The Blood Covenants: Revival Fires ignite in Miami, Uganda, Portugal, Indonesia, Australia. NEW BOOK on FAITH now available here.

16th Annual Flame Congress January 21 TO 23 2006 - "THE COMPASSION OF CHRIST"

Uganda- Children and parents pray together at a Flame Conference in Kitassa.

Pearls of Wisdom
"Just love."
Eddie Russell FMI

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Eddie Russell FMI

News Contents:

Posted November 11 2005

Five Nights of Fire - Miami USA

SMPOF - Prince of Peace UK

Eddie and David in Florida Jail

KKK Grand Wizard at Flame Meeting

Flame Days in England

FMM at the Catholic Prayer Festival

Revival Fire - Portugal

About Derek Williams FMI

African Fire - Uganda

Set My Youth on Fire - CYM

Revival Rallies - Indonesia

The Compassion of Christ Congress

IWT - Impact World Tour News

It's Faith Jim - New Book Released

Flame Eucharist Congress Report

Indonesia Closes Churches

It has been a long time since our last newsletter, but now we are here again I hope you enjoy catching up on the latest news. We would also like to welcome our new subscribers.

This issue features both local and overseas missions as well as what FMI's evangelist, Derek Williams is doing in England and Portugal; God is moving in grace and power as our reports from the USA, Uganda, England, Portugal and Indonesia will show.

Prayer Chain - "Last month, I emailed a prayer request to you for my mother who had a blood clot in one of her kidneys. Her doctors said that because of the blood clot, there was no function left in the kidney (it had just "died", in their words). She would only have function in the other kidney. Today, she had a checkup with one of the doctors who had treated her. He told her that "both" kidneys were functioning fine. In fact, the "dead" kidney was functioning better than was ever expected. Thank you, again, for your prayers, and God bless you all." - AGS - Received Saturday 22 October 2005 - Prayer Request here

CHRISTIAN HERALD UK - Journalist, James Hastings talks to evangelist Eddie Russell about why the former atheist believes Christians should take a stand against Hallowe'en. - The article appeared in three newspapers.

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“Lord, if you will, you can make me clean.” And Jesus said to him, “I do will it.” (Luke 5:12-13)

Overseas Missions News: Five-Nation Revival Crusade - July to September 2005.

The Baptism of Fire and the Blood Covenants.

A mission of contrasts and cultural extremes in the USA, England, Portugal, Uganda & Indonesia.

Five Nights of Fire - Miami, Florida USA.

Five Nights of Fire at the St. Louis Catholic Church in Miami Florida USA began an evangelisation mission to five countries for Eddie Russell and David Harp that has left them in awe of God's power and grace.

Invited by Scott Kaldahl, the Five Nights of Fire was a result of Eddie and Patrick's visit two years ago after preaching on
the Baptism of Fire in Mexico. The experience of their first visit left people in Miami hungry for more of God's power and grace.

A packed Church in Miami.

Scott Kaldahl leads the
people in praise at the Five Nights of Fire.

Young and old join in praising Jesus at the rallies.

Each night dancers demonstrated the Gospel messages prior to the

Eddie preaches on the Blood Covenants to a packed Church.

A young lady falls under the power of the Holy Spirit as David prays for her healing.

A young boy asks Eddie to pray for the Fire of the Holy Spirit - He received it.

Many received healing
and the Baptism of Fire.

"It is difficult to explain what it is like to witness such faith and joy in the Lord as we saw in Miami Florida over five anointed nights in July."

"It was an experience that cannot be forgotten, and it proved to be the catalyst for what followed in Uganda, Portugal, England and Indonesia where the subject of The Blood Covenants was also preached with amazing results." Eddie said.

The Five Nights of Fire at St. Louis Catholic Church attracted large numbers and filled the Church each night. As the nights progressed more people came from various areas of Florida, some from other states such as Texas and others flew down from Alaska.

In preparation for the event, Scott Kaldahl and his group of intercessors met weekly for prayer.
Inspired by the Holy Spirit they then conducted a Life in the Spirit Seminar for the children of the parish but as the word spread, parents rang from various parishes and areas of Miami asking if their children could attend also. 83 children finally completed the five-session seminar and all received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and began to use the prayer gift of Tongues.

Scott Kaldahl addresses the congregation. At the front are over 80 children that had completed a Life in the Spirit seminar in preparation for the Five Nights of Fire.

When Eddie and David arrived the air of expectation was electric.
The children that had completed the Life in the Spirit seminars also attended the 5 Nights of Fire and many helped with praying for people.

"So may people are afraid of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the subsequent supernatural endowments of the Holy Spirit and his gifts that they rarely if ever, allow young children to get involved. And yet here in Miami we saw such a love of Jesus Christ on the faces of children as young as ten years old that you could not dismiss Jesus' adjuration to let the them go to him." Eddie said later.

After teaching on the Blood Covenants for the past 15+ years Eddie never ceases to be amazed at the impact this subject has on people's faith, understanding of the Mass and the heart of Christian marriage. The impact in Miami was no exception as the description of the Passion, Crucifixion and Ascension brought tears, repentance and conversions.

"The realization of what God has done throughout history since the fall of Adam that culminates with the final sacrifice on Calvary has never failed to bring healing and conversion wherever it has been preached. I cannot think of a greater message to preach than Christ and him crucified; it is irresistible, it destroys all other realities and no one can resist it, and Miami was no exception." He said.

Inspired dancers highlighted the messages.
Each night a team of dancers expressed the message in routines inspired by the Holy Spirit relating to the subjects prior to the teachings. A highlight of the spontaneous talent was expressed through the topic of The Final Sacrifice on the last night.

The leader of the troupe, a professional liturgical dancer and choreographer had a dream the night before about the Blood of Christ and its redemptive power. The dream showed people passing under the blood covering, entering as sinners and exiting as saints washed in the Blood of the Lamb. Eddie agreed that it was inspired by the Holy Spirit and gave permission to present it before he spoke.

Using her creative skills, long pieces of bright red silk were attached to the wall behind the altar under a large picture of Jesus and spread out to drape over the altar. During the praise time, the dancers used the drapes to represent the Blood of Christ as the red silk flowed like rivers as they danced to songs of praise.

Praise leader, Scott Kaldahl, then called on the congregation to enter into the passion of Christ, to repent and be washed in the blood. He called the people to approach the altar and walk under the flowing red silks as a symbol of being washed in the Blood of Christ and of coming under its protection and grace. It was a beautiful sight to see adults, parents and their children reverently walk under the flowing red silks - it set the atmosphere for the topic of the Final Sacrifice; a message that brought tears and conversions to nearly everyone present.

Florida State Penitentiary - Prisoners set free.
Perhaps the most challenging and rewarding experience in Miami was a visit to the Florida Maximum Security State Prison with Deacon Alexander and a team from St. Louis parish.

Around 150 prisoners came to a healing and praise service that packed the chapel to capacity. They joined in with vibrant song and praises accompanied by the St. Louis prayer group's music ministry led by Scott Kaldahl.

Before the service began, the ministry team was briefed on the do's and don'ts of prisoner interactions, and although close contact was not permitted, Eddie and David were allowed to do an altar call.

Eddie preached on Ephesians chapter one in preparation for David's testimony about his healing from drug addiction, homosexuality and HIV/AIDS. It was here that David excelled. - His testimony struck at the very heart of every prisoner present and brought tears and loud Amens of approval as David recounted his struggles beginning from his youth and the healing that God had granted him.

At the Altar Call, every prisoner came forward to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and to receive prayers for their needs. Both David and Eddie were stunned by the astonishing mercy of God as prisoners broke down in repentance and accepted Jesus.

Although not permitted to hug or embrace the prisoners, Eddie and David could not resist the compassion in their hearts to hug and comfort the men that God had just forgiven and saved. Although the guards became alert at this time, they did not prevent close contacts or to speak to the men on a personal level. Nearly every man flocked to David with gratitude for what they said was virtually their own life's story and what can happen if you let Jesus rule your heart. - Many cried as they told him their own stories of how life without Jesus had brought about their sad plight.

Later at one of the rallies, Deacon Alexander told Eddie that the prisoners were so moved by what they shared they were asking the warden to bring them back again, but this time around 1,500 prisoners wanted to come due to what they had heard from the prisoners that attended the service.

"We hope we will be able to go back again soon" Eddie said.

A fruit blossoms in Miami.
Scott Kaldahl and his intercessory prayer group meet each week and recently the Holy Spirit moved them towards praying for the Baptism of Fire. Scott contacted Eddie who asked Derek Williams in England to send the instructions Eddie had used to release Derek for ministering the Fire.

After receiving the email Scott wrote to Eddie, "We just finished with our intercessory group. I shared with them your emails and the material from the Flame Ministries website. We read together the Ezekiel reading and the reading from Revelations, then we praised and prayed.

A spirit of repentance fell on the group! We were on our knees for the better part of an hour crying out for the Lord's mercy. It was powerful. At one point, an adult leader brought one of John Waddell's children in from something else they were at; we barely noticed him, we were so wrapped in the mercy of God! It was truly an awesome moment

The consensus of the group is that we will minister
the Baptism of Fire here soon. I am anxious with anticipation of what the Lord is going to do in the group. What excites me is that the team of intercessors is going to work with me on this."

Scott Kaldahl. Miami USA.

England - Fire in Peterborough and Liverpool.

Over the past year, Derek Williams, FMI's evangelist in the UK, has been busy conducting Flame Days and the Set My People on Fire (SMPOF) seminars in England.

He recently graduated the delegates of the first SMPOF conducted in England since Eddie and a team spent nine months there 1994. It was also the first time that Derek had taught SMPOF - Demand for these programs and for Derek to speak have increased; SMPOF is now booked out until 2007 in England

After successful sessions at the Birmingham and Walsingham conferences last year that introduced participants to the Baptism of Fire, Derek was invited again to speak at the annual New Dawn Conference organized by Myles Dempsey's Prince of Peace Community.

- The annual New Dawn Conference held at Walsingham is the major national CCR conference in England. It has now spread to Eastern Europe and Uganda; people from around Europe and other countries as far as Africa attend New Dawn each year -

At the community's Flame Day on July 23rd, David and Eddie had a profound impact on the people that packed the chapel to capacity that flowed outside with only standing room left - David's testimony in particular was received with an enthusiastic response and the result of the day was a huge success.

On September 2nd, Derek began the Set My People on Fire seminars at the Prince of Peace Community in Liverpool, England.

Community founder, Myles Dempsey prays with Eddie before his first session at the Flame Day.

An enthusiastic response to his message.

Eddie preaching at the Flame Day in Liverpool to an enthusiastic congregation.

The seminars are showing good results in people receiving healing, renewed faith and conversion.

There are in excess 130 people attending and more have registered as the seminars progress. - Derek reports that community founder, Myles Dempsey, has expressed his delight in how the seminars are conducted, their content and the results noticeable in the delegates present.

Derek Williams and a Rain of Fire:
"The impact of the seminar is extraordinary."

"Last night we really dug deep into that concept of righteousness. It was a great time of worship because they know how to do it properly following the session on the prayers of thanksgiving, praise and worship. Thus we got into the throne room and God poured out fire upon us.

It was like rain but had an orange/red colour and many in the room were 'burning up'. Then we had a river of grace pouring down the room anointing the feet to spread the Gospel. This was all confirmed prophetically by various people round the chapel. When I explained righteousness they were astounded, especially with new insight into Matthew 6 (do not worry about what to wear) and the parable of the Prodigal son.

A priest came to me after and said (as he says most weeks) 'I could have done with hearing this 50 years ago'. Curiously enough, he celebrated his jubilee of ordination only last week."

David's testimony brought great hope and healing.

The music ministry led by the talented Michael Mulroy at Derek's SMPOF retreat leading praises to the Lord.

Derek's SMPOF retreat delegates fill the chapel at the Prince of Peace Community in Liverpool.

FMI welcome the opportunity to work with Myles Dempsey and his community: Myles Dempsey is a man of vision that has blessed and inspired thousands of people in several countries, especially with the awesome success of the New Dawn Conferences. We hope and pray that this is just the beginning of a long and blessed friendship, both personally and in ministry.

Some comments from participants in response to Derek's seminars.

SMPOF Graduation ceremony at Peterborough in July.

Glastonbury Flame Day - "I loved the Flame Day today! - I needed to be reminded of God's abundance. I really benefited from the point you made about striving, persisting and pushing through in worship so as to enter fully into Gods presence/God''s Throne Room. - I have struggled with prayer for many years and people have often said that I should stop striving and not try so hard and just receive. But I believe it is necessary like you said to do some violence, make sacrifice and seek with our whole being. I was also encouraged to spend more dedicated time praying in tongues."
- Tara Moore - Glastonbury UK. -

Set My People on Fire - Peterborough - "Somehow this certificate meant more to me than the first one, I don't know why. Perhaps I understand the responsibility more and the acceptance that I can make a difference. Thank you." - Mary Harwood. Peterborough UK -


28/01/06 FLAME Day - Edinburg. Gillis Centre, Edinburgh 10:30am.

31/1/06 Set My People On Fire Northampton St Gregory the Great parish 7.30 til late. Contact Maureen Salter 01604 492314. - Set My People on Fire is a 15 session weekly seminar with 3 retreats every 5th week.

There are Portuguese events to be listed. So to keep up to date with Derek's engagements
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About Derek Williams FMI

FMI Evangelist Derek Williams in England.

Derek Williams is a cradle Catholic that struggled with his faith in his late teens and early twenties until he was invited to a Catholic Charismatic prayer group. In his own words "that was like coming home". Within weeks he experienced the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and started ministering in the Charismatic gifts.

Following this experience Derek immersed himself in the life of the Spirit, attending prayer groups, seminars, evangelical outreaches, sharing his faith in a variety of ways, studying the Bible and spending hours in prayer as an intercessor.

Derek met Eddie Russell in summer of 1992 when they both attended the Abbey prayer group in Erdington in Birmingham where Eddie had preached during one of his missions to England. - He was completely taken by Eddie's understanding of the New Age movement and the Word of God.

Following that, they both corresponded regularly this culminated in Set My People on Fire being taught in Peterborough and Birmingham during autumn of 1994. After the seminars, he began studying the teachings of Flame Ministries International, the Bible and Church teaching for the next 10 years until joining FMI in 2004 (He continues to study).

Derek went into the financial industry for 10 years working as a Portfolio Manager for an Investment banking group, married to Lynn and now have 3 children with a 4th on the way before Christmas 05.

In October 2003, Derek and his wife Lynn felt God was calling them out of industry and into ministry. True to form, Derek resigned from his very well paid job and shortly afterwards in 2004 Derek joined Flame Ministries International as an Evangelist and Intercessor living on faith and divine providence.

Since then he has traveled the length and breadth of England and to Portugal teaching on the Baptism of Fire with incredible consequences, leading many back into the fullness of the Catholic Church and the Charismatic Renewal, bringing healing and freedom.



Born Mon, 21 Nov 2005 at 11.03am BST. Weighed in at 6 pounds 3.5 ounces; A little light because he was born 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

We send our blessings and prayers for the safe arrival of Samuel, David Williams. May God grant him a long, healthy, proserous and happy life.

From FMI and all our news readers.

Derek Williams - Healing reported in local press.

The Catholic Times Sunday July 3rd 2005 - Spirit credited with curing a bad back

A WOMAN has claimed she was healed of an 18-year-old back problem after attending a charismatic healing service in Glasgow.

Audrey Gallagher, 32 said she was prayed over during the Flame International event at St "Patrick's Church in Glasgow.

She had suffered from back pain since she was 14, causing her difficulty in lifting heavy objects or driving her car for long periods.

But as she was prayed over by Catholic evangelist Derek Williams last Saturday, she immediately felt her pain had left.

"I heard a click-click in my back and thought, 'what was that'," said Audrey; "Normally, it takes me ages to get comfortable in my car, but when I left the church, I just jumped in and drove home. I've been bothered with a bad back since I was a teenager, but it's completely healed."

Flame Ministries was founded in Perth, Australia, in 1990 by a former warlock, Eddie Russell. He converted to Catholicism and runs the charismatic group with the full backing of Archbishop Barry Hickey of Perth.

Last weekend's service was the first ever to be held in Scotland by the group whose UK representative, Mr. Williams, is based in Peterborough.

He said: "We receive many reports after an event, of people coming back to their faith or receiving a physical healing.

"The Holy Spirit is doing wonderful things and we should always be open to His presence."

Reporter - James Hastings

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Portugal - Lisbon and Entroncamento on Fire for Jesus.

People at the conference in Entroncamento packed the hall and overflowed onto
the street to hear Eddie speak about the Baptism
of Fire.

In Entroncamento, many were healed and delivered from evil spirits - The woman above stood up and walked after Derek Williams prayed for her healing.

"All the biggest speakers and major conferences are held in Fatima - no one every comes here and so it is a great honor for you to come to us." parish priest Fr. Vincente said.

Over the past year, Derek had laid strong foundations in Portugal through his many invitations to preach there.

Portugal has suffered a relentless drought for a long time and the land is very dry with fires igniting regularly. In some strange way, it seemed to reflect the spiritual state of many Catholics that also related how they are experiencing dryness in their groups and spiritual life.

"As with the dry land that causes fires to ignite easily, it is the same when we experience spiritual dryness; it is the perfect condition for a revival fire in the Church; it means that we are ready for the consuming fire of God's love." Eddie said.

When Eddie and David arrived as part of their 5-Nation Mission, they were welcomed with enthusiasm and people responded in the same way to their ministry.

The first mission was in town of Entroncamento around 20 km from Fatima. Invited by parish priest Fr Vincente, the people in the area were overjoyed that someone from such a far away country as Australia would take time out to visit them.

The conference began with a packed Mass in the church and overflowed into the hall across the road - people crammed the doors and flowed outside. Inside the hall, the heat was almost unbearable but no one complained. In fact, when Eddie prayed with people, others cooled him with their fans.

Lisbon - Derek and David praying for people. Several fell to the ground.

Lisbon - David teaches on Zaccheus.

Lisbon - Eddie prays for a young man in need of healing.

Inquiries have been made to invite Eddie back in 2006.

The response to altar calls were enthusiastic and most especially for healing ministry as the people pressed close to David, Derek and Eddie for healing and conversion. One point of joy was when a woman stood up and walked from her wheelchair after Derek prayer for her. Naturally, this caused great excitement and only served to increase the faith of others. The short time in
Entroncamento was a very enriching time for FMI as well as the people that came to the services.

The enthusiasm was no less electric in Lisbon. Derek had been there on a few occasions and the people had adopted him into their hearts.

The hospitality in Portugal was impressive. As the guests of owner Antonio, Eddie, David and Derek stayed on their own floor in the summer palace of the Queen of Portugal overlooking the ocean and beautiful beaches. Unfortunately, the schedule was so tight that the beach, although only across the road, was not possible to reach due to time constraints.

In Lisbon, David excelled in his preaching as he shared a profound insight into the story of Zaccheus. Derek reported later that due to David's message, broken relationships were healed. In addition, many people received healing and a new vigor in their faith and love of Jesus.

For Eddie and David this was their first visit to Portugal and it will not be their last as talk of an invitation for return visit in 2006 has already been voiced and an email to that effect arrived at FMI recently. One place mentioned is to speak at Fatima in 2006.

Through Derek's ministry in Portugal, the Lord has opened up new territory for FMI and its mission to proclaim the Gospel to all nations.

Uganda - African Revival Fire in Kampala, Makasa & Mbrarra dioceses.

Fred Mawanda Reports from Uganda.

Testimonies from Kitaasa outreach - The lame walk and the dumb speak.

"One week after the conference conducted by Flame Ministries, we received phone call from the religious sister and a medical worker who had been at the conference telling us that a child who had not walked for 18 years had started crawling after being prayed with, eventually he started standing and then walked in that week after the conference. Another report told us that a dumb child was able to start talking after that conference and there were many changes in lives after the outreach." - Fred Mawanda - NSC CCR Uganda

David prays with a young mother close to giving birth at a the parish conference in Kitassa.

Our regular readers would be familiar with our difficulty accepting an invitation to Uganda for a lack of funds over the past three years but finally, through the generosity of one person that gave enough for airfares, we were able to respond to the invitation of Fred Mawanda of the National Service Committee of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Uganda. The rest of the funds came from various people but especially from the parishes of Mirrabooka and Dianella in Perth.

The conferences were mostly in remote rural areas and the poverty was obvious everywhere. However, the faith and vitality of the people was inspiring; they walked for many miles carrying small children as well as carrying their belongings on their heads. They slept and cooked in the open air with no running water or proper toilets. In spite of this, there was not one sad face, especially when giving praises to God.

A mother at a conference in Masaka carries her baby on her back.

Drums beat and people praised. It was a unique experience for Eddie and David.

Power cuts were common. The leaders conference continues with oil lamps in Masaka.

Children and adults pray for each other; many were healed and set free.

People prayed for each other at the parish conference Kitassa.

The mission included Leaders Conferences, Intercessors' Conferences, Parish Conferences and a Revival Rally at the University in Kampala.

The program was 14 - 17 August CCR Leaders Program Holy Trinity Community BISANJE, Masaka Diocese. 18 - 21 August Parish Mission Kitassa Parish KITAASA, Masaka Diocese. 23 - 25 August Intercessors Conference Buhimba Parish BUHIMBA, Mbrarra Diocese. 28 August University Prayer Group Makerere University KAMPALA.

The subjects taught were: Understanding the Blood Covenants and Claiming your Inheritance, How to raise your Vision in God, Understanding the Prayers of Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship, David's testimony, Healing and Faith Dynamics: Faith + Works = Results and The Story of Zacchaus.

At the Intercessors' Conference in Buhimba there was no electric power or lighting, no showers and toilets were just holes in the ground. It was a new experience preaching the Gospel at night with only one oil lantern to light up the church. It was also a new experience to eat the local food consisting predominantly of bananas, a little rice and peanut sauce.

"Thanks to the generosity of those in Perth and Florida that supported this mission financially, we were able cover all expenses and also purchase a generator, wiring and light-fittings for the church and presbytery in Buhimba before we left." Eddie said.

David's testimony regarding his healing from drug addiction and HIV/AIDS gave 1000's new hope in their struggles against AIDS everywhere we went and we were privileged to pray with many for healing.

As the news began to spread, and as the days unfolded, more people walked many miles to be at the conferences carrying their belongings on their heads and children on their backs. They slept in the church on on broken dusty concrete floors as well as outside in the open air,

Many were healed, saved and delivered.

Due to the reports that reached them from the people attending these conferences, the priests and diocesan spiritual directors, bishops and diocesan coordinators have now requested Set My People on Fire for 2006.

The final event was a rally at the University Prayer Group Makerere University in Kampala. It was the first day of the new semester and so students attended from all over Uganda. David shared his testimony and as a result, nearly all gave their lives to Christ, renewed their commitment to the Church and received prayers for healing.

The priests in whose parishes we were invited send their heartfelt thanks to you all for blessing them with this mission that gave them and their parishioners new hope and vision for the future. Already some people have begun to apply what was taught on Faith and Raising their Vision and new plans for development have begun and are showing early signs of success from reports received since arriving home.

Below - The people dance with joy after David's testimony in Kitassa.

People blocked the entrance to the church seeking prayer from Eddie and David.

Intercessors' Conference at the Buhimba parish.

The church in Buhimba had no glass windows, no electric power, no running water, no proper toilets and broken concrete floors.

The mud hut above the church in Buhimbi is where the parish catechist lives.

The Mbrarra diocese have requested Set My People on Fire for 2006 - This would include Kampala and Masaka.

Indonesia - Bandung, Western Java and Makassar, South Sulawesi.

Widiadi in green shirt during a radio broadcast on
Maestro 92.5 Bandung.

The team pose outside Meastro 92.5 after the live broadcast.

Bread of Life Revival Rally 2005.

The vision of Widiadi, a youth of the Charismatic Renewal in Bandung, Western Java, was in the planning for over a year inspired a Eucharist conference entitled "Revival Rally 2005 Bread of Life." Organized by the youth in Bandung, this conference would make anyone proud.

Eddie was invited to be the speaker throughout the conference and took David with him as part of their five-nation evangelisation tour. Booked to depart from Perth airport at around 1,30 am David and Eddie waited until 3 am due to a mechanical problem only to be informed later that the flight had been canceled and there no others that night. Opting to stay at a hotel to ensure the earliest possible flight, they arrived at the new Holiday Inn at the Burswood Casino complex near the city of Perth to get some rest.

Fr Hilman, Novi, Eddie, Bishop Alexander, David, Ira and Iwan Santosa in Bandung.

Over 5,000 people attended the main Eucharistic revival rally in Bandung.

Arriving at the Holiday Inn around 4.30 am, they did not get a room until around 5.50 am and were informed that there were no flights until around 4 pm that day. This had now changed the rest-period planned in Indonesia, but they accepted the opportunity to rest that day until another flight could be arranged. Then at 8.30 am, they were told to be in the lobby by 9.30 am, because a flight had been booked for 11 am and there was a rush to get to Perth airport to board that flight - this meant little or no sleep and a mad rush to get to the airport.

On arrival at Jakarta, tired and worn out, Eddie and David were met by a group of enthusiastic young people, and although they had not known them until then, a rapport and fellowship began that were to last throughout the whole mission. After some food and a time of getting to know each other, they began a three-hour journey to Bandung, but now the planned day of rest was lost and the very packed schedule began early the next morning.

During the rally, young girls performed elegant dance routines that expressed the theme of the songs.

Emphasizing the importance of the Word of God, Eddie holds up his Bible.

This little face says it all.

Fr Hilman elevates the Eucharist for adoration at
the closing Mass.

Part of the promotion prior to the conference was a live broadcast on Maestro 96.5 radio Bandung. Eddie was interviewed about the conference and the problem with the current fascination in Indonesia with occult television and films. Eddie also shared about the Blood Covenants that were part of the conference and David spoke a little about his healing testimony.

The behind scenes work including the promotion, planning and stage design impressed David and Eddie who said that, "Over 300 young people worked on the organizing team to present one of the most efficient and elaborate conferences we have ever witnessed. - We were very impressed." Eddie said.

Before the conference began time was spent meeting with Mgr. Alexander Djajasiswaja, Pr., Bishop of Bandung and the service team of the Charismatic Renewal; Fr. Y. Hilman Pujiatmoko, Pr., Co-Moderator, Iwan Santoso, Coordinator Agustinus Sutanto, Secretary, that was hosting the conference and then on to the conference itself. and so conference coordinator, Novi, and her assistant Ira, were to become the constant companions and interpreters for David and Eddie throughout their time in Bandung.

Around 5,000 people attended the main rally at the conference and they experienced an amazing presentation of youth talent second to none; a drama that was powerful and moving enough to warrant an altar call for conversion, a tight music ministry, inspiring praise leading with several choir members, and after the message, a beautiful presentation by children.

The only drawback was that the planned 30-minute drama, presented by a professional theater troupe booked to perform the Crucifixion prior to the praise and worship, took well over an hour and a half. This was no fault of the organisers and it was a great disappointment to Widiadi and others because it meant that nearly 3 hours had passed before Eddie could deliver his message causing many to leave before the end of the evening.

Because the children had a presentation immediately after the message, it was not possible to pray directly with the people after his teaching. However, when the opportunity did present itself, Eddie and David prayed with 100's of people that received many blessings, deliverance and healing. This was especially powerful after the final Mass celebrated by Fr. Hilman and several other priests when David shared his testimony.

Some of the 5,000 people at the conference in Bandung university.

Demonstrating the power of holding up a covenant scar when under attack from an enemy.

The Mass was concelebrated with several priests.

The children sing to a huge crowd after Eddie's message on the Eucharist.

"The Church and the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Bandung can rightly be proud of their youth; they are a credit to the Church."

The Mass was inspiring with well-performed and sensitive music and the young liturgical dancers that led the entrance procession had a powerful impact as the long line of servers and priests made their way to the altar.

Drug addicts at a self-funded rehabilitation clinic in Bandung hear a message of hope from David Harp.

Staff and patients pose with Eddie and David.

Patients listen intently as David shares how God
freed him from addiction
to hard drugs.

Welcomed by Dr Aditijo Amidjojo, David and Eddie spent an afternoon with the patients and staff at the YAYASAN SEKAR MAWAR drug rehabilitation clinic in Bandung.

Now a retired surgeon due to an injury to his hand, Dr. Aditijo runs the rehabilitation clinic from his own resources and the donations of a few supporters to help addicts get off drugs and to keep them from spending time in jail.

Although the patients were not Christians, they accepted that Jesus healed David without withdrawal from hard drug addiction. David's story of a life dominated by the drug culture and its insidious affects on young people in Australia struck a resounding note with the young men battling with their own addiction. - As David unfolded the circumstances that led to a drug lifestyle, how Jesus broke into his life again and set him free, the patients showed visible signs of hope in their own sad plight. At the end of the session they gratefully accepted prayers led by David for their healing.

The afternoon concluded with an evening meal and a tour of the clinic as Dr Aditijo's assistant shared the history and vision of their work. If you would like to know more, you can contact Dr Amidjojo on email:

Revival & Healing Conference in Makassar - 12 Steps to Divine Healing in the capital of South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Eddie's popular first book, 12 Steps to Divine Healing, English edition, has been read in many countries, and so this was the requested topic by Hendra Kosman for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Conference in Makassar.

Hendra and his wife met Eddie and David in Bandung and drove them to Jakarta where they stayed overnight before flying to Makassar. At the hotel, around 15 people welcomed them. After introductions and some fellowship, Eddie and David were asked to pray for each of them for various needs. A time of ministry began and God's blessing flowed.

The next morning they left Jakarta and arriving in Makassar after a 2.5 hour flight, were met by the coordinators of the Charismatic Renewal and then drove to Makassar for a meeting with Archbishop Johannes Liku Ada' . At that meeting, the Archbishop welcomed them and blessed their mission. He also shared his concern about the forced closure of churches in various places around Indonesia and asked for prayer that his church will not be closed after a visit from authorities a short time before Eddie and David arrived.

It seems that a permit to build a church is needed but it can take 40 to 50 years or never to process the approval to build. Consequently, churches have been built without a permit. Over the years, this has not presented a problem but recently, local fundamentalists have forced the closure of many churches including home meetings; Indonesian law does not permit prayer meetings in private homes.

However, there is no law to prevent people hiring a hotel for the purpose of a church service but apparently; the owners do not want Christian services in their hotels. Effectively, this means a ban on all Christian services, and so prayers to continue in peace were requested. - We have included a couple of news reports below for your information and prayers. Be prepared - you could be shocked.

The Healing Conference in Makassar attracted a full church each night.

Joy, delight, awe and gratitude would be some of the words chosen to express the reaction of the crowds attending the healing rallies in Makassar - the people of Makassar certainly impressed Eddie and David who felt relaxed and at home by the welcome of the priests and people as soon as the week long conferences began.

David addresses an enthusiastic crowd hanging on his every word.

Eddie walks into the congregation bringing his message on Ephesians
1:3-14 closer to the people.

On the theme of Divine Healing, David and Eddie's messages once more established the mercy of God for all that suffer, resulting in a renewed faith and confidence in the Gospel for an enthusiastic crowd. At each altar-call nearly everyone responded and prayer ministry lasted for a couple of hours each night.

Each night brought more people as people began to let other know what was happening and so each night allowed for calls for conversion as well as re-commitments to Christ and to the Church.

Included as part of the program Eddie was invited to address the leaders on effective ministry. He emphasized the need to be fully conformed to the Word of God and to plumb its depths as the document Dei Verbum and the Popes have encouraged.

Using examples from Saint Paul's teachings on the roles of women and men both in relationships and in church meetings caused both delight and mild disagreement in the minds of a few... However, the message was clear - If we want to be successful in leadership and ministry, we must be committed to a life of prayer and to know the Bible and the teachings of the Church...

People indicate their desire to give their lives completely to Jesus Christ.

The sick and infirm await the opportunity for healing prayers.

... Our faith, whilst complete in order for us to believe in God's existence, fails due to a lack of knowledge and right action regarding God's instructions. This can be for several reasons and not the least of which is having no real knowledge of the Bible upon which to act in an effective manner. Consequently, the Logos does not become Rhema in us and there is little or no result.

Rather than read the Bible and plumb its depths as the Vatican Council II Dogmatic Constitution Dei Verbum Chapter 3; 12 encourages us to do, many people build their faith on what others have said without checking it out for themselves.

These people tend to skip the surface of the Bible even if they do read it and it is likely that they do not consult a concordance or Bible dictionary to look into either the historical situation or language in which the Bible authors wrote it. ...

Excerpt from chapter 20 - "If faith is the substance of hope, why does it fail at times?" - From Eddie Russell's new book, It's Faith Jim - But not as we know it)


If the fruit of this five-nation revival fire mission could be summed up it would be no doubt be...

A clear sign of Hope in Jesus Christ for all that suffer - Discovering the 30,000 + promises of God contained in the Blood Covenants has set thousands free and given them a reason to live, aspire to greater things in their lives and in their ministry calling. - Flame Ministries have been greatly honoured by the invitations to share our faith with so many.

To everyone that made two strangers welcome in Indonesia as well as the other countries, we at Flame Ministries International say - Terimakasih - Puji Tuhan!


"It's Faith Jim, but not as we know it" - Now published - Now available.

Eddie Russell's new book about how our faith grows and gets results was published at the end of June in time for his missions, has already sold well, and received favourable comment. Perhaps it is best to let readers speak on its behalf so that you can get a perspective of the impact of this book.

What readers are saying:

ISBN 0-646-44975-3

> Kay Ford - Perth, Western Australia.
"I have read your book on the nature of light and also on the Logos/Rhema acting on creation. They are extremely clear. I know that God speaks to us through His creation and in a sense His creation is a kind of parable. How light works as described by you is a very telling metaphor of how the Light of Christ operates through us as we can reflect Christ to the glory of God and also how it acts in creation through the Word. You also demonstrate this through Scripture and the Gospel. Your insights are that of a true teacher of the truth. Your book inspires us to see more clearly why we believe and how faith works and it supports our faith as we are led to understand God who speaks to us in his creation and in his Word and the effect of his Word in action."

James Hastings - Christian Journalist, Glasgow, Scotland.
"I was exhausted and thrilled after reading the two chapters you emailed. What a story of grace and triumph over the enemy. To go from that life you led to what Flame is doing worldwide now is miraculous. - It's Faith Jim is on a par with Mere Christianity."

> Scott Kaldahl, Miami, Florida USA. Member of the National Service Committee of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal USA and Programming director for Radio Peace 1040 Miami.
"I have enjoyed your book so much. The beginning was a little tough reading because the material is fairly unfamiliar to me. However, it was excellent teaching. In terms of faith level, inspiration, and drawing me to Christ, I would say all of the above. It challenged me again to move deeper in my faith and trust God more. It has been particularly timely while we’ve been going through a number of difficult times here in Miami. In addition to the young man who had AIDS who passed away, we also lost that young mom who was awaiting a lung transplant. Additionally a personal friend of ours lost twin baby boys in utero at about 2 weeks before delivery. These different events really do serve to challenge my faith on a deep level, yet God has been faithful. - Your book has been an extra blessing through this and challenged me to ever greater faithfulness in prayer."

Read more testimonies, read a chapter and to buy the book Click Here

Ex Imperial Grand Wizard of the White Knight of the Ku Klux Klan speaks at Cathedral Praise meeting in Perth.

Johnny Lee Clary had shared his testimony at Flame meeting in 2000. His story was powerful and inspiring. A return visit to the Cathedral Praise Meeting recently had lost nothing in its power to touch people's hearts and expose the often-underlying racism in our society.

Rev. Clary shared how his life of hatred began as a very young child through the influence of his father from whom he first heard the word 'nigger'. He also told the listeners how he saw his father commit suicide using a revolver to his head. This had a profound impact on this young boy who became a rebel at school and who was detained, expelled and rejected by teachers and peers, all compounding his catechism of hate.

Seeing Klan leader, David Duke on television, Johnny contacted the KKK for information. Later a man came to see him and asked many question soliciting his opinion on many matters about racism. "No-one had asked my opinion before". Johnny said. "And now, here was this very important adult asking my opinion on what I thought about important issues." He said.

This had a profound effect on young Johnny and as a result, he joined the KKK and rose to prominence in a very short time, eventually becoming the Imperial Grand Wizard.

To read about Johnny's amazing testimony please go to our
news page where there should also be a link to his web site.

Cerebral Palsy Healed.

We receive many prayer requests each day as well as reports of healing. The following came to us on Fri, 2 Dec 2005.

"Praise the Lord, our prayer request was immediately answered! I asked specifically that our grandson, who had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, would be cleared by the Paediactric specialist he was seeing today. When asked what he couldn't do, he proceeded, for the first time in his life, to do all he couldn't do. He rolled over, he got up on his knees, he took his own weight on his legs and reached out for things. The specialist pronounced him completely normal and said what a pleasure it was to see such a healthy child.

My daughter knows it was a miracle and the Lord has birthed in her a desire to work with disabled children and their families. Pray that this will happen and that God's glory will continue to be made known. Thank you for praying and may God continue to bless your ministry." - Barbara

Flame Music at Catholic Prayer Festival Inspired participants.

FMM leading a prayer
service at the CYM Prayer Festival.

The Catholic Prayer Festival held at the Benedictine Abbey in New Norcia is an initiative of Fr. Don Kettle, director of the Archdiocesan Catholic Youth Office.

The festival that attracted a large number of youth and priests was a huge success and the Flame Music Ministry led by Patrick Carre FMI drew particular comment regarding the quality of music and their choice of songs. - The choice of songs played as a background during Exposition of Blessed Sacrament and Reconciliation set a very reverent atmosphere that assisted penitents during their Eucharistic mediations prior to confessions - "You could literally feel the anointing on the music and it touched me deeply" a young participant related later

Fr. Don Kettle speaks to the youth at the CYM Prayer Festival.

The Flame Music Ministry continue to receive invitations for various organisations. These include the Disciples of Jesus Anchor Weekends, School Confirmation presentations, Mass for three parishes, Intercessory Prayer Services at the Fremantle Basilica, the CCR Pentecost Conference, and the Damien Stayne Charism School for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and currently the Set My Youth on Fire Seminars for the Catholic Youth Ministry

A new music CD that contains all original music by various members of FMM is in production. Music Director Patrick Carre plans to have a CD produced early next year and believes it to be the best they have produced so far. The CD will suit liturgies as well as use for prayer groups in praise and worship

Impressed by what he heard at a Set My People on Fire Seminar last year, Fr Don Kettle asked FMI to present it specifically for the youth of the Archdiocese, especially as a follow-up formation for those returning from the WYD in Cologne.

After discussions with Fr Don relating to what he wanted to achieve in the youth scene and consulting with the Flame Youth Ministry, it was decided to target the seminar directly to youth. Calling it Set My Youth on Fire for this program would avoid any confusion that it was for all people as the original title from the prophecy suggests.

Most likely, due to negative and often fiery debates on the Catholic Youth Forum about charismatic spirituality and tongues, and the seminars being held on a Sunday evening, some youth and Antioch groups expressed disappointment because it clashed with their Sunday meetings - Most youth that frequent CYM are university students that have exams around this time - These factors have been instrumental in the low attendance until recently.

In spite of this, those attending the Sunday seminars have expressed their delight and related the positive influence that SMYOF is having on their faith and commitment to the Church - The seminars conclude on December 11th.

For SMYOF program updates, youth forums and youth news go to the
CYM web site.

David Harp at Indonesian Community Youth Meeting in Perth.

Keen on the Bible.

Prior to departing for our overseas missions David was invited to speak at the Indonesian Community's Youth Meeting in Perth.

The parish hall at the Pallotine Mission south of Perth City was filled with enthusiastic young adults eager to worship the Lord and hear the Word of God. The excellent praise led by the music ministry set an atmosphere of joy and enthusiasm that prepared the way for David's message; a message received with some awe and surprise at God's unfathomable mercy for such a prodigal soul.

The evening was special for David and his girlfriend Dennise; as had happened everywhere David shared his story, people applauded loudly when he ended telling them that God had completed his healing - "I am now in love with a beautiful woman named Dennise."

David and Dennise participate in the praises of God before sharing his testimony.

If you have not read or heard David's testimony of healing from drug addiction, HIV/AIDS and homosexuality
Click Here and return.

Bread from Heaven - Eucharist Congress
15th Annual Flame Congress Perth Western Australia.

Praising the Lord at a Congress Rally.

After Eddie prayed for his healing, this man said he
could walk. Eddie gives him
a hand and encourages him
to take a few steps. without using his crutches.

"The Eucharist is our victory!"
Around 300 people attended the Bread from Heaven Eucharist Congress presented by Flame Ministries International over the January 28 to 30 weekend at All Saints Chapel in Perth.

he speakers instructed, challenged and inspired the delegates to a greater faith and commitment to the Mass and a deeper understanding of the Eucharist.
Each evening concluded with prayer ministry for the people and many made fresh commitments to Jesus and to the Mass.


Opening the Congress, Bishop Sproxton reminded delegates of the Holy Father's call for a Year of the Eucharist. Quoting Pope Paul VI on the presence of Christ in the Eucharist he said "It is not called real in an exclusive way in order to suggest that other forms of Christ's presence are not real; Christ is present par excellence because Christ becomes substantially present, whole and entire in the reality of his body and blood… Faith demands that we approach the Eucharist fully aware that we are approaching Christ himself." He said.

Explaining the Liturgy as the source and summit through which the Eucharist is celebrated as both meal and sacrifice, he said that source is another translation for fountain or for spring; "The Eucharist is the spring that will never run dry; it is the fountain of grace that cannot be stopped because Christ the risen Lord is in its heart." He said.


Catholic Apologist Raymond de Souza quoted Cardinal Arinze's concerns that Catholics have lost the sense of the sacred and said that when we do have the sense of the sacred we act in God's presence. He spoke of the Hebrew foundations of the Mass saying that sacrifice comes from the Latin sacra fachians; sacra meaning something sacred and fachians meaning an action, and that the long tradition of the Church carries on from the Hebrew foundations in its history of sacrifice and action. "God takes seriously our lack of seriousness" he said referring to the lack of awareness of the reality of sacrifice in the Mass.


Fr. Timothy Deeter followed this theme explaining that the Hebrew word berit means an alliance between nations, tribes or individuals. He said that the parts of berit included the terms of the covenant that were the swearing of an oath, a curse for breaking the terms, and a ritual to seal the covenant.

Speaking of the blood covenants (berit) between God and Israel as a solemn pact made through circumcision, he said that the sign of the covenant on Mt. Sinai was not the circumcision already received, but to keep the Sabbath holy. "This was the ultimate way after circumcision that a Jew could express his relationship with God." He explained berit relating to the Mass and said that we, unlike the Jews, think very little of breaking the Sabbath.

Approaching the continuity of God's relationship with man he said that New Covenant doesn't destroy the Old just as adulthood does not destroy childhood, but completes it; "The New Covenant grows out of and further than the Old Covenant; it brings the Old Covenant to fulfillment." He said.


Drawing comparisons of Jesus lifted up in the desert and broken on Calvary with the elevation of the Eucharist and the breaking of the Host as the covenant sign of the slain Lamb and the atonement gained through the death of Jesus on the Cross, Eddie Russell's central theme was "…But only say the word and I shall be healed. - The Eucharist is our victory! - I believe that when we gaze upon our Lord in the Eucharist, we are witnessing our victory; no matter what else is going on in our lives, we are gazing upon the answer to every problem in our life." He said.

Eddie spoke of the Jubilee and its fulfillment on Calvary. He explained why we say, "When we eat this bread and drink this cup we proclaim your death until you come in glory" and why it is connected to our health and long life. As well, the need for confession and understanding the death of Jesus are key factors that Saint Paul teaches the Corinthians that they discern the body and blood, for not to do so results in the reason why, "Many of you are sick, infirm and dying before your time." He said.

At the conclusion, Eddie called for people to commit themselves to Christ and the Mass and prayers for healing were ministered with several people reporting healing while others were able to forgive and reconcile with those that had hurt them.

The general feedback was that most people attending thought this Flame Congress was one of the best.


"I would like to thank you and all at Flame for the wonderful Congress. I am from Holy Rosary Parish, Nedlands and I attended with a friend, we intend to order some CDs and distribute them within the Parish to help improve understanding and love of the Eucharist this year… Thank you so much!" a delegate wrote a few days later.

Preparations are powering ahead for Impact World Tour which promises to be the most spectacular Christian youth event ever staged in Perth.

IWT is a comprehensive evangelisation campaign designed to reach today's generation and it will affect Catholic youth. It is ongoing pursuits to bring the lost to the fullness of God's love through Jesus Christ our Risen Saviour. Its focus is on young people, but reaches across generations with a message relevant to all.

The IWT presents the gospel in 21st century relevant ways using the elements of music, dance and extreme sports. Our goal is to work hand in hand with the local church to reach the lost in their community.

Impact World Tour has three broad aims:

1 - to strengthen existing church ministries. Coordinators are now networking with local pastors, churches and business leaders to maximize local involvement in all aspects of campaign preparation.

2 - to reach the lost in your area. In partnership with local churches, we will pray and work to fulfill the Great Commission, incorporating the use of events relevant to differing cultures and generations.

3 - to challenge Australia with a call to missions.

A large portion of our nation will be touched by IWT.
In March 2006, the tour will focus on South West WA, moving to North East Queensland in August 2006. In February and March of 2007 the tour will focus on Perth, move through the Pilbara and will finish in the Northern Territory in June and July of the same year.

Four IWT task forces have been formed in Perth, one to cover each of the north, south, east and west regions of the city.

They are busy liaising with local churches, checking the suitability of venues for the IWT events, organising various aspects of discipleship and mobilising the army of volunteers which will be necessary. It is estimated that 10,000 volunteers will be needed throughout the city during the campaign!

Volunteers are needed and will be involved with preparation and discipleship before the event - 98% of those who respond to the word of God at an event such as IWT have been invited by a friend. They will also be needed for help in a thousand and one large and small things! Setting up venues, handing out leaflets and pamphlets, attending to people during the events, discipling new believers afterwards - these are just a few of the things required of volunteers.

Saturation with the word of God is the goal and that saturation is now underway.

As IWT draws closer, TV, radio, newspapers, billboards, bus signs, street banners and posters will herald its arrival in our city. The IWT team will be in Perth for 6 weeks. During the first two weeks the team will be visiting public and private schools, youth detention centres, prisons and community groups. Over the next four weeks the performances will take place, one week to be spent in each of the four regions of the city.

The IWT events will run from Wednesday to Saturday night in consecutive weeks in each region.

Wednesday night will see Team Xtreme performing strength feats and sports stunts while speaking of the power of God in their lives.

Thursday night features Island Breeze, a group of dancers and musicians from throughout Polynesia, will present a cultural extravaganza.

Friday sees the performance of 'Death and Desire' a heavy metal Christian rock band. These musicians live what they believe and reach young people who are caught up in the web of deceit and sin which is offered them by the popular music scene today.

Saturday is GX International, a global expression of skating, hip-hop dancing, freestyle motor-cross and biking.

On each night, a young evangelist will speak and will extend and invitation to respond to the Lord's call. The aim of the IWT organisers is to have 100% response from those present!

Catholics of all ages will be attending the Impact World Tour events. To encourage back into the Church those who have fallen away, we all need to be fully informed about IWT and what it will mean to this city and our local parishes.

If your organisation or parish is part of the Perth Archdiocese, Archbishop Hickey's representative, Kaye Rollings of Flame Ministries International, is prepared to hold an information evening showing a video of past events and what will happen in Western Australia - We encourage you to attend and prayerfully consider becoming part of the teams and zone committees.

Please signify your interest by contacting FMI on [08] 9382 3668 and we will arrange a suitable time and place - Parish evangelisation committees will gain particular benefit from this presentation.
Contact us

FMI Events Coordinator Linda Furey married Matthew Jolliffe.

Making their Vows

Proficient at learning new skills she was soon able to assist Eddie with designing flyers and producing brochures for FMI advertising, especially for the youth ministry. Eventually securing a job at the Benedictine Abbey in New Norcia she still works there today.
Linda met Matt at the Benedictine Abbey over two years ago whilst he was on retreat, but the budding romance did not blossom until Matt attended a Flame Congress in January 2004 and asked Linda for a date. Their relationship grew and Matt proposed in early 2005.

Linda began working full time at the Flame office seven years ago in the capacity of administration and events coordinator is now vacating her position in FMI for a position with Matt as Mrs. Jolliffe - All of us at FMI send our prayers and blessings to Matt and Linda for a happy life together - May nothing separate their love.

Matt and Linda were married on November 19th in the Abbey Church in New Norcia.


Former Indonesian President defends Catholic school:

Former Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid has criticized the forced closure by local Muslim militants of the St Bernadette Catholic School in Cileduk, on the edge of the Jakarta metropolitan area. --- Speaking to journalists, he stressed that the perpetrators of the attack against the Catholic school violated Indonesia's constitution. "Every Indonesian citizen," he said, "has the right to express his or her religious beliefs and the state has a duty to facilitate it".

Indonesian Christians attacked as they worship on the street - 22 Oct 2005 - Source: Barnabas Fund

Christians in Jatimulya, East Bekasi, in West Java, were attacked on as they met together to worship on the street. Outdoor worship was the only option for these Christians as their church building had been recently forced to close, part of an ongoing pattern of forcible church closures in West Java.

The Christians came from three churches who had been ordered by the Mayor of Jatimulya to close their church buildings five weeks ago, the closures then enforced by a radical group called the Alliance Against Apostasy. The constitution of Indonesia guarantees freedom of religion, but with their buildings closed and forbidden to meet for worship in private homes, the Christians have had to gather in the streets each Sunday, in order to worship together.

When they met for their service on Sunday 9th October they were warned to stop but when some 50 lawyers arrived from Jakarta the service proceeded, although it was shorter than normal. Then on Sunday 16th October the Christians found that in the street where they had been worshipping for the past weeks some 300 Muslims had laid out their prayer mats and were conducting their own worship service. Undeterred the Christians moved to another street and began their service there.

The determination of the Christians to continue to worship apparently angered radicals. They approached the gathered Christians and began to mock them and insult them, calling on them to disband their meeting. A female church leader was pushed and shoved until she fell into a drain. The police who were on duty stood by and watched the mob, while a few even joined in the attack. While no one was seriously hurt, and the Christians remain committed to meeting together, there is fear that there will be more violence and greater danger as they do so.

Incidents of forced church closures in West Java are increasing. According to some reports there may be as many as 30 a month. In the Indonesian capital Jakarta 18 churches have had police collecting data on their services, and are now expecting to be closed in the near future. The mayor of Sukabumi has called for all churches without permits in his town to be closed. The pattern of church closures appears to be moving into East Java, where 24 churches in the city of Malang are under threat of closure. The Indonesian Government has made public statements that they do not agree with church closures, yet government officials continue to issue decrees to close them.

Worse news comes from Poso, Sulawesi, where the number of suspected radicals has increased and there have been three assassinations in the past two weeks. On the weekend of 15th -16th October churches in Poso and Palu were placed under police guard.


Pray for the Christians in Jatimulya. Thank God for their faith to continue meeting together; ask Him for protection over them wherever they meet, and that He will bless these faithful brothers and sisters with a peace that surpasses human comprehension.

Pray for all Christians in Indonesia who are fearful under the current circumstances. Pray that despite the efforts of officials and radicals the Church in Indonesia will not be overcome by the persecution they suffer.

Pray for international pressure on the Indonesian Government to uphold its statements about church closures.

Pray that they will reverse the trend, and begin protecting the rights of Christian citizens of Indonesia.



- The UN is about sixty days away from a five month series of global meetings that will bring together governments and non-governmental organizations to force countries to legalize abortion, accept homosexual marriage, make the Gospel message on homosexuality a hate crime, and much else.

These four meetings start in January and run through the spring. They go by the seemingly innocuous names like the Commission on the Status of Women, the Commission on Human Rights, the Commission on Population and Development, and the Commission on Social Development.

What happens at these meetings is that documents are “negotiated” which frequently means little more than coercing smaller countries to do the will of the radicals. Small Christian countries are ganged up on by the European Union, radical elements of the UN bureaucracy, pro-abortion and anti-family UN agencies like the UN Population Fund.

Of course, we will be there. As an organization, C-FAM will have our very best professional pro-family lobbyists and volunteers at each one of these meetings. And we will be there with the Friday Fax. But before we can do this, we need your help. -

Some years ago a man in England said to me, "The problem is that Satan is building an army while the Christians are entertaining themselves."

That was over 10 years ago now, and it could not be a more accurate statement of the reality we faced then, and still face today in ever increasing proportions: the New Age corrupting Christian spirituality and a once Christian society, governments banning God and prayer in public, rampant terrorism and a rising occult and satanic phenomenon, all hell bent on warring against Christ.

On the Emirates flight to and from Uganda, I was shocked to find whilst listening to a promotion extolling the virtues of living and trading in Dubai, it was predominately talking about all the New Age therapies available. Even in Indonesia I was equally shocked to find an almost obsessive interest in the occult and supernatural (more accurately - preternatural) - Every television I came across had occult movies showing and people glued to the screen in fascination. I was interviewed about that on Christian radio in Bandung, such was the interest across the whole country.

For you and I, should we ask ourselves if Christianity has become a mere bless me club with no real sense of the supernatural (God is the only supernatural being) and forgotten that we live in an antichrist world. Have we forgotten that whilst we fight amongst ourselves, the world is fighting to rid itself of Christ and his followers?

Some years ago the Lord spoke audibly to me saying, "Eddie. Make friends with yourself - After all, you've got to live together." - I wonder how things would be if we expanded that across the different movements, organisations, ministries and churches.

Just a thought.

Eddie Russell FMI

From the Set My People on Fire Prophecy Christmas Eve 1989. -
"I am coming in waves of power. I am coming in storms. Filling the world with My Glory, before I take My Church home. Get yourselves ready for battle, guard yourselves all around. Put on all of My armour, trained by My own right hand."


Flame Youth Ministry.
St. Lawrence Catholic Church, Albert Street, Balcatta every Friday evening from 7.30pm.
Leader: Shenton Surin FMI.

Cathedral Praise Meeting
St. Mary's Cathedral Parish Centre, 450 Hay Street, Perth City every Thursday evening from 8pm.
Leader: Eddie Russell FMI

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