Revival Fire in Miami, Colorado, Pittsburgh. Revival Fire, Portugal, England, Scotland.
New book on Faith by Eddie Russell inspires the raising to life of a dead woman.
Amazing recovery through prayer from Alzheimer Disease and much more on this page.

Flame Revival Mission News 2006 - PLAN NOW TO BE AT THE FLAME CONGRESS 18-21 JANUARY 2007 "OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD" - IT WILL BE AWESOME! - This issue: REVIVAL USA - Miami, Colorado Springs, Pittsburgh. REVIVAL: England, Scotland, Portugal, Australia - 2007 Missions: Uganda Pentecost. USA and Europe - Stay tuned.

Feast of the Holy Trinity:
David Harp inducted as a Senior Director of Flame Ministries International.

Pearls of Wisdom
"When all else fails,
you haven't prayed."

Eddie Russell FMI

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Eddie Russell FMI

News Contents:

Posted October 2006

The Compassion of Christ Congress News Report

New Australian and UK Members Welcomed

Our God is an Awesome God.
2007 Congress

Friends of Flame News
Mission Uganda Pentecost 2007

Portugal Mission News

Flame Music Rocks Goliath

Amazing recovery from Alzheimer's

New FMM CD and Launch

England Missions News

New book inspires raising the dead

Scotland Missions News

It's Faith Jim 2nd Edition

5NF Miami Florida USA News

SMPOF Growing in Oz and UK

Byzantine 3NF Pittsburgh PA. News

HIV and Hepatitis C undetectable

3NF Colorado Springs USA. News

FMM at National Day of Thanksgiving

We believe this is a most exciting newsletter yet. God has shown his great power and love wherever we have been over the last few months.

Eddie's new book inspires raising to life a dead woman. A young man set free from Heroin addiction. The Baptism of Fire catching on in the England, Scotland, Portugal, USA, and Australia. A rotting knee cap restored itself. The lame walked, the deaf heard, the lost were saved, Satanic ritual abuse broken and woman set free, a woman forgives murderer, the prisoners shouted Amen, Byzantine Rite Church in USA gets Revival Fire, a revival Fire begins in the Rockies.

Read on to see even more of the grace and blessings of God.

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“Lord, if you will, you can make me clean.” And Jesus said to him, “I do will it.” (Luke 5:12-13)

How do you describe a congress where the compassion of Jesus is tangibly demonstrated
, not by the ministers, but by Jesus himself as he touches the lives and hearts of those that seek him. - To be honest, I just do not know as words do fail me.

Perhaps, more than the teachings themselves, the testimonies shared were a living Gospel. The day before this Congress opened the 6pm news announced a tragic event. A young woman and two children were murdered by her defacto husband. After shooting the woman the children fled the house, he chased them and shot two on the street after which he fled police arrest.

The sister of the murdered woman attended the
Congress the next night.
In Eddie's opening message he referred to his experience in the Florida State Maximum Security Prison in Miami a few months previously - David and Eddie had spent a short time ministering the prisoners where many gave their lives to Christ.

Eddie related that witnessing their repentance and deep remorse, the compassion of Christ was so powerful and tangible and it was that experience that inspired this 2005 congress - The Compassion of Christ. Relating the events that occurred there many people wept as they began to understand the depth of the love of Christ even for the most miserable of sinners.

The following day, the woman came to Eddie and related how the message had touched her heart.
She had completely forgiven the murderer of her sister and nieces. She related how she now begun to pray that the man repented, gave himself up and at least become a father to the one child that was left alive.

When she shared this with the congress, people wept in awe of the love of Christ made manifest in the woman's compassion for such a man and many repented of their anger and resentments and forgave those they held grudges against.

Fr Don Kettle - Catholic Youth Ministry

One young lady shared about the freedom from demonic oppression due to Eddie's ministry at another CCR Conference
a couple of months prior.
She had been sexually abused since a very young age and spent several years in psychiatric institutions; most of her life was lived on medications and many had prayed for her healing and deliverance without success.

During that conference the demons began to manifest with violence
. Eddie was asked to assist her. At his intervention the demons began to scream, spit and punch at him. Eddie remained calm telling the entities that she belonged to Christ and to leave her after which they did.

At the Congress she shared how she was totally free for the first time in her life. She was off medication and had a clear bill of health from her doctors. She also related how she had recently married and began a Christian counseling training course to assist others in similar situations. Her testimony brought applauds of joy from the delegates.

Another story that brought tears to the delegates was recounting Eddie and David's experience in the Florida Maximum Security Prison in Miami where inmates gave their lives to Christ. Delegates were told that witnessing God's unbounded compassion and forgiveness is what had inspired this congress and FMI's message of compassion throughout the year; a message that would be taken to the missions in Portugal, Untied Kingdom and again to the USA. The delegates supported the idea of sending their greetings and thanks to the inmates when David and Eddie returned in July. See below on this event.

Throughout the weekend people responded with faith to the messages and altar-calls. The result was many healed, delivered and forgiven; the Sacrament of Reconciliation was made available and was the priests were kept busy all weekend and the look of peace on the faces of those returning from confession was clear that they had experienced the Compassion of Christ.


Again inspired by the mission events during 2006 that demonstrated how awesome God can be, our January 18 to 21 2007 Congress will is entitled OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD.

Walk with the ancient Hebrews through the tabernacle in the desert and learn about the various articles of worship. See how we can get to the throne of grace in our praise and worship to personally encounter an awesome God. See how God’s first self revelation of glory was manifest in fire and how that continues throughout the old and new testaments entering the history of the Church. Become empowered like Joshua to take the land for Christ. Make a new or fresh commitment to Jesus. Receive a fresh anointing to evangelise in the River of Life and become consumed in Holy Fire.

The speakers are: Archbishop B J Hickey. Scott Kaldahl. Derek Williams. Eddie Russell. David Harp.


This year we will have as our Keynote Speakers, Scott Kaldahl from Miami, Florida USA and Derek Williams from the UK. Both men are full time workers in the harvest with many years experience in ministry.

The vision for this Congress is to demonstrate the Power of God in our lives.

The Congress will be held at the John XXIII College Auditorium, John XXIII Avenue, Mt Claremont, Perth, Western Australia from Thursday January 18th to Sunday January 21st 2006.

Beginning at 7.30pm each night the first of three public rallies will start with a CD Lauch of Flame Music Ministry's new album

Praise and Worship led by Flame Music Ministry will beging each public rally on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The daytime session will begin at 9.30 am on Saturday and Sunday with Mass at 9.00 am.

We recommend early booking and you can do that by contacting Flame Ministries International


Scott Kaldahl - You need to experience his anointing

Scott Kaldahl is a powerful praise leader from Miami, Florida in the USA. He works full time at St. Louis Catholic Church as a cantor for the Sunday masses. He also serves in the Archdiocese of Miami radio ministry, Radio Peace.

Scott has been active in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal since 1975 and has led the St. Louis Praise Meeting since 1985. He has served as the MC as well as the worship leader for many conferences.

Since 2003, Scott has served on the Council to the National Service Committee for Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the United States. In 2005, Scott was elected to the National Service Committee where he continues to serve. He spoke on the subject of worship at the 2005 Leader's Conference in Chicago, Illinois and is scheduled to speak once again this year in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Scott says that his "passion is to worship the living God and draw people into a place where they might encounter the Lord Jesus Christ." Scott is married for the past 25 years to Carolyn. The couple has 4 children, Dawn Marie, Kristen, John Mark, and Peter.

Derek Williams FMI - You need to hear him preach


Derek Williams is a cradle Catholic that struggled with his faith in his late teens and early twenties until he was invited to a Catholic Charismatic prayer group. In his own words "that was like coming home". Within weeks he experienced the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and started ministering in the Charismatic gifts.

Derek immersed himself in the life of the Spirit, attending prayer groups, seminars, evangelical outreaches, sharing his faith in a variety of ways, studying the Bible and spending hours in prayer as an intercessor.

Attending The Abbey Prayer Meeting in Birmingham where Eddie was preaching in 1992, Derek was completely taken by Eddie's understanding of the dangers of the New Movement and his knowledge of the Word of God.

Later, they corresponded regularly culminating with the Set My People on Fire seminars being taught in Peterborough and Birmingham during autumn of 1994. After the seminars, Derek began studying the teachings of Flame Ministries International, the Bible and Church teaching for the next 10 years until joining FMI in 2004 and committing himself to a life service.

Derek went into the financial industry for 10 years working as a Portfolio Manager for an Investment banking group, In October 2003, Derek and his wife Lynn felt God was calling them out of industry and into full time ministry. Derek resigned his well paid job and shortly afterwards in 2004 joined Flame Ministries International as an Evangelist and Intercessor living on faith and divine providence.

Since then he has traveled the length and breadth of England, Scotland and Portugal teaching on the Baptism of Fire with incredible consequences. His missions have brought many back into the fullness of the Catholic Church and the Charismatic Renewal, bringing healing and freedom. He also teaches the Flame Ministries
Set My People on Fire seminar for which there is tremendous interest building up all over the UK and in Europe. Derek is married to Lynn and they have 4 children.

Music: Flame Music Ministry New Album Release. Scott Kaldahl from his Gospel Song Album.
Ministry: Prayer ministry for healing throughout the Congress.


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Overseas Missions News 2006 England, Scotland, Portugal, USA.
With extensive press coverage in Scotland, England and Florida the 2006 Flame Missions were a huge success. However, the more significant thing was that this was the first time that Eddie and Derek have ministered together and it will not be the last judging by what the Lord did with them.

28 June to 6 July;
PORTUGAL: The Algarve and Lisbon - Eddie Russell, David Harp, Derek Williams.

Photos: The Baptism of Fire, Guia in the Algarve and Lisbon in Portugal. David Harp, Derek William and Eddie Russell.

Beginning in the beautiful seaside town of Guia in the Algarve and then Lisbon in Portugal, Eddie, David and Derek spoke on The Baptism of Fire and Healing.

Guia, The Algarve in Portugal; Amazing Recovery from Alzheimer's Disease.

At the first service in the small white church pictured left, an elderly woman asked Eddie, David and Derek to visit her home a few houses from the church near where this photo was taken to pray for her husband.

Her husband, Manuelle, suffered Alzheimer's disease and had not left his bed for nearly six years. Mostly he had forgotten how to speak and recognized no one including his wife, and so she asked them to pray for her husband.

Arriving at the home it was clear that Manuelle was beyond medical help; his muscles had atrophied, and over five years in the same bed had

disjointed his bones and the lack of sunshine had turned him sickly pale; he just lay there gazing around the room.

Faithful to a prompting from the Holy Spirit, Eddie began to speak to him as a normal person even though his wife interpreted. This had the effect of alerting him to the sound of his wife's voice and in part Manuelle began to respond. It was a delight for all when he made a joke in recognition of his wife.

After some time Eddie called Derek and David to prayer saying that God created his memory and God can restore it; the Holy Spirit reminds and restores the memory. They laid hands on him commanding the disease to leave his body and for his memory to return. After prayer, Eddie told them that people in the parish should assist because he needed to get out of the room into the sunshine, "He spent most of his life outdoors, and so the feeling of the sun on his body will also trigger memories and that will aid the healing process from the prayers." he said.

Later in August, a letter from Piki said, "Olá all. After our prayer meeting the woman with the sick husband (the one in bed for over 5 years) came and asked when you would come back. Her husband is showing much improvement and calling her by her name and calling the parents by their names. Also he is moving his legs and making a lot of sense when talking. Everybody is amazed. Please keep praying. We are trying to arrange for the Fire brigade to come and take him to a garden for a few hours a week to get a bit of fresh air and sun."

This was typical of the blessing God poured out at the services in Portugal in spite of the fact that the whole country had come to a standstill due to Portugal playing in the World Cup at that time. There were many healed from physical, emotional and

Derek Williams FMI prays for the sick in Lisbon
Derek Williams prays for the sick at a Flame Healing Service in Lisbon.

spiritual ailments and in some strange way, it was a reward for their faithfulness in spending time with Christ rather than the gods of sport.

When visiting the beautiful holiday town of Guia in the Algarve we recommend dining at the

Aurelio and Manuela Ramos at the Restaurante Atlantico blessed us with fantastic food and top quality wines. This was their way of thanking God for all he was doing in Guia as well as for them. Aurelio has won awards for his original cuisine in major European contests, and English pop legend, Sir Cliff Richard, eats there regularly. Cliff has a vineyard nearby and you can buy his award winning wines at the restaurant.

Gret food. Great wine. Great company. Try it.

Restaurante Atlantico - R. General Humberto Delgado, 30 Guia - 8200-447 Albufiera. Phone: 289 562 098.
FLAME TIP - This is one of the most popular restaurants in Guia and tables are taken quickly.

Nottingham. Birmingham. Liverpool. Eddie Russell, David Harp, Derek Williams.

Praising the Lord in Nottingham UK

8 July Flame Day. St. Paul's Catholic Church, Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham. Welcomed by parish priest Fr John McCay, Eddie and David participated in one of Derek Williams' Flame Days. Fr John was particularly happy because that area of Nottingham is rated as the most violent in the UK. In fact a murder had taken place a few doors away just prior to their visit. At the end of the day Fr John told visitors and parishioners, "Bringing Derek Williams to do this Flame Day with David and Eddie is the best decision I have made since

arriving in the parish and we are looking forward to doing their Set My People on Fire program." Fr John said that Set My People on Fire was just what was needed and could not only revitalize the parish, but the whole area of Nottingham. Derek is currently running SMPOF in the parish with over 80 people registered for a certificate as at the publication of this newsletter.

David shares his story in Birmingham UK

13 July The Abbey Prayer Meeting, Erdington, Birmingham UK.
A packed hall at the Abbey Prayer Meeting was a particular blessing because this is where Eddie preached on the Baptism of Fire for the first time in England during 1994. Since then, Derek Williams has preached on the Baptism of Fire as well as other exciting topics of revival on several occasions over the past year or so. Now it was David's turn to share his testimony with an enthusiastic audience. As most places around the world, promiscuity has led to many forms of STDs, HIV and AIDS are one on the increase. As in other countries where David shared

his story, he left no stone unturned and it had a profound impact on the people; some struggling with same sex attractions were particularly encouraged by David's life and how Jesus had totally restored him even from his homosexuality.

Praising the Lord in Liverpool UK

15 July Flame Day. Prince of Peace Community, St. Emilie's Convent. Liverpool. Upon the invitation of Myles Dempsey, founder and presiding elder of the Prince of Peace Community, Eddie, David and Derek conducted another Flame Day. After last year's visit and Derek's very successful Set My People on Fire seminars there, the people came with expectation. Derek opened up the theme of the Jubilee relating to entering the 7th day rest. This tied in with Eddie's teachings on the meaning of seven as the number of completion in Biblical terms. David's session ended the day and the altar calls met with a great response as everyone responded to the invitation and to receive the Baptism of Fire.

Birmingham Catholic Charismatic Renewal Conference Kaye Rollings and Derek Williams.

12 to 13 August; Kaye was invited as a Keynote Speaker at the Conference along with Patti Gallagher, Charles Whitehead, David Matthews and other well known speakers in the UK including FMI Evangelist, Derek Williams.

Kaye Rollings is the Moderator for the FMI Intercessors and teaches FMI's Intercessory Prayer School Seminars. Kaye also represents FMI and the Archbishop of Perth on the Impact World Tour Head of Churches

Kaye Rollings FMI speaks at Birmingham Conference UK
Kaye Rollings speaks to a packed
hall at the Birmingham Charismatic
Renewal Conference in England.

Committee. She also represents FMI on PrayerNet WA; an inter-church prayer network in Western Australia where she has taught on the Power of Intercessory Prayer.

Kaye said that the Conference was "awesome" and when she began a time of healing after her session people responded with great blessing, "There were many tears and even cries of anguish as the Lord moved to heal deep seated pain. Powerful, awesome, Holy Spirit filled." She said later.

Kaye said that Derek's session was power packed, "He really is a great minister. Actually, most of the speakers were top notch, especially David Matthews. He is a big powerfully built man with a great sense of humor and I really wanted to sit in on his session but had to miss it as Bob Grant, the organizer, had asked me to meet with one of the priests for prayer at that time." She said.

Judging from what Kaye had to say, the Conference held at the Paragon Hotel for the first time was a great success in more ways than one.

Glasgow. Eddie Russell, David Harp, Derek Williams.

Derek Williams in Glasgow.

16 July Flame Day. St. Simon's Catholic Church. Glasgow. Leaving Liverpool early the next day, the long car journey to Glasgow was a good time to spend with Christian Journalist, James Hastings. James has a heart for spiritual revival in Scotland and for Glasgow in particular. Finally meeting Eddie and David was a special day for James who was the catalyst for Derek's previous visits.

Perhaps the more significant fruit if the Glasgow mission was a young man that changed gender preference and wore male clothes for the first time since a child. He heard David's testimony and it consolidated his decision after living a double life as a member of a Pentecostal church. David spent time with helping him and

listening to his story. As well, there many other people healed spiritually, physically and emotionally. Glasgow was a very successful mission and people have asked FMI to return for a longer stay in the future.

You guys are not like normal Catholics at all!
James was happy, "I just want to say what a blessing your Glasgow visit was. It was great meeting you guys in Liverpool and driving up to Scotland. What preaching in Liverpool; 2 hours went in 2 minutes. Many people have been in touch regarding your Glasgow visit at St. Simon's and how it has changed them. David's testimony had them sitting on the edge of their seats. Glory, glory, glory! - You guys are not like normal Catholics at all! " He said.

2nd Annual 5NF (Five Nights of Fire)
Miami, Florida USA.
Eddie Russell and David Harp.

Intercession for the USA in Oz

In the lead up to the mission, the USA and Australian Intercessors phone linked to pray for the 5NF. Prayer is the essential ingredient to success in the work of God and so Scott Kaldahl once more arranged a phone link up with his group to Australia so that both ministries were united in prayer before Eddie and David left Australia. It was a very powerful time. In the photo on the left, Patrick and Eleanor lay hands on the phone in Western Australia to pray for the Scott's group and their preperations in Miami.

5NF in Miami Florida USA is becoming a major event. This year the posters read, "The 2nd Annual 5NF" and so it seems that 5NF will continue each year. In fact, Eddie and David are already booked for July 2007. Both Pittsburgh and Colorado Springs have also requested 5NF for 2007.

Miami 5NF

Scott Kaldahl booked Eddie and David for July 2007 before they left.

In addition to another visit to St. Louis Catholic Church in Miami, Florida, Eddie and David visited Pittsburgh and Colorado Springs for what they called 3NF (3 Nights of Fire) inspired by the Miami events.

The Nights of Fire were so blessed that it would be better to let those attending speak for themselves and so we will include some testimonies which will give you a far better idea of the graces bestowed.

The Baptism of Fire Falls in Miami Florida.
Eddie calls down the Baptism of Fire
at 5NF Miami.

When the prisoners all yelled 'Amen!' was the headline in the September 7 2006 edition of the Catholic Record Newspaper in Western Australia.

The Florida prison.
We were not allowed to
take photographs.

The full page article by the Catholic Record journalist, Mark Reidy, appeared on the back page of the Record and displayed some dramatic photographs. The newspaper took its report from Eddie's emails to FMI members while away.

As last year, the first engagement in the USA was to fulfill a second invitation to minister at the Florida Maximum Security Corrections Center. Due to popular demand, Eddie and David were invited back to minister at the prison. Over 200 inmates turned up and the prison chapel was packed. Eddie said that it was very difficult to relay what this experience is like, "It is very challenging for many reasons, but to see the Lord work with these men is simply awesome." Eddie said.

During one of Eddie's sessions, extra inmates tried to get in and there was a scuffle at the entrance as the guards exited them. It disrupted the session but calm ensued and Eddie continued unfazed.

"There is no doubt about the pain suffered here, not so much because of their remorse which is real, but because of the inmate culture itself; men are abused physically and sexually and you can see the silent pain crying out for help from behind silent faces covered in tears. Mostly though they were tears of healing and it contrasted with the tattooed tears on the faces of the gang leaders that represent the number of men they have killed; one tear for one life." Eddie said.

Naturally, the men identified with David's testimony, and again that had the most impact on everyone. "The men were so grateful to us it is hard to describe it. They began to realize that their story from last year had blessed so many people around the world from what we had shared at the Congress and other places. Once
they clicked to that reality their faces lighted up and smiles and loud Amens came from everywhere." Eddie said.

On David's inspiration, they got the men to pray for them and commission them to take their story to the world so they can do something wonderful from their cells. This was a powerful time as over 200 hardened criminals praised God and rejoiced in the realization that someone cared for them. Their gratitude for doing this was hard to describe.

Because last year was such a success the warden allowed eight hours and extended the time by an extra half an hour. This was unusual and the presence of guards was less than last year so that was a great sign. At the dinner break Eddie and David went to eat with the men in their dining (Chow) hall. "That was an experience in itself as we had to line up along with them stopping for the guards to do head counts on several occasions.

This gave the men a chance to speak to us personally and at length as we lined up with them as well as when we sat to eat. Frankly, the food was so evil it was possessed, and I am not joking if I said that the greatest punishment in jail is the food. It was really vomiting bad. We did eat it though and it was in some way an honor to share this with them. I must say though that I did feel really sorry for them and wondered why the food could not at least be tasty." Eddie wrote in an email.

At the close of the sessions Eddie called for a celebration and the place erupted with dancing, singing and shouts of joy. One man that has bone cancer began dancing like a maniac. Afterwards Eddie called for testimonies he said he had not danced for over 10 years. He got so exited telling other prisoners the good news that he began dancing again with more fervor and great joy. Many men gave their lives to Christ, even some gang leaders whose tattooed tears turned to tears of repentance and remorse.

Hearing restored at Miami 5NF
"He (the doctor) retested her and told us that her hearing was a perfect 100%."

Anais center front.

My 16 year old daughter Anais, has suffered from ear infections all her life. As a result of the persistent infections she experienced 50% hearing loss in her right ear.

We were blessed as a family to attend the Five Nights of Fire all week long in July. She asked David that week to pray for her ear to heal. Her faith was so strong that she knew she had received a healing. Her ENT doctor recommended that she see a ENT surgeon and we took her for her appointment yesterday. He retested her and told us that her hearing was a perfect 100%.

We praise the Lord for her healing and pray that she fulfill her mission for Him. Thank you for the work you do. Many blessings - Virginia Vega. Miami, Florida USA.

Fibroids dissolved in big clots at Miami 5NF
After attending the healing seminar on Thursday, I finally understood and accepted that God's healing is seldom instantaneous. You must stand firm on the word. I am happy to report that the fibroids I've been fighting off for the past decade have started to dissolve in big clots. Hallelujah! To God the Glory! God bless Eddie and David and safe journey - Nickie Nelson. Miami, Florida USA.

TB pain from fractured vertebrae and loss of cartilage healed at Miami 5NF.
It was amazing 5 nights that refreshed my soul with the confirmation of the truth of God in His word. I had the fire of God spread through my body and into my belly. The Lord wants me to spread fire to his people. Praise the Lord! God keeps working on me for which I am forever grateful! I love to be pruned. A situation that has been unresolved has now been given its answer and will lead to freedom! Amen! The Lord has healed me from TB pain in my back from a fractured vertebrae in my spine as well as pain in my knee from loss of cartilage. I AM HEALED IN THE NAME OF JESUS - Patricia Stout. Miami, Florida USA.

Came back to Church due to Miami 5NF
Hello Eddie, my family and I don't really go to church. A recent death in my friend's life brought me to church. We did the five nights of fire and I was healed in my heart, and I got to feel THE LORD'S FIRE - Janelle Mendez. Miami, Florida USA.

Freed from childhood Satanic ritual sex abuse at 5NF

At the healing service on Thursday afternoon there was a woman that had experienced ritualistic abuse by her parents in a Satanic cult.

Assured of Christ's love.

The prayer for freedom.

The comfort after deliverance from Satanic bondage.

Diane and her sister were bred for that purpose. They were kept in a cage and only let out for the Satanic ceremonies that included ritual sexual abuse. When around 8 yrs old she saw her sister killed as a bloody sacrifice to Satan.

Now in her late 50's maybe well over 60, she still suffered fear and panic because the demons lived in her house and cult members cursed her daily. As she related her life's story, her pain was impossible to describe.

Eddie prayed for her release from demonic infestation, for the cleansing of her house and the breaking of the curses. He also prayed for the restoration of her life; a life that had never begun. Between Thursday afternoon and Friday night the change was amazing. Her happiness and gratitude was unbounded. She came to Eddie in the prayer line just to ask if it was really true that she was free. He told her she was.

She hugged him for about 20 minutes as she cried and screamed out all the pain after which her smile and happiness blossomed; the Lord had delivered her. As for Eddie, he was soaked in tears. Diane said afterwards that she had never felt safe in her life until Eddie placed his hand on her head. It was only then that she could fully trust and give herself to the Lord entirely. It was only then that she was able to let go of a lifetime of pain and fear.

Later, Diane wrote. "The Lord released me from serious bondage coming from being abused in a satanic cult as a child. I was released from suicidal depression, anxiety, panic, isolation and torture torment. The Lord took all of this on the Cross and when Eddie prayed many demons finally fled. I am free to love the Lord and live for Him forever. Praise Jesus! Thank you Lord!" - Diane Kraver. Miami, Florida USA.

On the last night Diane gives God praise for her freedom and healing.

Kneecap totally rebuilt itself at Miami 5NF.

Dancing in the Baptism of Fire at 5NF.

Preaching on the Baptism of Fire at 5NF Miami.

Anointed with the Fire at 5NF.

David makes an Altar Call at 5NF.

"I don't know what the hell you did or how you did it, but your knee has basically rebuilt itself. Everything has pretty much grown' back." (Doctor)

My name is Kiera Smith, I am 18 years old and I attend Saint Louis Catholic Church in Miami. When I heard you guys were coming down for the five nights of fire (again) I knew I had to go. Last year I went, but only made it for about an hour every other day. This year my goal was to make it everyday and stay till at least nine, because God was telling me there was something in store for me... I just didn't know exactly what. I've had knee problems my whole life. To a point where the doctors told me I was to wear a knee brace basically from the minutes I got out of bed in the morning, until I went back to bed that night. And this was no little brace either - the thing was huge.

My knee was continually getting worse and we've tried everything short of surgery. The doctors had no idea what was going on. Then about a week before you guys began the 5 Nights of Fire I got news from the doctors that all the tissue and muscle in my knee was deteriorating, and that I only had at most 6 months before it was gone. Now for someone that has to take two buses, the metro and skateboard to church everyday - that wasn't very good news. And according to the doctors there was no way to fix it except to get a total knee replacement.

On the Thursday night of the 5 nights (July 27th to be exact) Scott Kaldahl suggested that we have one of you guys pray over the knee. David said he would. And as I later found out, when I looked up after prayer that Eddie was praying over me as well. After I knew I had to just leave it in God's hands. The following week I spent in New York, in immense pain. It got so bad I couldn't even stand at times. Then out of nowhere it stopped!

When I got back from new York (two weeks after being prayed over) I went back to the doctor. After running a few tests the doctor looked up at me and said with a puzzled look, "I don't know what the hell you did or how you did it, but your knee has basically rebuilt itself. Everything has pretty much grown back." I was so overwhelmed I bust into tears, took one look at the doctor and said, "It wasn't I that did anything, it was HIM" as I pointed up.

My knee has completely healed and I can now do pretty much anything I want, especially go back to surfing. So I just wanted to thank you both for not only praying over me, but also helping me get the courage and strength to just leave it in God's hands. -
Kiera Smith. Miami, Florida USA.

Young Heroin addict set free at 5NF Miami.

A young man in his twenties addicted to daily shots of Heroin came to 5NF with his parents out of protest but stayed the whole week.

The Lord touched him over the days and on the Thursday night he testified that he had not used Heroin or any drugs since Monday and felt no withdrawal. He came to the podium and told the congregation of his life and addictions that cost him large sums of money. As he told his story he declared he was free of the addiction. His mother screamed with joy and his father joined in. On Friday, the last night, he was still free and when we saw him after Mass on Sunday he looked fantastic. His gratitude was almost uncontrollable and reaffirmed his decision for Christ and a promise to share his testimony with other young people.

MS had no effect as she ran for the first time at 5NF Miami.
On the Thursday night an elderly lady suffering with advanced MS came to 5NF in great pain and difficulty; it was an Herculean effort to walk. She was prayed with and on Friday night she said she felt much better and said she could walk. Eddie asked her to show us and then to run. Scott ran with her up and down the front of the altar as people stood and applauded; the place erupted as she shouted that she could not run at all until then. As she waved hers arms she began to dance and jump up and down to more shouts of praise; the place was electric.

Carpal Tunnel Healed at 5NF Miami.
Another lady came with chronic pain in her wrists hardly moving her hands. David prayed for the Carpal Tunnel to be released. She showed Eddie her hands after the Mass on Sunday night and delighted in shaking her wrists with no pain.

The final night erupted into such powerful praise that continued on and on and the prayer ministry did not stop until around 12.30am.

3NF at Ukrainian Rite Byzantine Church
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Eddie Russell and David Harp

St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Rite Byzantine Catholic Church Pittsburgh USA

Pittsburgh was another great mission. Fr Ivan, parish priest of the St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Rite Byzantine Catholic Church said a personal Mass for Eddie and David in Miami last year after he attended the first 5NF, so he was excited that they could minister at his church in Pittsburgh.

For Eddie and David it was a new and somewhat strange experience to minister in such an orthodox church where everything is sung and incensed. It was also the first time they had done altar calls and prayed with people without a music ministry in the background although some of the deacons and servers did their best to sing without musical instruments. However, the lack of a music ministry did not effect the blessing and healing that people received. In fact, it was a very special time of grace.

"We witnessed Ukrainian priests and Deacons opening up to the Holy Spirit and assisting us in praying over the people. This was amazing because they have great acknowledgment of the action of the Holy Spirit but it is all contained within their Byzantine Liturgies; everything is sung. For us, the strangest thing was to be at a very high sung Orthodox Mass and then to go straight into our teaching.

Starting at 6pm we did not finish until after midnight each night; a surprise for the priests because the people were not usually that keen, but we would not have known that looking at their faces wanting more even then; they couldn't get enough. The ease and simplicity that they listened to and accepted the Word was a real delight, and so praying for them was a great experience for us. More people came each night as they went home and told others about what God was doing in their little parish church." Eddie said.

None of those in attendance were charismatic but they responded as if it was second nature. One young lady asked David what the Corinthian passages on the Gift of Tongues was, David told her that she had it because she was baptized and she could use it if she wanted. She said OK, and did. That was just one example of how open the Ukrainian Catholics were for the 3 Nights of Fire, and it just kept on and on. No one had ever seen people fall over before, and after the initial surprise, especially for those that experienced it for the first time, they settled into it as natural as anything. The fire burst forth and the blessing that flowed for the sick and crestfallen was a sight to see.

Eddie preaches from the Bible to a captivated Byzantine congregation. in Pittsburgh PA.

"The power of God's presence was almost unbearable."

One highlight for Eddie was to pray over Fr. James. He had just arrived from a long driving journey from Canada with his family. Here was man that kneeled down and asked for prayer. Dressed in brilliant gold Byzantine vestments with a long black beard, long hair and pony tail, it was a strange sight. But as Eddie prayed for the full release of his priestly power and grace to be released, the power of God's presence was almost unbearable he said later.

Fr. James was so grateful and thanked Eddie for reminding him of the nobility of his ordination and letting him experience it tangibly; he had never experienced anything like that before. Both David and Eddie commented that these Byzantine priests were humble men and something we could all learn from.

David was impressed with the rich history and liturgies of the Byzantine Church. "We have learnt a lot about Icons and the rich history of the Byzantine Rite Catholics." He said. Fr. Ivan is already planning another visit that he wants for a whole week next year as do all his people and they did not want Eddie and David to leave and there were many tears shed when they did.

Colorado Springs:
A fire in the Rocky Mountains.
Eddie Russell and David Harp

Rocky Mountains Colorado Springs

Met by Deacon Chuck Matzker at the airport, Eddie and David were glad to see him. It had been a grueling trip from Miami. The bomb scare in London put all airports on top alert and David was delayed at customs security causing them to miss their flight to Dallas TX. American Airlines always over book seats and usually offer tempting cash incentives for people to take other flights on which they get priority. In all likelihood

View from 14.000 ft atop Pikes Peak Colorado Springs USA

another flight in time to Dallas was remote. Eddie and David spent over 9 hours waiting when a storm blew up in Miami that delayed incoming planes, and thanks to that, they managed to get seats arriving several hours late. Fortunately, due to Colorado Springs being two hours behind Miami they were able to get enough sleep before beginning the Three Nights of Fire.

The first two sessions of the 3NF (Three Nights of Fire) were at the Holy Apostles Catholic Church. The 3rd session at St. Patrick's where David gave his testimony.

The Baptisdm of Fire at Colorado Springs
Eddie praying for the Baptism of Fire
in Colorado Springs USA.

"We had a large crowd and I preached on The Baptism of Fire. Afterwards I prayed for it to come in power and it came. The altar call for repentance was immediate even though many had never been to such a charismatic style service before. People were baptized in the Holy Spirit and in the Fire. The service started at 7pm and we did not finish again until after midnight. That was unheard of in Colorado Springs." Eddie said.

A new self image from Jesus
at Colorado Springs 3NF

Psychiatric problem solved with new self image from Jesus. On the second night a lady gave her testimony saying that she had been suicidal and had psychiatric treatment for years but without success. She had a severe self image problem and over ate to compensate. She said that after prayer she fell to the ground and Jesus appeared to her looking into her eyes. She then understood how much she was loved and all her negativity left her. She told how she now had a proper perspective of who she is and expressed great joy as she spoke to the people.

Walking sticks discarded at 3NF Colorado Springs

The Prayer

A woman hobbled along the prayer line with great difficulty and pain struggling with a walking stick and left walking without it. Her spine was damaged and she needed a new hip as well as suffering other serious problems. Eddie asked if she believed that Jesus could completely heal her and she said "Yes." Eddie lifted his hand, but before he could touch her head she fell to the ground. She was there until the end of the evening which was some two hours later.

She was the last to get up from the floor and she was filled with joy. She was not using her stick as she approached Eddie and told him that she could walk without it. He asked her to show him what she could now do and she did. She said "Look! I could not do this before, it was impossible!" and she began to push up on her toes,

up and down, up and down and began to walk fast across the sanctuary. She came back to Eddie and said "What do I do with this now?" pointing down to the walking stick lying on the floor. Eddie said to take it home, frame it and hang it on the wall.

The second night Eddie spoke of the anointing at the sanctuary and how it increases as it goes out into the lost in the land. They grabbed the messages, and again the prayer time was powerful. He got them to lay hands on the person either side and to pray releasing the river of grace to each other. This was a very powerful moment as people wept. Afterwards there was another altar call and again the service did not finish until after midnight.

Helping others healed him - He could now walk without assistance. Also on the first night a tall man in his 50's came into the Church with a walking stick aided by a woman because he could only take very small steps due to his pain. During the altar call people were falling down so fast that Eddie needed extra catchers. Not realizing at that time who the man standing tall behind the crowd was, he called him forward and asked him to help.

Eddie told him that he knew he wanted prayer, but if he would sacrifice his need God would answer his prayer as he gave to others. He began to help and did so for the next hour or so. At the end Eddie asked him what he wanted prayer for as he was the last and it was now his turn. He said he did not want prayer. "I asked him why not because he had waited so long. He told me that I had already prayed for him when I asked him to help me. I asked what it was for and he told me he could not walk. I asked how he felt now and he said that his pain had left and that he had not needed the walking stick all night. He left without using it." Eddie said.

The Effect

The Result

Praising God with joy at 3NF

Severe Eczema Healed at 3NF Colorado Springs. "A young lady suffering from extremely bad Eczema asked Eddie and David for prayer. The palms of her hands we so bad they split and bled when she opened them. "It made you shudder to look at them. Her legs were the same and her face was peeling." Eddie said. When Eddie prayed, God's power hit her and she fell down. The next night she was in the prayer line, "I did not recognize her; her face was so much better you could not tell she had the horrible disease. She showed me her palms, and although there were some red marks there was little sign of the disease. She had a beaming smile and told me that she could now clap her hands without pain or bleeding. It was great to see her do that and see her joyfully thanking the Lord for her healing." Eddie said.

Born with Autoimmune Disorder of the inner ear Ruth Willey regained her hearing at Colorado Springs 3NF. Below are two letters from Ruth. We have included both in their entirety.

First Letter - AUGUST 13 2006:

"When David stated that we needed to really and truly give God permission I realized I hadn't genuinely ever done that.

David prays for the sick.
Ruth Willey lies on the floor
after he prayed for her.

"I have an Autoimmune Disorder of the inner ear and basically it is the rarest form of hearing loss that there is. It is kind of a cross between Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Less than 1% of people in America have it and even less than that are diagnosed at a young age like I was. It is characterized by tinitus and vertigo.

I had already lost the hearing in my left ear at birth due to being born with CMV Virus and in complete liver failure. So I only had one ear left and then when I was thirteen and in the 7th grade, I woke up and couldn't hear a single thing except for the sound that can only be characterized by 20 airplanes flying over your head and taking off and landing.

I have been up and down on steroids as up to as high as 64 mgs a day for this time and just this past October made a diet change that really made a huge difference and was the big step toward normal health. Praise God for it too! The thing that they have not been able to really help with, was the fact that every time I bent down or moved too quickly the ringing would get much louder and be painful and I would get dizzy.

My fitness trainer and I along with the guidance of my doctor have been trying to teach the vestibular part of my body to work with me. But on Saturday night, God took that away and for the first time since I was 13. Now I could move my head around and put my head down and up without the pain and the dizziness. While I still can hear the ringing in my ear, It's not really bothering me like it normally would.

I knew from the moment that I had hands laid on me that something had happened. I know that God's grace is going to continue to work in my life and that one day either here on earth or in heaven I will be completely whole. I praise God that his power is perfect in our weakness!

When David stated that we needed to really and truly give God permission I realized I hadn't genuinely ever done that. I remember standing there at the alter telling the Lord have your way, and looking back on it now, he needed to teach me to just let him love on me and heal my heart and draw me into his presence first before he could do anything else. In all honesty here, if I never had another supernatural any sort of anything, I would be satisfied.

My heart's desire now is to know his heart so that I can make his works known; not have his works and then know his heart. I am also deeply thankful to the Lord for after four years of searching - I have found a home in the Catholic Church and I can't wait to be received!" -
Ruth Willey - Colorado Springs USA August 2006

Ruth Willey cries
with happiness after prayer
at 3NF Colorado Springs

Second Letter -
OCTOBER 10 2006:

Hearing restored - Now she's picking up good vibrations.

"This past August when Flame Ministries were here in Colorado Springs, the Lord began an awesome work in my body to restore my hearing, and today I saw proof of that work on paper. I went to the Doctor today for the annual three month check up, and I have gained 10 decibels of hearing back and they believe that the ear that has been deaf since birth is now responding to vibrations of sound.

I felt I needed to share this with you as an encouragement that the Lord has indeed blessed your ministry and has used you to bring the message of hope and healing and freedom to the world. I'm finishing up with RCIA and hopefully will be received into the church around the new year. God bless you all."
- Ruth Willey - Holy Apostles Charismatic Prayer Group Colorado Springs USA October 2006.

Colorado Springs Catholic Charismatic Renewal Leaders Empowerment Day

A special afternoon of renewal was hosted by Diocesan Liaison Rev. Chuck Matzker for the leaders of the Colorado Springs Charismatic Renewal that left them with a greater sense of purpose and enthusiasm.

Deacon Chuck Matzker Left

Eddie offered the leaders a challenge to overcome any complacency in their responsibilities to their groups and the Church as a whole. Relating to the tendency for leaders to become too secure and bedded in for ever, Eddie said that by and large, the renewal is a comfortable place, and had lost its childlike awe of God becoming sophisticated... "I was asked what I thought was wrong with the Renewal by the Chairman of the Perth Coordinators in Western Australia nearly 20 years ago, and what I told him then still holds true today."

He also said that a major problem was not raising up young leaders, "Elijah had his Elisha, Jesus had his Peter, but where are ours? We have become as

someone said, the gray hair brigade, and we wonder why youth are not attracted. Have we forgotten that 30+ years ago, we were all youth; the Charismatic Renewal was essentially a youth movement back then, and we seem to have forgotten that. The average age of CCR members are in their 50's plus, and so the most vibrant youth revival has become a clappy-happy oldies group to the youth." he said. "Why do we keep asking how to attract the youth and why do we have youth groups? - We were a youth group when it started. So how is it that we don't trust them with the very thing we were trusted with at their age? - As Elijah did with Elisha, we also need to have young people trained up to take the mantle of leadership and we should not be afraid if they do twice as much twice as good - it did not invalidate Elijah and it will not invalidate us" he said.

Offering encouragement for the future, Eddie also spoke of the disposition of leaders as servants and spoke about humility. At the end of the day, a renewed sense of purpose and vision began to emerge as the leaders began to realize that there was much they could do to advance this wonderful grace of the Holy Spirit to more people in and around their parishes.

As last year, the whole mission to Portugal, England and the USA was a huge success. In an email to FMI members Eddie wrote, "The people in Miami and Pittsburgh are already talking about America's Revival through our missions, and next year if we can do it, it will be bigger than Joshua taking the land of Canaan. All three States want a full five nights and other States are also interested. There is talk of doing Set My People On Fire in Miami as well as setting up FMI there." -
5NF is already booked for Miami in July 2007.

UGANDA 2007:
Also booked is a three week Youth Evangelization Mission to Uganda at Pentecost 2007.
To make Uganda possible we need to raise AUD $17,000.00 to cover airfares, accommodation, food and expenses for Eddie and David as well as for our hosts who cannot afford to pay, and so we are asking our friends to pray, and where possible to donate generously towards it.

David prays for a young lady ready to give birth at a poor rural parish mission in
Uganda last year.

FLAME MISSIONS FUND: The plain reality is that if offerings at missions, conferences or seminars that we rely on are not adequate, we have to refuse invitations to poor nations such as Africa, India, Napal and Pakistan simply because we do not have the money. We had to refuse Uganda for three years until someone began raising money for us to get there. Without those that can help, we can't. Nigeria and Kenya have also asked many times but we have not been able to accept.

Our Friends of Flame (FOF) is a wonderful way for people to support us in general and especially in financing these missions. If you would support us in prayer and also with donations for this work, you can do so by clicking here and making a donation through PayPal (A button is also on our home page), or you can contact us by email and we will let you know how you can do it securely. See below.

Join us on mission with your prayers and donations. St. Paul teaches that you will receive the same reward as the Evangelist does. Phillipians 1:7. We will also pray for you and list you on our Friends of Flame mail and you will be eligible for special offers on FMI products as our way of thanking you. Let's touch the world together.

Contact us by email - missions (at)


New Flame Ministries Senior Director Inducted.
Perhaps the most significant development for Flame Ministries in recent years was the appointment of David Harp as a Senior Director of FMI on the Feast of the Holy Trinity.

David Harp FMI

David's position is full time and a life commitment. It carries with it equal authority as all Senior Directors in the running of the ministry of which FMI's constitution allows for three. Since the resignation of Frank Tassone a few years ago, FMI functioned with two SDs until the Holy Spirit revealed David to take the third position. David's appointment was submitted in writing to Archbishop Hickey who accepted his position a few weeks prior to our recent overseas missions. We welcome David and give him our blessings for a service of joy in the Lord.

Flame Members Welcomed.
We have also been happy to accept applications from four new members to the music ministry both in Australia and England.

Liz Gonzalez works with Derek Williams in the UK and is a dedicated musician who will no doubt attract others.

Livia Lucchese has been involved with FMI for some time but made a formal commitment as a singer with FMM recently. Livia, works for an Auditing Firm and will also assist the Senior Directors with accounting.

Miller Lo is man of talent that joined the Church only a couple of years ago. He plays lead guitar and assists with sound engineering.

Bernadette Scott joined as a singer and also assists David with DVD editing at the FMI offices. Bernadette has had mission experience with the Australian NET Teams.

All four applications are for a term of one year renewable. Eddie and David welcome them all and pray for their inspiration and joy in their service. We also invite you to keep them in your prayers.

Livia Lucchese
Music Ministry

Miller Lo.
Music Ministry

Bernadette Scott.
Music Ministry.

Liz Gonzalez.
Music Ministry

Patrick was happy to get new Music Ministry Members.

Special Flame Occasions Two Confirmations and a Wedding
FMI Bass player and Intercessor Cyrus D'Souza married FMI member Quyen Dao on January 7th. - On June 4th, SMPOF participant June Min Din sponsored by FMI Evangelist, Eddie Russell received her Confirmation and Millar Lo enjoyed the company of FMI members and friends at his Confirmation on the same day. A celebration was held to welcome June and Millar at the home of FMI members, David, Dusty, Damien and Shenton.

Cyrus and Quyen Dance
at their Wedding.

June Min Din holds her
Confirmation Certificate.

Miller Lo opens gifts at a
Flame party organized to
celebrate his Confirmation.


Dancing at the wedding.
Eddie makes an arch with
Liz as Cheryle and guests
celebrate at the reception.

Miller and June enjoy
friends at their Confirmation
party at David's house.

Bernadette. April. Dusty.
Ana. Rosie and June
at the Confirmation party.

--Flame Music Rocks GOLIATH

Denise Wijasuriya FMI sings her original songsDamien, Patrick, Denise, Millar Rock GoliathBernadette and Denise in perfect harmonyMillat Lo FMI plucks a rif at GoliathDamien and Patrick

Flame Music Ministry (left) had a perfect opportunity to showcase their original songs at the Archdiocesan Catholic Youth Ministry's Unplugged Goliath.

An initiative of ex Flame Music Ministry member and well known Perth talent, Lorenzo Martinez, the Archdiocesan Catholic Youth Ministry hosted a night of unplugged original music by some exceptional Perth talent.

The songs, styles, genres of Christian music was wide, unique and inspiring.

Never-before-heard new material from their upcoming album was performed by FMM members Patrick Carre, Damien Doherty, Millar Lo, Denise Wijasuriya and new FMM member, Bernadette Scott.

Perhaps the most moving segment of the night was Denise's tribute to her late father who inspired her songs. Denise had never performed them in public before and the beauty of her voice and the depth of their meaning brought tears to some and the longest ovation of the night from all.

Without exception, Lorenzo Martinez' sense of humor in his songs that are somewhat reminiscent of the Lennon word-twists, brought many laughs while making a good point. Lorenzo deserves the title "original"- There is no one like Lorenzo.

Giaten Raspanti struck a chord with the young audience with his compositions and reminded me of Donavan in his style. Although it is likely that Giaten would have been too young to know who Donavan was, to me that comparison is a compliment to Gaiten's original talent and performance.

Drew GriffithsLorenzo MartinezGiaten Raspanti
Above from top:
Drew Griffiths.
Lorenzo Martinez.
Giaten Raspanti

Drew Griffiths is a well know Catholic artist who has produced popular CDs of exceptional quality in style, lyrics and spirituality. Drew was the star and led the final anthem engaging the whole audience in a good old Antioch number that was enthusiastically taken up by the youth. Currently Drew is on a music tour in Poland with Fr Irek Czech, a popular and well known composer and singer that featured on Flame's My Word the Message Album.
Perhaps this post on the CYM Forum sums the night up very well.

"What an awesome night in God!! The atmosphere, the music and the friendship was amazing.

To everyone who shared their talents both on and off stage, a big standing ovation to you all. I was very inspired and moved by the music and was so glad that I came. God's beauty reflected in every note. I look forward to seeing more of these events."

We are sure this debut event will be repeated again. There is a lot of unsung talent out there and this Goliath unplugged event will become a popular showcase in Perth. - Flame Ministries hope so.

Congratulations Catholic Youth Ministry - You have done it yet again. AWESOME NIGHT!

Visit the Catholic Youth Ministry
Archdiocese of Perth, Western Australia.

Another all original Flame Music album will be out by January 18 2007.

A FREE ENTRY CD Launch will be at the John XXIII College Auditorium from 7.30pm on Thursday January 18th and will begin the 17th Annual Flame Congress starting on the 19th to 21st.

This new album is bound to please the listener and the musician and it is written to inspire us to give glory to God. Each track is an original from FMM members that has been faithfully recorded and mixed in Patrick's studio - To find out more, pre-order or ask for update in formation, you can contact Patrick Carre at Rocket Productions by email: info(at)


Eddie Russell's new book on faith inspired raising of the dead.
"She drew faith from Eddie's book and the young woman came back to life."

A letter from the NZ (New Zealand) Catholic newspaper's reviewer Fr. John Rea said of It's Faith Jim, but not as we know it - "I've heard from a lady who had just read the chapter in which he describes raising the dead nun to life when she herself had to deal with someone who was apparently dead. She drew faith from Eddie's book and the young woman came back to life."

It's Faith Jim, but not as we know it by Eddie Russell FMI

What Fr. John Rea said in his NZ Catholic Review on August 13/26, 2006.

"The attention-grabbing title grabbed me more when I realised it derives from the original Star Trek TV series. The author immediately takes us boldly where no Catholic writer, as far as I know, has gone before by inviting us to see God's work of salvation written in the zodiac. What he writes has nothing to do with astrology or horoscopes. Readers can judge how valid his claim is that the way we are saved is depicted in the stars. ..."

It's Faith Jim, but not as we know it - Second Edition with New Cover Design.

It's Faith Jim, but not as we know it Second Edition

"It's Faith Jim, but not as we know it" has sold well in several countries where consignments sold out in a short time. Unfortunately, a problem with the glue binding the covers and pages caused some copies to fall apart after purchase. FMI replaced all known copies free and paid postage costs to customers. The bookbinding company admitted fault and agreed to reprint the balance of books as well as replace the faulty numbers reported. As a result, FMI Books decided to design a new cover, correct some minor punctuations, update NASA information that had come to hand since the first printing in 2005 and publish a second edition. "I am very pleased with the new look. I hope it will inspire more people to read it and also make up for the inconvenience to customers that might need to return the other." Eddie said.

Set My People on Fire Seminars Growing in the UK and OZ and now for the USA.

Listening intently to Derek Williams at a UK seminar.

Currently running in England and Australia there is no doubt that Flame's SMPOF seminars are becoming a major force of spiritual renewal as inquiries come from several countries. SMPOF is a Bible Teaching Seminar that introduces participants to an experiential knowledge of the Bible and life in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

SMPOF is far more advanced than the popular Life in the Spirit Seminars upon which the Alpha and Cafe video series are based. It is also a counter force against new age Gnosticism in the Church - By focussing on Scripture and the Catechism, it reaches the very heart of the Catholic experience of Christian spirituality and by doing so refutes the false teachings so prevalent in the Church today.

Caught up in worship at
a Perth WA seminar.

Certainly, the power of these teachings and the speakers have inspired a revival of the Word of God wherever they have been preached. In the USA, Uganda, Singapore, United Kingdom, Portugal, Indonesia, Malaysia and Mexico, people have experienced parts, if not all of this seminar, most especially The Blood Covenants series. Due to these subjects, the 5NF inspired by Scott Kaldahl began in Miami and have spread to Colorado Springs and Pittsburgh in the USA and Derek Williams in the UK is discovering a great hunger for the Word of God that these seminars satisfy.

While Eddie and David were in the USA during July/August, an interest for the full 15 week program was discussed by Scott Kaldahl with the idea of training FMI preacher/evangelists to present seminars throughout the USA as Derek does in the UK and Portugal. FMI are praying about spending several months, possibly a year, in the USA to establish SMPOF in Miami. Derek Williams has also been invited to other States to teach SMPOF.

To see the full program subjects
click here and return.

To contact Derek Williams FMI for UK and European programs click here
To contact FMI for Australian and International programs
click here

Sunday September 17 2006

Prayer News Cathedral Praise Meeting Report 

CPM Prayer Chain HIV and Hepatitis C viral levels undetectable

Thank you for your past prayers. My HIV and Hepatitis C viral levels were "undetectable" after recent tests. As you might remember I am now in my 5th month of a 12 month liver treatment involving weekly shots and daily oral meds. After only 3 months of treatment my Hepatitis C went to undetectable and I am NOT having any of the many serious, even life threatening side effects that other patients often get.

Rick Agcauili
Brooklyn, NY. USA.

CPM - Cathedral Praise Meeting
St. Mary's Cathedral Parish Centre, 450 Hay Street, Perth City every Thursday evening from 8pm.
Leader: Eddie Russell FMI.

Australian National Day of Thanksgiving
Pentecost 2006

The annual interdenominational Half Night of Worship and Prayer was held at the Auditorium, Perth Convention Centre, Perth City on Saturday 3 June 2006 from 6pm to Midnight.

A rich variety of music and worship ministries from various churches made the evening a cultural experience for the packed auditorium. Flame Music Ministry led a one hour segment of praise and worship followed by Kaye Rollings FMI who addressed the churches on the Catholic Church and prayer and reminding the congregations of the revival fire that is already in our midst. It was not until Kaye mentioned that FMM was a Catholic music ministry that people realized what they were experiencing. This announcement brought applause for a powerful praise segment. Not all the churches present

Praising with FMM

were Pentecostal or Charismatic, but all joined in with FMM demonstrating a real Pentecost enthusiasm. Clearly, Kaye's preaching and Flame's music surprised many that Catholics could be so Holy Spirit empowered.

St. Patrick's Basilica Fremantle WA. Flame Intercession Continues.

Regular prayer services continue at Fremantle with the aim of praying for the evangelisation of the city. Fr John has been faithful to continue even though most of his parishioners do not participate. But for those that do, the service is a great blessing. Petitionary prayer, adoration, rosary and charismatic praise give people a broad experience of Catholic prayer and worship. Kaye Rollings preaches a message that centers on the Mass of the day but focusses on salvation. The service ends with an altar call and ministry for healing that leads into the final Sunday evening Mass at which FMM play.

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