12 Steps to Divine Healing:
An internationally popular book that explains how you can receive healing through prayer.

Author: Eddie Russell FMI - Catholic Evangelist.

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Imprimatur: +Archbishop B. J. Hickey.
Nihil Obstat: Fr. Brian Pitman O.Carm. Censor Deputatus

Eddie Russell FMI is a Commissioned Lay Catholic Evangelist. He has written several Biblical Seminars, Programs and Articles which have been published to over fourteen countries.

He is an international speaker of note who has ministered in Australia, England, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Uganda, Mexico and the USA where he has preached Seminars, Retreats, Revival Rallies, Conferences and Parish Missions.

Foreword by + Most Rev Barry James Hickey, Archbishop of Perth WA.

"I recommend this book as a source of inspiration and help."

+Most Rev B J Hickey.
Archbishop of Perth, Western Australia.

Eddie Russell has given witness to his deep faith in the healing power of God in this attractive book. Based on inspired Scriptures his convictions about the Lord's desire for our spiritual and physical healing are conveyed with clarity and coherence.

In this book we become aware that God's action outlined in Sacred Scripture and human experience, is directed towards our full healing and our wholeness as God's beloved creation. The physical is not a separate world from the spiritual. In the unity of the one person, both come together, and are touched by the action of God.

I recommend this book as a source of inspiration and help.

(nihil obstat = literally: no obstacles = Contains nothing contrary to Catholic Faith or Morals)
(Imprimatur = literally: Permission to print.)

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“12 passos para a
Cura Divina”
Eddie Russell FMI

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"It's Faith Jim. But not as we know it."

This inspiring book by Eddie Russell takes us on a cosmic adventure revealing the mystery of faith and how God’s Word created Adam and the universe from sub atomic dust. It unfolds the cosmogony of faith in Hebrews 11:1-3, and by the ancient biblical names of the Mazzaroth, exposes the deception of the Zodiac, unveiling God’s message of salvation written in the stars.

A must for anyone wanting to understand the Word of God and how faith grows and operates in their daily life - This book gives practical answers and inspiring examples regarding those eternal questions.

12 Steps to Divine Healing AUDIO BOOK

By popular request, this is a 2nd Edition of the original book in audio format expanded with more chapters and amazing testimonials.

Narrated by the author, Catholic Evangelist,
Eddie Russell FMI.

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