Message and The Freedom Album written and produced by the Flame Music Ministry, have sold in several countries. Performances have been to 25 million people on national television from Mexico City, 2008 World Youth Day, and in Miami and Pittsburgh USA. Flame Music Ministry are the worship ministry for FMI and are also in demand for Masses and events around Perth. The My Word the Message Album received a Papal Blessing from His Holiness, Pope John Paul II.

:: Theatre Arts Productions.
FMI Moderator, Damien Doherty has written several Gospel dramas and mini-musicals. His work was used for the Catechesis sessions at the 2008 World Youth Day in Sydney.

:: FMITV & Video Productions.
Began in 2003 to produce quality Digital Television, Video and DVD programs.
fmitv channel on you tube.

:: Audio Podcasts.
Established in 2009, Firecast-FMI is listed on iTunes weekly. There is also a dedicated web site for those that do not use iTunes

:: Firecast-CatholicTV
Live-Streaming Seminars, Flame Congresses and other productions.

Flame Ministries International Australia

:: Head Office: AUSTRALIA:
Suite 6, 186 Hay Street, Subiaco, Perth, Western Australia 6008.

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 8133, Subiaco East, Perth, Western Australia 6008.
Telephone: + 61 08 9382 3668 - 61 08 9381 4964.
Fax: + 61 08 9382 4080.
E-mail: Flame Ministries International

Senior Directors and Moderators

Founder/Catholic Evangelist:
Eddie Russell FMI

Assistant Director
and Office Manager
Kay Ford FMI

Moderator: Flame
Youth and Music.
Patrick Carre FMI

Kaye Rollings FMI

Moderator: Podcast Productions.
Damien Doherty FMI

Regional Offices:

Regional Officers:
Ray and Dianne Russell FMI
27 Heathgreen Close, Chelmsleywood, Birmingham, B37 6UH England.

Telephone: + 0011 44 12 160 33842
Fax: + 0011 44 121 243 0389

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