Article published in the Record Newspaper Western Australia; April 2007

Flame Music Ministry, part of Flame Ministries International, released their latest compilation of original work entitled The Freedom Album in conjunction with the 17th annual Flame Congress to enthusiastic reactions from the audience and Catholic press.

The album cover design displays the image of a train ready to leave a station inviting everyone to hop on board and take a ride. The ride is a journey of 12 original tracks described as "cutting edge" by Eddie Russell the founding director of Flame Ministries International.

All the songs are the work of various members of FMM. The musical style captures several genres from the rocking and upbeat Rise, to the acoustic laden Adore to the bluesy The Freedom Song.

Other tracks include, Above All Things, You Are the Light, Set My People on Fire and You Broke the Chains. All of the tracks on this album will be presented at the launch on the 18th of January 2007.

The Freedom Album comes strong of the heels of FMM's successful debut CD My Word the Message. David Harp, a senior director of Flame Ministries International describes what My Word the Message meant to him, "The music reached deep in to my soul giving me strength and great joy. Listening to the CD in my car and room inspired my praise to God for his love for me and gratitude in my heart for saving me and giving me hope for the future."

The Freedom Album has no less potential because all the songs were written with that same message of hope and freedom given to everyone through Jesus Christ.

While working in secular bands, FMM composer and musician Damien Doherty had a profound conversion to Christ in 1997 when God called him to leave that all behind and follow him. Since then Damien has written a mini musical and composed numerous songs that give glory to God.

One of the tracks that Damien wrote on this album is Rise. He explains what lead him to write the song. "I was inspired by Eddie Russell's preaching on revival fire one night. I was also frustrated at the complacency and apathy I could see among young Catholics", says Damien who has served in FMI for 7 years. "I feel it's the best song that God has inspired me to write and it's also my favorite."

Damien plays bass guitar and is one of the lead vocalists on this album.

A WYD 08 version of Damien's Rise was used by the organising committee of World Youth Day 2008 for the Western Australian Days in the Diocese video promotions, and in Sydney it is in the running for the event's theme song.

A 25 million live television audience:
Patrick Carre, music director for FMM while on mission in Mexico during 2004 was invited by Claravision Catholic TV Mexico City to perform songs from My Word the Message. The broadcast reached a live audience of 25 million people from Latin South America to Alaska.

While in Mexico, Patrick was inspired to write I Long to See Your Face which appears as track 5 on The Freedom Album.

"After returning late one evening from a healing service, I was suffering from jetlag and couldn't sleep. Still in awe of the power of God and what he had done, I picked up a guitar left for me in the room and started strumming. I wanted to glorify the Holy Trinity and wrote the first verse there and then." says Patrick who is also a music producer with his own recording studio, Rocket Productions.

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