Flame Revival Mission News 2007 - 40th anniversary of the CCR Uganda Mission; lame walk, blind see, oppressed delivered and much more. New Flame seminar launched in the UK. The Gaddafi / Mugabe United States of Africa plot - Awesome God Congress photos - The Launch of the Freedom Album, and FMM floors ém at GOLIATH - Patrick plays the clown at a Perth school - Eddie and David nearly killed by a wild bull elephant in African bush - Eddie, David and Patrick for 5NF Miami and Pittsburgh in July - Derek, David and Eddie to speak at the New Dawn conference in UK - David to address COURAGE conference in Brisbane - Subscribe to these news pages for free - see below on how.
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"Prayer is the hope of the future; the expectation of all that is good; it is the joy of receiving in the time of asking; the joy of possessing before it arrives."

Eddie Russell FMI

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Posted July 2007

CCR 40th Anniversary Mission Uganda Pentecost 2007

Our God is an Awesome God 07 Congress Perth WA

Eddie, David, Fred and a wild Bull Elephant meet in African bush

The Freedom Album and FMM Mosh at GOLIATH

New Diocesan Coordinator for the CCR - Masaka Diocese, Uganda

The Gaddafi/Mugabe United States of Africa Plot

Uganda - Is it a dumping ground for 1st world trash

Eddie to teach Motivational Gifts at Archdiocesan Family Conference

The Jubilee Seminar launched in England at the HOD

SMPOF seminar reports - England and Australia


At a monastery high in the mountains, the monks have a rigid vow of silence. Only at Christmas, and only by one monk, and only with one sentence, is the vow allowed to be broken.

One Christmas, Brother Thomas is allowed to speak and he says, "I like the mashed potatoes we have with the Christmas turkey!" and he sits down. Silence ensues for 365 days.

The next Christmas, Brother Michael gets his turn, and he says "I think the mashed potatoes are lumpy and I hate them!" Once again, silence for 365 days.

The following Christmas, Brother Paul rises and says, "Crikey guys, I'm really fed up with this constant bickering!"

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CCR 40th Anniversary Mission Uganda Pentecost 2007

Perth evangelists, Eddie Russell and David Harp of Flame Ministries International returned to Perth on June 12 from a Gospel mission in Uganda that began on May 21.

Invited by Fred Mawanda on behalf Joseph Alumansi national coordinator of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Uganda and welcomed by the bishops, Eddie and David were the only speakers at conferences in Kampala, Masaka and Kasese dioceses to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal where 1000's were in attendance at each conference.

On the theme, "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him, but God has revealed it to us by his Spirit" (1 Corinthians 2:9) the subjects also spoke of the Blood Covenants and the seven stanzas of The Lord's Prayer as well as David Harp's healing from HIV/AIDS, homosexuality and drug addiction.

The conferences had a profound impact on the priests as well as the people who responded with faith. "I cannot tell you how much my faith has increased with David's testimony of healing; the theme of this conference 1 Corinthians 2:9 has become a reality." Teddy Muhumuza said.

Eddie preaches to around 2000 people on a mountain top at the conference in Kabulassoke, Masaka on Pentecost Sunday. In Perth WA the CCR conference prayed for their success.

Cotilda in Masaka wrote; "I arrived at Kabulassoke on Friday evening since I could not get away from work any earlier. The following day on the eve of Pentecost, I was translating for you, but that did not prevent the Lord from speaking to my life. I was especially blessed by your sharing about the second last part of the Lord's prayer; Lead us not into temptation. You shared with us about the anatomy of temptation and how to avoid it.

What keeps ringing back into my mind is; Stop trying to stop sinning. The statement was strange at first but as you shared your testimony, it became more clear to me. I was further set free to know that I'm not a sinner, perfecting the trade, but I'm the righteousness of God! I must say, that there are areas in my life where I had constantly failed to realize victory over temptation. Armed with these truths, since then I have seen success every time I stopped trying to stop sinning in the face of temptation.

My prayer is that God gives me the grace to apply my new found truths without tiring until it becomes part of me.
Thanks Eddie for sharing so openly with us. May The Lord bless you in multiples. - Greetings to all the brethren who generously gave to enable the two of you to come.
" Cotilda. Masaka, Uganda.
(Interpreting for Eddie above)

People traveled great distances to be at each conference, many by foot.
"The amazing thing is that people with children carrying belongings on their heads walked great distances and slept in the open air for the five day conferences. Even the sick and lame walked there, some carrying AIDS victims on stretchers who also slept in the open, even in the rain, and yet there were no complaints. In fact there was great joy throughout."
Eddie said.

A view from the mountain top where the
40th anniversary CCR conference was
held over the Pentecost weekend at Kabulassoke, Masaka.

David shares his story at Kabulassoke, Masaka.

Registration Desk at the Kasese Conference.

Cooking Food Ugandan Conference style.

Teaching on the Blood Covenants Eddie makes a point to an enthralled congregation in Kasese.

David and Julius demonstrate the ancient covenant ritual as Eddie explains from the podium.

A woman in the crowd weeps at the description of the crucifixion.

David preaches the final session at the conference in Kasese.

AIDS sufferers were carried to the conferences on stretchers. Here a husband prays for his AIDS suffering wife during a prayer session.

The faith of the children was inspiring.
Here little boys pray for each other during
a healing session

A little boy prays over his sick mother
at the conference in Kasese.

People at the conference in Kampala kneel in repentance. Many accepted Christ for the first time including those of other faiths.

Aloysius kneels as he is instituted as the new diocesan coordinator for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Masaka diocese,

There were several reports of blind people seeing. A case in point was in Masaka where Eddie and David prayed for a 12 year old blind girl.

Eddie held her cheeks and looked closely into her blind eyes that were pointing in different directions, "Do you believe that Jesus can heal you?" he asked. "Yes." she said in reply. "Then look at me. Look into my eyes!" he said repeatedly, and when her pupils finally came into line with his, he declared, "You can see! You can see me!" And then for the first time in her life, she could see.

John Bosco of the Holy Trinity Community in Masaka said later, "God spoke in my life when Eddie explained the Kingdom of God, that it is God's desire for me to live and experience his kingdom in this life. I took that word and made it my prayer every day.

I testify that I had some spiritual battles that weighed me down, but since I heard that word and called on the Kingdom to come there has been a great change. Plus the wonders I saw with eyes, the lame that walked, the girl that was blind and cured and other healings and I really felt that the Kingdom of God has come on earth."

The conference in Masaka was held atop a mountain in a makeshift open air structure, "It was like being at the Sermon on the Mount" David said. "I could just imagine what it was like in Jesus' day; people camped out for days in the open air just waiting for the Kingdom to be announced; it was a great privilege to be there." He said.

Throughout the conferences news of lame people walking, blind people seeing, dumb children speaking, the demon possessed set free and many other cures were, and are still being reported.

Witchcraft is a serious problem in Uganda and witch doctors wield great power over the people.

This was evident by the number of contorted demonized people that manifest during the preaching. As in Jesus' time, demons howled and screamed as if in torment as the preaching began. Undeterred by the disturbances, Eddie and David continued with their messages and the demons departed as they preached.

On one occasion as Eddie prayed with a crowd of people that had suddenly surrounded him, a man sitting upright on the ground behind him began screaming at him with eyes bulging and tongue flickering. Eddie turned around, waved his hand and quietly said, "Leave" which the demon did immediately leaving the man calm and at peace. This encouraged the people present and many repented from consulting witch doctors and their curses were broken.

Not using the tourist routines in Uganda revealed a different picture of its life and people. Eddie and David witnessed this first hand as they often went without showers and certainly hot water. Most often, the best was a bowl of cold water to bath in at the cold crack of dawn.

Without electric power they also preached at night using only a kerosene lamp to read their Bibles.

Sadly, Uganda sells off its electric power to Kenya and other neighbors at a lower cost than in Uganda making life difficult for everyone as businesses often close unless having a generator.

In Kasese, 6 Km from the Congo border, there was no mains power at all and the extremely sick that could not walk were housed in a building near the conference area to shelter them. The room was pitch black at night and Eddie and David moved around the room praying for the people with only a kerosene lamp in their hands.

"When I entered the hall I was stunned at how many people were lying on the dusty concrete floor, some on straw mats, but most on bits of rag. There were so many people in despair and pain, but we only had a short time to minister to them and I felt completely inadequate." Eddie said.

However, the people in the hall could hear the messages preached outside and when Eddie conducted an impromptu healing service on request later that night, many responded to what they heard and several reported a healing.

The next day, an elderly woman came forward to say that she was blind, but during that ministry time the previous night her sight returned. As she stood before the crowds at the end of Mass on the final day of the five-day conference she said, "So these are the men that have spoken to us all week. So this is what they look like!" And upon hearing this, the 1000 plus crowd stood, cheered and sang with joy.

"So these are the men that have spoken to us all week. So this is
what they look like!" - She came
blind and left with perfect eyesight.

One of the most moving moments was when Eddie and David were asked to pray with some orphans.

To their surprise, around 300 young children packed the church.

Eddie spoke to them about their heavenly Father and how, in spite of their losses, they could achieve excellence if they believed in what God had to say about them.

During this time Eddie and David realized that some of these children would not see adolescence due to HIV/AIDS that many suffered, and so Eddie led them in a prayer for healing and life.

Between a conference session in Kasese around 300 orphans packed the church so that Eddie and David could pray for them.

As the children sang a song to David and Eddie they were moved to tears and found it impossible to speak further. Instead, they went to the back of the church and prayed for every child as they left to go back to the Sister that looked after them. "You just cannot forget a thing like this. It will stay with me forever." David said.

This second mission to Uganda was a great success and now the bishops and priests want Flame Ministries to conduct the Set My People on Fire seminars in their dioceses as does the Charismatic Renewal who want to take it around Uganda.

The teachings given and the results of the Word of God have begun a hunger to know more about the Bible and its divine promises. "Wherever we have preached in the world, a growing hunger for the Word of God has followed, and demand for Set My People on Fire is increasing in the UK as well as the USA, so we really need to seek the Lord's wisdom on this as the USA have asked us to consider setting up FMI in Florida too." Eddie said.

As Eddie and David ponder their future in Uganda, they are now preparing for David to speak at the joint COURAGE and CCR Conference on AIDS and Same Sex Attractions in Brisbane from July 5th to 7th.

Later in July, Eddie Russell, David Harp and Patrick Carre go to St. Louis Catholic Church in Miami FL to conduct Flame's the 3rd Annual 5 Nights of Fire where they will also speak at the Florida Maximum Security State Prison by popular demand of the inmates and on to the 2nd Annual 5 Nights of Fire at the St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Rite Church in Pittsburgh PA.

From there they will speak at the Walsingham New Dawn National Conference in England along with FMI's UK evangelist Derek Williams.

Finally arriving home in Perth towards the middle of August they will begin their Set My People on Fire seminars for St. Anthony's parish in Greenmount from August 21 to December 2nd and then prepare for their 18th Annual Perth Congress in January 2008. "I hope many will come to St. Anthony's. It will be a great seminar series to end a fantastic year with." Eddie said.

On the weekend of October 5th to 7th, Eddie will speak at the Committee for Family and Life Archdiocesan Conference Perth WA on the Motivational Gifts within the Family.

To find out what missions and programs are coming up go to our
Missions Update Page.


New Diocesan Coordinator for the CCR - Masaka Diocese, Uganda.

Mukasa M.K.Aloysius was instituted as they new diocesan coordinator for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Masaka, Uganda on Pentecost Sunday 2007 at the 40th anniversary CCR conference.

Outgoing Fred Mawanda handed over the reigns at the conference after many years of service to concentrate fully on his full time appointment as the National Chairman of the CCR for Uganda.

Flame Ministries International extend our congratulations and prayers for both men in their service to the Church in Uganda. We also solicit the prayers and support of our readers.

In an email received on June 5, 2007, Aloysious said,

"I'm very glad to have this time to thank you for the great work done to my diocese Masaka. We want also thank Fred for all links to see it that you come to Masaka. I might say that Masaka Diocese we are yet to see heavens to come, because we have started to see what our ears have never heard, our eye have never seen, and our heart, mind and thoughts have never thought of.

We are very delighted for the mission you are doing in the whole world. Many people in the conference were attached and some points have been raised that this has to continue.

1) we are requesting to organize more programs with you next year.
2) we request to organize some formation training in Masaka Diocese.
3) we request to be part of your partner countries in Flame Ministries International.

I very much know that these are very big requests because they need money which is not in place. but I have that the moment you accept them God will power out His blessings to us.

On my behalf, I want to thank God for the time I was in the conference, I have never thought that the Prayer OUR FATHER has such a wonderful message and I want to testify that now I have a deep understanding of this prayer. When I mention any phrase and deeply in heart think of it, I really feel the presence of God.

In the meanwhile, we continue to thank you and your sponsors in this wonderful ministry. May the God Lord bless you in everything.

Mukasa M.K.Aloysius.
Masaka Coordinator."

OUR IMAGES OF UGANDA - Sadly all our photographs of amazing sunsets and sunrises, crocks, eagles and beautiful rare birds were lost, but our memories of Uganda were not. Here are a few photos I managed to retrieve. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did taking them.

Turning down a bush track at the Queen Elizabeth National Park near Kasese a huge Bull Elephant eating a tree threatened to kill
our car...

...This blurred photo was taken as we made a careful but hasty retreat in reverse gear along a very pot-holed mud track. We got away safely to tell the story.

(However, David still does not want to talk about it - I wonder why?)

So, this is why the papa elephant was so upset. We could see why he wanted to kill our little car so we couldn't blame him for that. But boy, it was a close shave...
... David's beard nearly fell out.

This wild Hippo popped over for a feed and blocked our doorway when we arrived home one night. - Needless to say we got to bed late that night, and carefully.

This is where the Hippo's are supposed to eat, but obviously, someone didn't tell them that we had moved into the area.

Not to be outdone by the Hippo, we found wild Boars grazing and sleeping outside our back door the next morning - We were also late for breakfast that day.

These little guys popped in for breakfast each day In fact, as soon as you finished a meal all his mates would come and polish off the left overs. I think this was the little birdie that told the Hippo
and the Boars.

Driving back to Masaka this guy decided to jump on the bonnet of our car. We did not open the window; he looked cute, but was very aggressive and looking for food and we did not want to be it. We Muzungu's don't taste too nice. But I don't think he cared too much about that - Boy, you just can't reason with Baboons!

This fine specimen of Lionhood just stopped on the road so I could take a photo and then calmly strolled off. That was very considerate of him I thought to myself before I realised I was not in a Zoo. I am just glad he didn't pop in for breakfast too, and was very glad that little birdie kept his beak shut on this one!

Well, this was a pleasant change. I don't think she wanted to eat us or trample our car to death though.

Water Buffalo doing what they do best - But, do Water Buffalo really eat Pelicans? - "Don't worry darling, just grab him - I'll keep a look out for the Muzungu with
the camera."

A very brave lone traveler on the road to Kasese. The Congo is just over those hills.

Photos (C) Eddie Russell

We wish to take this opportunity the thank all those generous people that donated around AUD$17,000.00 to make this mission possible. Fred Mawanda, the Ugandan CCR, the people, bishops and priests send their thanks to you all. - You are all Partners in Grace with us and you equally share in the rewards of this mission. May the Lord bless you abundantly for your selfless generosity.

Some personal comments and some not so pleasant observations.

Col. Gaddafi and his evangelisation of Africa

Uganda is a Christian country, mostly Catholic, and although economically poor, unlike much of Northern Africa, it is rich in vegetation. It was therefore disturbing to see that Colonel Gaddafi, now that sanctions have lifted has become a kind of evangelist for Islam and at his own expense, built an enormous Mosque in the center of Kampala that dominates the skyline.

We were told that Gaddafi tours Africa preaching Islam, attacking Christianity and offering poor youth money to convert. Apparently this is very successful and many accept his offers. However, many Muslims attended the conferences and received healing and accepted Jesus Christ.

The Gaddafi/Mugabe United States of Africa Plot.

TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and visiting Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe want African leaders to agree next month to unite Africa under one government to help it solve its own problems, state media said on Thursday.

The two men, both among the world's longest serving leaders, agreed in talks in Tripoli on Wednesday that the 53-nation African Union (AU) should be turned into an embryonic federal government at an AU heads of state summit in Ghana on July 1-2.

"They consulted on the upcoming African Union summit due to be held in Ghana, and in relation to this they emphasized the establishment of the African Union government," Libya's official Jana news agency said.

"This plan embodies the hopes and ambitions of the continent's people, and the only means for the continent's independence, political and economic freedom and progress and development," it added.

Gaddafi has long favored the establishment of a United States of Africa as a means of ridding the continent of 800 million people of what he calls Western colonialism. - June 4 2007 (C) Reuters.

Muammar Gaddafi - A quote.

"We have four million Muslims in Albania. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe – without swords, without guns, without conquests. The fifty million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades. Europe is in a predicament, and so is America. They should agree to become Islamic in the course of time, or else declare war on the Muslims."[23
] - Muammar al-Gaddafi


No one can doubt that Zimbabwe's Mugabe is a power-mad despot who lives on the fat of the land while his people starve to death at his expense. What then we wonder would the face of Africa look like if Gaddafi and Mugabe get what they want - Who would be the first president of the United States of Africa that would never get un-elected? - Well, I shudder to think.

On Sept. 1, 1969, 27-year-old Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi deposed the king and revolutionized the country, making it a pro-Arabic, anti-Western, Islamic republic with socialist leanings. It was also rabidly anti-Israeli. A notorious firebrand, Gaddafi aligned himself with dictators, such as Uganda's Idi Amin, and fostered anti-Western terrorism. (http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0107722.html)


Looking back at the verdant land and prolific wildlife one can see why Col. Gaddafi wants Uganda - All he has at home is oil and sand - I guess this part of Africa makes a nice veggie patch for him.

Uganda - Is it a dumping ground for 1st world trash.

Petrol in Uganda costs US $1.75+ per litre and not one car, bike or truck does not spew thick black smoke, often causing visibility and breathing problems. Talking to a Petroleum Engineer Eddie was told that it was not the bad cars that caused the pollution as he had thought but the low grade petrol. - Just think about that for a moment - If we paid that much even for top grade petrol we would be up in arms complaining about the cost.

Showing concern for the people, Eddie said it seemed the same with DDT. While there two years ago the Ugandan health department refuted findings that DDT was dangerous and encouraged its use as harmless. Recently the same department announced plans for its use in all homes and buildings. Commenting that this was irresponsible Eddie said, "It seems that Uganda is being used as a dumping ground for many things that endangered the health of the people and this really needs to be addressed."

It was always hard to see how most Ugandans lived and when hearing of such things just made it worse, but it made Eddie and David more determined to share the good news and offer hope. It did however raise the question that if the (Christian) west dumped trash it would be easy for poor Ugandans to accept good cash and deals from the likes of Gaddafi and the wealthy Chinese investors; investors that want to build multimillion dollar golf courses in the thick of the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

It seems that everyone except Christians (The West) see great value in Uganda.
In a news report on Ugandan television recently it mentioned that the Pakistan government has poured in aid and investment saying that its purpose was to also give Uganda a spiritual gift. Of course I have no objection to such aid or even investment, but did listen with concern regarding the 'spiritual gift' clause and wondered if this would include its infamous blasphemy laws.

Investment in Uganda - Where are you?
AllAfrica.com - The biggest number of investors in the country are Ugandans followed by those from the United Arab Emirates, India, Kenya, UK, Pakistan, Malaysia, China, Canada and Mauritius. "China, the Middle East, Iran, Israel and Pakistan are among the promising new sources of foreign direct investments," Kigozi said.

It seemed to me, that rather than sell off land that would no doubt increase in value once developed leaving it out of reach for all but wealthy Ugandans, it might be better to sell on a 99 Year Lease. At least that way Ugandans would still own the land as well as whatever was built on it if the leases were not renewed. - Foreign Investment seems to be the new-style colonization. -
United Arab Emirates: Muslim. India: Hindu. Kenya: Secular? UK: Secular. Pakistan: Muslim. Malaysia: Muslim. China: Communist. Canada: Secular Humanist. Mauritius: Secular? Iran: Muslim. Israel: Judaism. The Middle East: Muslim.

We were told that land sells at around US $800.00 per acre. If we had the money we would certainly invest. Maybe in a 10+ acre plot with a live-in Bible Retreat Center.

VATICAN CITY, JUNE 22, 2007 (Zenit.org).- Evangelization is the best service that Christians can offer to heal the wounds of society, says Benedict XVI. - "To establish a fully reconciled society it is necessary to begin with Christ, the only one able to definitively offer this grace to human beings," said the Holy Father. For this reason, the Pontiff added, "the work of evangelization is an urgent necessity." To achieve this goal, Benedict XVI underlined the importance of catechists and priests to "proclaim the word of God to their brothers and sisters."

and the Official Launch of THE FREEDOM ALBUM

This year we were blessed to have Derek Williams and Scott Kaldahl as our
keynote speakers along with Archbishop Hickey at the 17th annual Flame Congress
in Perth WA; it was a congress to remember.

FMI's UK evangelist, Derek Williams held the attention of the Congress with a brilliant presentation and insight into
the meaning of sacrifice and entering into the Holy of Holies
- The Fire of the Holy Spirit came down in power after Derek finished his presentation.

Scott Kaldahl calls for conversion -Everyone stood up to accept Christ either for the first time or as a fresh commitment. "The presence of God was awesome. For the first time in my life I realised just how close God is to us." A first time delegate was heard to say.

"It is normal for God's people to
be as bold as Lions!"

Derek Williams rejoices during a time of powerful praise at the Awesome God Congress in
Perth, WA.

Derek Williams prays for a sick child at the Congress while
her dad assists.

Archbishop Hickey spoke on "Jesus the New Moses" and connected the completion of the covenants in Jesus. - Here the Archbishop responds to an altar call for an empowering of
the Holy Spirit.

Vicar General, Fr Brian O’Loughlin presented Certificates of Completion to delegates for the 2006 Set My People on Fire Seminars at the Congress Mass
in January.

The launch of FMM's latest CD, The Freedom Album was presented to a packed house at the 17th Annual Flame Congress in January.

A large audience of different age groups packed the auditorium for
the official launch of The Freedom Album and everyone enjoyed
FMM's very professional performance with great sound, lighting
and video backdrop effects.

The album is an original work of Flame Music Ministry that
follows on the heals of My Word The Message that had received
a Papal Blessing from the late Pope John Paul II.


A Great Success!

FMM's segment at the CYM's 2nd GOLIATH event brought the
house down and slammed ém as the youth crowd-surfed and
moshed to the driving power of the Set My People on Fire track
on the newly released The Freedom Album.

GOLIATH is original contemporary Catholic music written and
performed by a variety of Perth artists. The inaugural performance
last year was a very successful acoustic unplugged event that wowed
the audience. This year it was a full on production that floored them.

Widely reported in the Catholic Record newspaper, committee
member and organizer Patrick Carre said that he looked forward
to GOLIATH becoming a more frequent event, perhaps two or three
a year to keep up the momentum. - There is some great talent in WA
and GOLIATH is a brilliant showcase of original music.

Goliath Photos Here / Flame Music Ministry's web site

At St. Mary's Cathedral Praise Meeting, Perth City WA.

Scott Kaldahl has been our host at the St. Louis Catholic Church in Pinecrest, Miami FL for the annual 5 Nights of Fire for the past three years and was accompanied on this visit by 16 year old Tony Arza; a remarkable young man that seems to have a future in the Lord - Just prior to Australia Tony had been on a mission to the northern war-torn area of Uganda.

Derek Williams is our full time evangelist and regional officer in the UK. Neither men had been to Australia before and so this was a special time in more ways than one that gave us an opportunity to return the blessing of hospitality. It was also a blessing to have FMI's UK music director, Liz Gonzalez who was particularly keen to spend time with FMM and experience their ministry.

Both Derek and Scott shared a message at the meeting that moved the people to tears during a time of prayer ministry for healing and blessing. Not one person refused prayer and the healing presence of the Holy Spirit was a beautiful experience. See photos below >

(Pic1) Scott Kaldahl and Tony Arza comfort an elderly man during a time of healing ministry at the St. Mary's Cathedral Parish Praise Meeting - One Night of Fire. (Pic 2) Mother and daughter hug after receiving prayer; it was a special time of reconciliation for several people after Derek and Liz had prayed. (Pic 3) Tony and Scott pray for Maria as David assists as a catcher.

Senior Directors, Eddie Russell and David Harp pray over Derek Williams and Liz Gonzalez. After knowing Derek since 1991, this was the time he had been to Australia.

A special time of anointing
Derek and Liz were welcomed to Perth at Flame's monthly Ministry Day in January that was set aside to greet them and for planning the final details of the congress. It gave them and Perth members time to get to know each other and pray together before the congress began. It was a very hot 40+ degrees Celsius but for Derek it was heaven after the cold English winter.

Derek's ministry in the UK is fully booked until the end of 2008 with the Set My People on Fire seminars becoming very much in demand.

SMPOF UK; Set My People on Fire is fast becoming a hot topic in England. Derek is booked until 2008 with more requests coming in from parishes.

SMPOF FOR ANGLICAN CHURCH IN GOSBERTON; "The local vicar is very, very excited about FMI and has asked if I would run SMPOF with outreach to all the local towns and villages - Gosberton, Quadring, Spalding, Donington, Boston, Grantham, to name but a few. He has asked if it can be ran as an ecumenical event and as we have a lot of lapsed Catholics in these villages I wonder if this is providential. To prepare for SMPOF he wants to run a monthly revival meeting and to get a team of people to deliver leaflets door to door and do personal invitations. Some people around here live very isolated lives so this would be very good for them. There is also the option of having a fellowship meal before the seminar begins each week." - Derek said.

A LETTER FROM MANCHESTER; "The turnout at St. Paul's in Manchester was far better than any of us expected at around 45. In fact when you exclude the Birmingham people about 90% of the rest came even without a reminder! We started with prayer and praise then Fr John passed round a summary of the comments he had received. Everyone was enthusiastic and it was agreed that we would carry on meeting each week as a charismatic prayer group, sometimes in church and sometimes in the hall. He also got a core group of volunteers to help plan it. There is a sense of excitement that something really good is starting to happen." - Marie Langford, St. Paul's, Manchester. UK.

NEW SEMINAR; Derek William's new program THE JUBILEE YEAR was launched at the House of the Open Door Community in Childswickham, Worcester on June 29 and conducted over 3 days to July1. Taking a well earned sabbatical rest from running Radio Peace Miami and his full time duties in his parish, Scott Kaldahl flew from Miami to the UK to be a part of it. His only problem seems to be the cold English summer and for a Floridan from tropical Miami that is not easy. We will give you more updates on this seminar in the next newsletter.

SMPOF IN CLARKSON PARISH, PERTH WA; Invited by parish priest, Fr. Philip Perreau, Flame Ministries conducted the Set My People on Fire seminars as a parish mission to celebrate the opening of their new church. Clarkson is coastal suburb north of Perth and is largely populated by retirees. Accordingly, attendance from the parish community was not huge but it was a great seminar with people from other areas attending. Fr. Perreau was very happy with the quality of teaching and the positive influence on the people. - The parish has begun a weekly prayer meeting.

ST. THOMAS THE APOSTLE PARISH, CLAREMONT, PERTH, WA - A SECOND PARISH MISSION; Our first SMPOF mission for the St. Thomas the Apostle parish in Claremont WA was at the invitation of the then parish priest, Vicar General, Fr Brian O’Loughlin in the latter half of 2004 as a parish evangelisation program. The fruit from that seminar showed with a second invitation in early 2007 by request of several parishioners and the approval of Fr. Brian in preparation for incoming parish priest Fr Charles Waddell.

New parish priest Fr. Charles Waddell welcomed SMPOF as a good way to unify the parish as he settled into his duties. The seminar was well attended by delegates from various areas of Perth as well as many local parishioners. The impact of SMPOF was such that Fr. Waddell has recently indicated that FMI might consider setting up a base in the parish; Fr. Waddell is enthusiastic about evangelisation and sees FMI's presence in his parish as a positive influence for its success.

It was from the delegates of this seminar as well as members our praise meeting at the St. Mary's Cathedral parish in the city of Perth that provided all $17,000.00 budget for our Pentecost mission in Uganda.

The foolishness of the cross...

Lenten Outreach at St. Brigid's Catholic School.
A team made up from the Flame Music Ministry and FMI senior director, David Harp, accepted an invitation from St. Brigid's School in Middle Swan to do a Lenten journey presentation for the year 1 to 3 and years 4 to 7 students.

The day focused on their relationship with Jesus and how he calls us into new life. Part of the presentation seen here in the photos, shows Jesus suffering for Bernadette who has been controlled and oppressed by the world system played by Damien. Bernie's friends and neighbors played by Millar and Ana demonstrated the shallow care people have when we suffer from a bully; suddenly, they are just too busy to get involved and help.

... and the joy of the Resurrection.

Patrick presented Jesus in the guise of a clown because that is how the world often views Christ and his followers. But in the end the foolish one proves to be the wisest and strongest of all. In the photos, Jesus dances with Bernadette at the victory of the resurrection and in her salvation; Christianity might look foolish and weak to the world, but in fact it is the wisdom of God and all powerful and Christ's followers will indeed inherit the earth.

The children were impressed, got the message and had a really good day. School RE director, Mike Sibbald was very happy with the strong story, the professional presentation and the delight in the eyes of the children.

Powerful Intercessory Prayer Seminars draw a good crowd in Perth.

Kaye teaches for her Bible at a conference in Birmingham, England.

Thursday February 8th began a very powerful Intercessory Prayer Seminar presented by Kaye Rollings FMI that was conducted over five weekly sessions at the St. Mary's Cathedral Praise Meeting in Perth WA.

Attended by around 80 people from various parishes and charismatic prayer groups, the teachings were so rich, vibrant and inspired that Kaye extended the seminar one extra week to give the subjects a fuller consideration. This was welcomed by CPM leader Eddie Russell FMI as well as the delegates who enjoyed Kaye's teachings like hungry men getting a 5 Star meal.

Kaye is not a woman of words only and it is her burn to get people praying. This seminar was no exception as Kaye called delegates to intercede for various situations, not the least of which was regarding the escalating violence on Perth's streets. Everyone involved themselves with passion and the prophetic word was also prevalent leading the people into deeper prayer. This Intercessory Prayer Seminar was a blessing for everyone that attended and we are looking at more for the future.

Eddie Russell speaks at the Disciples of Jesus Community Day in Perth.
Invited by the Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community's leader, Mr. Reg Firth, Eddie spoke to the community about their place in the plan of God.

The concept of being righteous escapes most Christians who think it is the same as holiness. Eddie explained the difference and spoke about their true standing and dignity in the mind of God. The community appreciated Eddie's presentation and spoke of a return visit. It is rare that covenant communities to invite speakers that are not community people, but leader Reg Firth, sees great value in sharing our common gifts of the Spirit and has called on Eddie to hold workshops at their Summer Schools in the past that was met with enthusiastic attendance at his workshops.

Eddie Russell invited to hold a workshop on The Motivational Gifts at the Committee For Family and For Life Archdiocesan Conference in Perth WA.

The Motivational Gifts is a session in the Set My People on Fire seminars that has blessed many people with an understanding of their

fundamental God given gift of motivation for life; it is what makes us what we are. Eddie says he believes that Christ as the cornerstone of our lives makes sense of our daily life giving it meaning especially in the midst of struggles. Each person is created in the image of God and yet there are unique differences that make us who we are in our basic motivations. These vary and without understanding can cause confusion and tensions especially in the family.

At this conference Eddie will speak about the Motivational Gifts recorded in St. Paul's teachings that explain why and how we are different and motivated towards different things and yet form one body and one family.

The workshops will explain these gifts and assist delegates to discern their own motivational gift and that of other family members. In doing so it will give insight and understanding that will bring harmony in our relationships.

"When we understand what motivates us at the deepest level of our personality it will bring peace, not only for ourselves but in the family; each person fitting where they blossom most." Eddie says. To be fully Christlike we must become fully human. These sessions will reveal what that means for you and how it applies to family and life in general.


THE DOYLES - Karen and Jonathan the founding Directors of CHOICEZ MEDIA, an Australian based organization that specializes in Values Based Sex Education seminars and resources for parents, teachers and students. Karen and Jonathan are sought after speakers on issues relating to leadership, sexuality and relationships and the impact of pornography.

THE PIROLAS - Byron (BSc Hons, PhD) and Francine (BSc Hons, MA) Pirola have been married for seventeen years and have five children. They have worked in the area of marriage enrichment for over twelve years and in natural family planning for ten years. They are the co-authors and the Australian founders of Celebrate Love (a marriage enrichment program) Francine is an accredited family life educator.

# Motivational Gifts in the Family Eddie Russell
# Ideas for Busy Parents Bruce Robinson
# Communication in the Family Ean James
# Drug Awareness: Safe Passages Silvana Martinez
# Involving Family in Liturgy Carmel Suart
# Teaching Sexuality Karen & Jonathan Doyle


The Celebrate Life, Family Journey Weekend is dependent on many people giving their time, not only in planning for the event but helping on the weekend. We are fortunate in having representatives from the Catholic Education Office, Council of Priests, Edmund Rice Centre, Bethel Community, Disciples of Jesus, Catholic Impact Ministry, Flame Ministries, Pregnancy Assistance, Focolare Movement, Loving for Life, Emmanuel Centre, Sudanese Catholic Community, Catholic Youth Ministry, Marriage and Family Education and Catholic Women’s League, on our steering committee.

We are very grateful to Our Lady of the Apostles Parish, Riverton for hosting the Conference and providing us with excellent facilities and parish expertise. Already some small money donations have been received. However as air fares are needed for our two guest speakers we would appreciate further donations. We are also looking for people who will assist in Publicity, help to set up displays, act as Parking attendants, billet people from the country, donate food and drink, help with a young children’s crèche, act as First Aid attendants and transport people.

For further information about how you can help or donate money for the Celebration Weekend please contact Barbara Harris (+61 8) 9328 8113 or Email:
CFFFL for more information.


David Harp will be a keynote speaker accompanied by Eddie Russell at the Brisbane Courage and the National Catholic Charismatic Renewal Conference in Brisbane QLD.

"Fire is a common theme of the Conference ("Let The Fire Fall") and of the ministry that a couple of our presenters speak out of Flame Ministries International. We pray again with Brisbane Archbishop, John Bathersby, that this conference will be one of a powerhouse of prayer. We know in the renewal how prayer can lead to the igniting of our inner lives, strengthening us to be undefeated by the stressful and demoralizing influences of the world."
-Brendan Scarce -

Brisbane Courage is presenting 4 workshops 6th -7th July:
Session 1 (Fri am) "Experience of Same-Sex Stories"
Session 2 (Fri afternoon) "Causes of Homosexuality"
Session 3 (Sat am) "Church's Teaching"
Session 4 (Sat afternoon) "Family Issues; Testimonies of Brotherhood and Support"


If you live in the USA, England or Australia and you want to attend a Flame event, go to our Missions Page for details on the 3rd Annual 5 Nights of Fire in Miami FL. 5 Nights of Fire in Pittsburgh PA. The New Dawn Conference in England. The Joint COURAGE conference in Brisbane, QLD Australia. Set My People on Fire seminars in England and Australia, Prayer Meetings in Perth WA and various other conferences and seminars.
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