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Friends of Flame are an associate membership of people that feel called by God to be part of this ministry
and its evangelical vision, serving and supporting FMI in practical ways that are suited to their way of life.

Who We Are
What's Involved?
The commitment
How to Join

To read more about our foundation history, vision and mission statement go to:
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ince its foundation in 1990, membership in Flame Ministries International has been confined to those who fully partake and work in the day to day functioning of the ministry: Every member has a specific job in the overall running of FMI from office typist to worship leaders. There has been no general membership due to the nature of the ministry (an organisation) other than attending our weekly meetings which, along with seminars, conferences, rallies and outreaches, are open to the public

Who we are.
Flame Ministries International is a Catholic Neo-Pentecostal Lay Preaching Organisation Constituted as an Association of Christ's Faithful (Canon 301) entitled to use the name Catholic (Canon 300). We are a ministry of Officially Recognised Catholic Evangelists. Our Head Office is in Perth Western Australia and we have Regional Offices in Singapore and England.

A growing interest.
Over the years there has been a growing interest for some form of General Membership from around the world. Often, due to having no vacancies for work-orientated membership we have sadly had to refuse those requests. However, a growing subscriber list for the Flame Revival News Online, as well as constant requests received by E-mail and people we meet on missions who have requested to join FMI, has shown us the need to rectify that situation. Realising that everyone expressing an interest in FMI cannot become a fully participating active member...

Friends of Flame, inspired by the Holy Spirit, has been established to meet that need.
Who are Friends of Flame? Friends of Flame are people touched or inspired by the work of FMI and who have caught our vision. These people feel called by God to support FMI right where they are in their current state of life in practical ways. These consist of individuals, families, groups, churches, communities, religious, clergy and lay people in all walks of life and service to the Lord and can be of any Christian Denomination anywhere in the world.

Friends of Flame assist FMI in:

Daily Prayer using the FMI Prayer-Vision Card as well as Personal Prayer.
Offering Mass Intentions.
Making the work of the ministry known to others.
Attending FMI functions if possible in their area.
Attending the Annual Flame Congress if possible in their area.
Financial Support.

If you feel called to join us, continue to read the membership information below and then contact us with your expression of interest.

Living out the Commitment:
Embracing the spirituality and vision of FMI will lead Friends of Flame Members and others to growth in the Lord. It will also result in greater blessings for the world. Living out the commitment to be a Friend of Flame entails a willingness to faithfully do the following:

Daily Personal Prayer & Intercession.
A high priority must be placed upon the individual's daily quiet time with the Lord. It is here that the Lord is enabled to deal most effectively with us.

How long should we pray?
An hour a day would be the ideal. Of course this might not be possible for some depending on family responsibilities and personal circumstances, therefore an hour per day would be the long-term goal. Someone who is just beginning to pray seriously may have difficulty finding and spending an hour in prayer on a regular basis. We encourage those who are just starting to set a realistic goal and to strive to be faithful to that while gradually adding to the time as it becomes possible.

A distinction between prayer and "prayers."

The latter would be those composed by others and recited by us. The Rosary or other devotions would be an example of this. Many find it an invaluable assistance in their relationship with the Lord and we recommend it. However, our personal time with the Lord is spontaneous prayer, speaking to the Lord in our own words or in Tongues would be the preferred prayer time.

Since prayer is meant to be communication between God and me, I have to give him a chance to speak too. This will mean that part of my prayer time will be spent simply listening to the Lord. We will say with Samuel: “Speak, Lord, your servant is listening." (1 Samuel 3:10). Listening each day will give us a clearer idea of what the Lord might be communicating to us.

Praying for the Evangelists.
Part of our quiet time with the Lord, will be spent bringing before him the needs of the Ministry. Friends of Flame will partake in the Flame Ministry Daily Prayer which is derived from the Set My People On Fire Prophecy and Flame Vision in union with all other members each day.

The effects of your prayers.
The FMI Evangelists, Directors and Moderators as well as the other FMI speakers, leaders and workers are on the firing line every day and can expect the regular attacks of the Devil and people that all those in the midst of spiritual warfare will undergo.

It will be a real blessing for them to know that they are held up daily before the Lord by a large group of Friends from around the world. Since the Friends of Flame are in this way actively involved with the work of the ministry, it is essential they also remember the other Friends of Flame during their prayer time each day asking the Lord to meet their needs also.

Reading Scripture.

The Bible is the written Word of God. As Paul tells Timothy, "All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for reproof, correction, and training in holiness." (2 Timothy 3:16). Daily reading of the Bible can be a useful part of our personal prayer time. We strongly encourage a systematic reading of Scripture every day.

For the one who is just beginning to open up the Bible we suggest a programmed approach. There are many good Bible study guides to assist in this. Where possible, attending a Flame programme or doing them by tape is an excellent way to know and understand the Bible as well as FMI's teaching and spirituality.

Becoming familiar with Flame Teachings.

An ever growing resource of teaching tapes as well as news and articles can be found on our web site. A knowledge of what FMI teach is essential in the area of personal growth and union with the ministry and it can assist greatly in making the ministry known in our field of influence for the proclamation of the Gospel to all nations. Concessions for the cost of teaching tapes will be made available exclusively to all Friends of Flame members.

Frequent Participation in the Sacraments for Catholic Friends.
We urge all Catholic Friends of Flame to take advantage of every opportunity to offer Mass and receive Holy Communion. (cf. 1 Corinthians 11:27). We also recommend a regular celebration of the Lord's forgiveness in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Monthly would seem to be a desirable goal. The Sacraments can be powerfully anointed moments in our lives. We will celebrate the sacred mysteries together as the Lord leads us and we can include the Liturgy of the Hours, even done in a communal setting where this is possible.

Non-Catholic Friends.

We recommend faithfulness to their particular communion, traditions and Christian culture in matters of prayer and forgiveness. God hears all prayer from his beloved children, most especially when they are in unity, gathered together in His Name praying in one accord. By these means, many barriers can be broken down that divide the wider Body of Christ and we can become a testimony to the One True Lord and Saviour of all: Jesus Christ.

Friends of Flame are also called to be servants of the Lord. As a result we encourage everyone to be committed to their church, parish, community, group or congregation seeking to fully participate in joy. However, in order to keep our lives in proper balance each one’s service needs to be discerned. There is always the ever present temptation for those who are on fire for the Lord to undertake too much. Over extension can lead to frustration and burnout, things the Lord wants us to avoid.

Financial & Material Support.
We ask that Friends of Flame consider making an annual or regular contribution of some sort in conjunction with their other gift-giving to their parishes and other charities, to the work of Flame Ministries International. As a Lay Ministry relying on Divine Providence as well as people's generosity during the process of our growth and establishment, our material needs are great in many areas.

Especially so is the personal needs of the full time ministers and workers who have not received a wage since 1990, also the pressing need for our own auditorium in order to function effectively in Perth. By making a financial donation, bequeaths, or gift in kind, you are expressing your support for us in a very tangible manner.

Although the notion of “tithing” is a biblical concept which we at FMI practice, we wish to make it clear that we do not require a set amount, or even that you donate anything at all! Any gift you may wish to make should be freely given. “Everyone should give what they have decided in their heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” (2 Cor 9:7). Your generosity in this important area would be most welcome and appreciated! We therefore, invite you to become "Partners in Grace" with us. (Phil 1:7)

Flame Ministries International is a non-profit enterprise. Flame's Evangelists, writers, editors, and and full time workers donate their work without compensation. The Senior Directors and principals receive no remuneration; they often cover their own expenses, and they also provide their own computers and our office space. This is not to complain, because we are all greatly blessed in serving the Lord and His people. We just wanted to make it clear that our red ink is erased through donations.

Please consider making a contribution to the cause and make your checks payable to "Friends of Flame," c/o Flame Ministries International, PO BOX 8133 Subiaco East, Perth, Western Australia 6008.
God's attitude towards money and giving. You can also contribute through PayPal - It is quick, easy and secure.

Attending Flame Celebrations (When and where Possible)

All are welcome to attend Flame programmes, especially the Annual Flame Congress. They are an opportunity to pray, fellowship and socialise with one another which strengthens the bonds of friendship. People have travelled to Australia to attend our Annual Congress in January. This has always been a blessing to see our friends in person.

How to join

Those interested in joining Friends of Flame are asked to contact us:
E-mail: Flame Ministries International
Phone: + 61 8 9382 3668
Fax: + 61 8 9382 4080
Write to: Flame Ministries International
Friends of Flame

PO BOX 8133 Subiaco East. Perth, Western Australia 6008.

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