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Welcome to our missions updates.
FMI is a Neo-Pentecostal (Charismatic) lay preaching organization of the Roman
Catholic Church, sharing Jesus Christ with the world in the spirit of Ad Gentes,
Evangelii Nuntiandi, Dei Verbum, and the New Evangelization. Listen and grow
in your Christian Faith and life in the Holy Spirit.

This page is updated frequenlty as new events are confirmed.

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Updated September, 2011
Please check back regularly as there are other events yet to be listed.
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*NOTE: Due to the webmaster's heart surgery, this page has not been updated, but will be done soon.

Firecast-TV: Live-Streaming every Monday see below. 5NF Uganda a great success. Flame's first visit to Dubai UAE saw new mission fields open in the Middle East. Abundant Life Online The Flame Shopping Experience. THIS PAGE IS UPDATED FREQUENTLY - ALSO, SUBSCRIBE TO FLAME REVIVAL NEWS ONLINE FOR FREE and get our regular News Updates.


8 7.45 pm Every Thursday Evening. St. Mary's Cathedral Praise Meeting (CPM)
NIGHT OF FIRE NEW VENUE - Legion of Mary's Edel Quinn Centre, Windsor Street, East Perth.
Praise and Worship with Flame Music Ministry. Teaching and Ministry.
Check back for special or specific programs, guest speakers or bible faith seminars.

Leader: Catholic Evangelist, Eddie Russell FMI.



Rally Friday January 21.
7.30pm Aneel Aranha HSI.
Saturday January 22.
9am Livia Cianfagna FMI.
11.30am Cheryle Douglas FMI.
1.15pm Aneel Aranha HSI.
4.30pm Kaye Rollings FMI.
7.30pm Gospel Rally Carlos Moreira FMI.
Sunday January 23.
Mass & Homily on How the Church sees Holiness Mgr Brian O'Lloughlin.
11.30am Cyrus D'Souza FMI.
2.15pm Aneel Aranha HSI.
4.40pm Open Workshop led by Kaye Rollings FMI.
7.30pm Gospel Rally Aneel Aranha HSI.

The topics over the weekend will deal with living with purpose, living in God's power and authority, having the power to change, maturity in accomplishment, moving from religious experience to personal relationship and much more.

All praise and worship will be led by Flame Music Ministry.

REGISTRATION FEES: Workshops $12.50 per session or $85 all. Please Note: If you have a Pensioner or Disability Concession Card, show the desk attendant and receive a 50% discount. If you have a genuine difficulty with that amount the desk will accept a donation. The evening sessions do not require registration; a love offering will be received each evening.

ABOUT OUR SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER: Aneel Aranha; Founder of Holy Spirit Interactive Community, Dubai, UAE.

Aneel Aranha spent twenty-five years in the atheistic wilderness certain that God did not exist. He didn't permit his children to be baptized, refused to let anything religious enter his home and verbally crucified any Christian who dared challenge him on matters of faith. He was untouchable until sucked into a vortex of destruction from which there was no escape route save one - but he would have to drop to his knees to use it. When he did, Jesus set him free from alcohol abuse, nicotine addiction, and domestic violence.

Aneel Aranha now lives very happily with his wife and two children in the Middle East, where he is the founder and leader of Holy Spirit Interactive Community, an apostolate aimed at strengthening the faith of Christians and spreading the word of God around the world. It has God's blessings, evident in the success of an Outreach Program, which uses music, drama and dance to bring people to God; a Discipleship Program aimed at helping people live lives pleasing to God; a Global Intercessory Prayer Circle that unites hundreds of people from all over the world; and much else.

Bishop Paul Hinder has officially recognized Holy Spirit Interactive (HSI) as an Association of Faith and Outreach of the Vicariate Apostolic of Arabia, thus formally opening the doors of churches in Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, and, of course, the United Arab Emirates. HSI already has three hugely successful communities functioning within the UAE.

Phone FMI (08) 93823668

Email: "Kay Ford" kayford@bigpond.com

Did you know that you can join Eddie Russell FMI on facebook and get live updates. Click on the Logo.

Father Andrew talks about Catholic Evangelist, Eddie Russell FMI & Flame Ministries International, and the impact on his parish in Kitaasa, Uganda. 2010 A new mission begins 1st to 25th Sept - Kyambogo University - 5NF. Masaka Diocese. Mbarara university - 5NF. Bunamwaya parish.

Flame Perth WA: 8Click Here
Flame Perth WA: Flame Music Ministry.
Contact Patrick Carre FMI.
8Click Here

Every Monday Evening at 10pm Perth time, we are livestreaming 35 x 80 minute shows on the new Firecast-TV Channel on Ustream.
Program details here

Please come back often - This page is updated regularly.

8 January 22nd - 24th January 2010
Annual Flame Congress 20th Anniversary
Gibney Hall, Trinity College, Perth.

8 Februay 3, 2010
Conquest Ministry 7:00pm - 10:00pm
The DOJ Venue 67 Howe Street, Osborne Park
Eddie Russell FMI On HIS LIFE, HIS MESSAGE & HIS MISSION. $5 donation on entry. Complementary glass of wine. Cafe will be open after the talk. Speaker: Eddie Russell FMI

8 February 10 to May 23 (Pentecost) 2010
Set My People on Fire - Parish Mission (Youth Outreach).
St Josephs, 3 Salvado Road, Subiaco WA 6008
15 weekly sessions and 3 retreat weekends.
This page gives you all the information for easy viewing.

Speakers: Eddie Russell. Kaye Rollings. Cyrus D'Souza.
Flame Team and Music Ministry.

More Information about the program

8 Claremont Prayer Group 9.30 am March 23.
The lure of the New Age movement; the spiritual dangers and protection for families, especially relating to meditation and yoga.St Thomas the Apostle Church
2 College Road, Claremont WA.
Contact Julie Bevan MB: 6143 8558 788 Speaker: Eddie Russell FMI

8 World Youth Day Youth Festival.
Sunday March 28th 12 to 4pm. Forrest Chase, Perth.
Flame Music Ministry.

8 Thurs April 1, 22, 29, May 6, 13.
Faith & Vision and The Secret to Success.
12.30pm to 1.30pm. Worship Centre.
South Street campus, 90 South Street, Murdoch.

Information: Father Joe Cardoso.
Email: jocpsych@yahoo.com

Speaker: Eddie Russell

8 Healing Rally 7pm April 30, 2010.
Good Shepherd Parish, Cnr of Morley Drive and Altone Rd, Lockridge WA. Speaker; Eddie Russell FMI
Contact Shirley - shirleyolivari@hotmail.com for details.

8 Fr John Rea Healing Conference June 18 -20, 2010.
The Word & The Cross. 11am Sunday June 20th.
The Disciple of Jesus Centre. 67 Howe Street, Osborne Park. Speaker; Eddie Russell FMI with Patrick Carre FMI.

8 Sunday August 1st
Parish Outreach: THE HOLY SPIRIT
Immaculate Conception Parish,
154 Canning Highway
(Corner Preston Point Road and Canning Highway)
East Fremantle Western Australia 6158
Speaker: Eddie Russell FMI
Information: Fr Blasco Fonseca Ph: 9438 3704

8 Uganda September 2010.
1st to 5th Sept - Kyambogo University - 5NF.
7th to 12th Sept - Masaka Diocese.
14th to 17th Sept - MUBS - 5 NF.
21st to 25th Sept - Bunamwaya parish.

Speaker: Eddie Russell FMI - Patrick Carre FMI.

"Dear Eddie, It was a pleasure for us to host in Makerere. My life has not remained the same. In truth, I now have more hunger for the scripture, to evangelize and to be part of the Joshua Generation.

Wow. I was delighted when James Brian our Prayer Group Leader told us that you have considered coming back next year - 2010. God bless you, God bless Patrick and God bless Flame Ministries." Martin Baluku. Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda.

8 September 30th to October 7th.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Eddie Russell FMI - Patrick Carre FMI.

8 Friday November 12th

Sacred Heart Parish.
Cnr Discovery Drive and Ovens Rd, Thornlie.
Carlos Moreira FMI

8 7.45pm Thursday November 18th to December 16th
WHEN THE SPIRIT COMES; A Holy Spirit Seminar.
Cathedral Praise Meeting, 450 Hay Street, Perth.
Kaye Rollings FMI, Carlos Moreira FMI, Cyrus DeSouza FMI.

8 January 21 to 23 2011
21st Annual Flame Congress
John XXIII College, John 23rd Avenue, Claremont.

fmitv australia

FMITV is an audio visual outreach of Flame Ministries International.
These short movies are Eddie's early experiments with editing, production and reactions of viewers like you. JUST ENJOY AND MAYBE GIVE SOME FEEDBACK. IF YOU LIKE THEM, PLEASE RATE THEM ON YOUTUBE.

fmitv YouTube Channel

Abundant Life Online Catholic Bible Teachings CLICK HERE
Flame Ministries International's - ONLINE STORE NOW OPEN.

Set My People on Fire A small movie with a big vision.
Produced by Eddie Russell FMI and all about Flame Ministries Gospel Missions in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, England, Scotland, USA, Mexico, Uganda, Portugal and Australia. It contains an audio voice over of the Set My People on Fire prophecy; The vision that began it all. Music Track; The Rest of My Life by Patrick Carre FMI from the My Word the Message Album.

The Baptism of Fire.
The Prophecy. The Promise. The Anointing & The Consequences. Produced by Eddie Russell FMI and tells the story of the prophecy and the vision of fire that appeared at the Cathedral Praise Meeting in Perth WA.
It tell the story from 1990 until now.
Is it a prophetic message for our times? - You be the judge.

Dancing in The River of Life.
A happy little movie produced by Eddie Russell taken on location during missions around Uganda and at 5 Nights of Fire in Miami, FL. The music is live at 5NF by The Covenant Band and Scott Kaldahl.

You are the Light From The Freedom Album.
Pope Benedict's call to the Prophets of a New Age. Filmed at WYD08 Perth Days in the Diocese. It features Flame Music Ministry in concert. The movie has a scary beginning, but a great ending.


Set My People on Fire Video Clips.

This section will feature short video clips from the Set My People on Fire Seminars.

Part One of Eight:
They Turned their world upside down with faith in the name of Jesus.The thrust of this segment - Overcoming AntiChrist.

Part Two of Eight:
They Turned their world upside down with faith in the name of Jesus. The thrust of this segment - Your Power of Attorney; How the devil proves that Jesus is Lord.

Part Three of Eight:
They Turned their world upside down with faith in the name of Jesus. The thrust of this segment - How the Name of Jesus cured advanced Leukemia.

Part Four of Eight:
They Turned their world upside down with faith in the name of Jesus. The thrust of this segment - How the Name of Jesus stopped a speeding car and a suicide jumper.

Part Five of Eight:
They Turned their world upside down with faith in the name of Jesus. The thrust of this segment - The Gospel is not a matter of talk, but of demonstration. Why the sons of Sceva failed.

Part Six of Eight:
They Turned their world upside down with faith in the name of Jesus. Double the Church in less than a year. The thrust of this segment - How the Word of God becomes part of your spirit, makes you new and changes your world.

Part Seven of Eight - Coming Soon. Watch this space.


To find out more about the complete program of 40 x 80 minute sessions click on the banner above.

"I recommend the Set My People On Fire seminars as an excellent source of Biblical teaching, especially as a living experience of the Word of God for the participants."

Archbishop Barry James Hickey.


World Youth Day: Days in the Diocese Perth WA. Video Music Track features RISE by Flame Music Ministry from the Freedom Album. Produced by Millar Lo FMI, Perth WYD Technology & Media Officer.

WYD08 Perth Days in the Diocese. Liturgy & Leadership Conference. Produced by Millar Lo for World Youth Day Office, Perth WA. Features our own Catholic Evangelist, Eddie Russell.
Below are 3 videos from Five Night of Fire St. Louis Catholic Church, Pinecrest, Miami, Florida USA.
Produced by Dawn Kaldahl as introductions to the Flame Ministries' annual sessions. These videos are screened at the
beginning of each evening to welcome the people as they gather for Five Nights of Fire.
See our Revival News Pages for stories and testimonials.

FIRECAST-FMI The PodCast with Fire.
From the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit, comes this inspired weekly teaching from Lay Catholic Preaching Organization, Flame Ministries International -
PodCasts of teachings recorded at the CPM that you have not heard before.

FIRECAST FMIRADIO Australia. The Podcast with Fire

Online Now:
Click on the logo to hear the broadcasts.
firecast-fmi is uploaded every Sunday night. Also - FireCast INSPIRATIONS every Wednesday night.

fmiradio australia
Discernemnt in leadership; forming character.

Nominated Book of the Year Catholic Times UK 2007

It's Faith Jim. But not as we know it.
The cosmic secret of Hebrews 11:1-3
Second Edition by Catholic Evangelist, Eddie Russell FMI. "This is the best book on faith I have ever read." Father John Rea.

Abundant Life Online Catholic Bible Teachings CLICK HERE

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