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Faith by Eddie Russell FMI - Awesome.
"The Universe and Catholic Times newspapers UK have asked me to nominate my book of the year for their Christmas editions. I've nominated It's Faith Jim, But not as
we know it."


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Posted December 2007

5NF - Murderer and gay prostitute - His story

5NF Miami Full Report

Byzantine Church on Fire in Pittsburgh

Jana freed from cult abuse - 5NF Miami

The Year of Jubilee Launched in UK

East / West One Church - Pope

SMOF UK / OZ Testimonies

Cross Streams and David at New Dawn

David Harp and COURAGE in Brisbane

Jim - Butch - Murphy for CPM

Flame Music Ministry to perform at WYD

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Flame Revival News 2007: BREAKING NEWS: Flame Music Ministry to perform The Freedom Album at World Youth Day in Sydney / It's Faith Jim nominated for Book of the Year in UK / Ban Tazers or reduce the voltage; They Kill / Prison inmates in Miami give Patrick Carre a standing ovation for The Freedom Song / Murderer Danny Costello tells his story / 5NF in Miami continues to get great results / 5NF in Ukrainian Rite Catholic Church Pittsburgh was an eventful experience / David Harp at the New Dawn Conference youth streams in England / Eddie and David at Queensland CCR Conference - David addresses COURAGE on problems of same sex attraction / Eddie and David's meeting with Brisbane Bishops inspiring / Greenmount SMPOF; Parish Priest impressed / Damien Doherty FMI marries Bernadette Forrester / Flame's Cathedral Praise Meeting NOW OPEN / FMI begin weekly Sunday Night Charismatic Praise Service and Mass / 2008 Flame Congress in January called ARISE, A Trumpet Call to a Joshua Generation will release name of a New Generation / Derek Williams launched The Jubilee Seminars at the Open Door Community in the UK / Derek Williams begins SMPOF in gun and gang crime parish area in UK, parish priest prays for conversions through Flame outreaches / WA; Eco Dune Concern, Save North Sawnbourne Beach from Marina and Residential Development / Subscribe to these news pages for free - See below on how.

Eddie Russell FMI
Editor: Eddie Russell FMI

Welcome to our new subscribers and to our new look news page. Yes, we are sporting a new revival news logo and a new look page and I hope you like it. Even better, I hope you like my new look too :)

I had not intended to grow a beard after 20 years with a smooth chin. It all began because I was so ill after returning from Uganda, that what I thought was
Malaria turned out to be the severest cold I have ever had. I was so sick that I couldn't be bothered to shave and did not leave the house

other than to go to the doctor until David and me left for Queensland two weeks later. Even then I took a risk of damaging totally blocked ears, but thankfully they cleared up when we arrived in Brisbane - Sunny Queensland... Ahh... it must be the warmer winter weather.

Receiving so many good remarks and being told I look like Sean Connery and a few other prominent gentlemen of fame and handsome repute, I think the beard will stay for a while. That original Panama Jack hat however was a gift from Fr. Ivan's wife Maria in Pittsburgh. It looked so good and got so many compliments I have hardly taken it off except to sleep and shower ;)

We wish you all a truly Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year.
May God bless you and your families in this special Holy Season.

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We invite you to the 18th Annual Flame Congress
ARISE - A Trumpet Call for a Joshua Generation JANUARY 17 to 21 2008

This ABOVE poster link contains an in-depth vision for the Arise Congress. Go there now and be inspired.



Joshua, Son of Nun, took up the mantle of leadership of the Israelites at time of Moses death. Joshua was a strong and courageous young leader who led God's people fearlessly into the Promised Land. - "Now Joshua son of Nun was full of the spirit of wisdom, for Moses had laid his hands on him. So the people of Israel obeyed him and did everything just as the LORD had commanded Moses." Deuteronomy 34:9.

Revealing a new generation; the vision - Look up, the fields are white, ready for the harvest - Prepare for the coming revival - Born again of the Word - Arise, the glory of the Lord is upon you - We are more than conquerors - A trumpet-call to a Joshua Generation - Be strong and of good courage - Behold, I make all things new - Coming back to the heart of worship - Inheriting the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory - Running for the Crown, receiving your glory. Also, consider this - Is time running out, is light slowing down, and what would that mean for you right now if time did run out and light stopped? ARISE will address that scientific probability in the light of the Gospel.

We have the X Generation. We have the Y Generation - But what next? Be ready - The answer is coming and it will be the most exciting thing you have heard yet! It is radical. It is bold. It is revolutionary. It is visionary. It is electric. It is Holy Spirit inspired - But will you have the will and will you have the courage to be part of a bold new generation of movers and shakers? We invite you to ARISE 2008.


WORLD YOUTH DAY, Sydney, DEC. 20, 2007
Flame Music Ministry to perform at WYD in Sydney.

Letter of approval - World Youth Day 2008 Youth Festival.

Congratulations! Your submission to present at WYD08 Youth Festival has been approved by WYD08 Directors and the Pontifical Council for the Laity (PCL).

270 applications have been approved from a field of nearly 600 unique applications.

The approved applications create an exciting Festival program featuring Outdoor Concerts and Performing Arts, Forums and Conversations, Workshops and Debate, Spiritual Centres of Prayer and Mission, Visual Art Exhibitions and Film Screenings.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and encourage you to be part of this exciting moment in the Church’s history.

Yours sincerely
Claire Atkins
Youth Festival Planner

THE FREEDOM ALBUM - Flame Music Ministry


1 - You are the Light
2 -
3 -
4 - Above All Things
5 - I Long to See Your Face
6 - You Broke the Chains

7 - Adore
8 - It's Your Face
9 - This Love
10 - Bread from Heaven
11 - Set My People on Fire
12 - The Freedom Song


5 Nights of Fire in Miami Florida USA.
NOW IN IT'S 3RD YEAR, 5NF at the St. Louis Catholic Church in Pinecrest Miami continues to bless the many people that attend five nights of praise and preaching. In a recent mail, Laura Manzanero said, "Your ministry is awesome. I felt the Holy Spirit fill my soul and his love showered on me like never before. I am now reading your book and it's awesome. Thank you! " If you read the testimonies from 2006 you will see this is typical of the blessings received at 5NF.

THIS YEAR were were able to take Patrick with us whose music from The Freedom Album put a special highlight on the praise time before the message. Patrick had been with Eddie when they first went to Miami after a mission in Mexico in 2002 where Eddie prophesied on Claravision TV in Mexico City to around 25 million people about revival in the USA, Canada and Alaska. It was on that first visit to Miami that Scott Kaldahl's prayer group experienced the Baptism of Fire that began the annual 5 Night of Fire on his inspiration.

Patrick Carre sing The Freedom Song at Five Nights of Fire, Miami, FL

A life-changing experience for prison inmates and Patrick Carre.
What particularly impressed Patrick was not only the growth of 5NF itself, but the impact we had on the inmates at the Everglades Maximum Security Corrections Centre that had inspired Flame's annual congresses over the past two years.

The highlight for Patrick was the standing ovation he received for his Freedom Song. "It is strange that someone like me from the other side of the world would play a Blues song about a freedom train to the people that invented the Blues." Patrick told them - Patrick's Freedom Album was inspired by what he had heard about the prison and the effects our visits had on the inmates, many on death row and serving life sentences. Now meeting them for the first time and spending time sharing a meal, the whole experience moved Patrick to tears.

Patrick was in heaven when the prison music ministry (many had been professionals), invited him to join them. He was especially rocked to his boots when an amazing Blues harmonica player joined Patrick for the Freedom Song; it was a blend of originality and authenticity and Patrick was fully in his artistic element.

The message for this USA mission was Jubilee Freedom; Setting Prisoners Free.

EDDIE had particularly wondered how to preach a message that Jesus sets prisoners free when they visited the Everglades maximum security prison once more. However, any doubts were allayed when testimonies from prisoners were shared after their visit the previous 2 years; God had been majestic in his compassion and grace towards the least deserving of humanity and many prisoners gave their lives to Christ.

ONE SUCH TESTIMONY was life prisoner, Danny Costello, a murderer, dug addict, gay prostitute and former Drag Queen who has now become as he says, "a living preacher of God's Word."


Danny and Friend 1993
April 1993 - Danny Costello
(Right) with his friend who died of AIDS.

DANNY'S MOTHER tried to kill him at birth because she wanted a girl. Danny survived but lived a life of beatings. "My mother would spit in my face and tell me she was not my mother and would ask me why I didn't just run away and die." Danny said.

At 8 years of age Danny began drinking and smoking tobacco and marijuana. He began running away from home and hanging out with a bad crowd and began drinking heavily, "I wanted to go to school, but my mom would not let me go. I wanted help. The courts put me in halfway houses that cared only about the cheques they received to spend the money on themselves" Danny laments.

Young Danny began to feel that no one cared, "If my own mother couldn't love me then nobody could " he said. He ran away from home and learned how to rob petrol stations as well as breaking and entering. He hung out with "wine-head bums" sleeping in boxes besides railway tracks begging to get change for "a fifth of Mad Dog Wine." He sometimes begged for food and ate from trash cans and was in and out of Juvenile detention.

On one occasion while standing in a homeless soup line, Danny met a homosexual man and allowed him to take him to bed. "It seemed like that's all anyone ever wanted from me," Danny said. "I'd be asleep at night by the tracks and an old bum would be trying to get into my pants. I hit one in the eye one time!" he recounts.

Later Danny spent three months in jail for breaking and entering. Upon returning home Danny's friends enticed him into selling himself for money - "They took me to a gay bar and told me I didn't have to steal for money, 'Oh yeah, what we gonna do, rob the fags?' - 'No, no, they will pay us for sex,' they said. 'Your crazy' I told them, 'and I'm not a fag'. - 'Man' they said, 'We all do it, everyone on the block does it.' " Danny said.

After this, Danny says that he got right into it and began on hard drugs too. He thought he had found "something" because these people seemed to love him. Now Danny had money and new clothes but says he was not happy. He slept on bus benches, people's porches, in cars and even graveyards, "People were scared to bother me there." He said.

Shortly afterwards, Danny went says to jail for setting a house on fire. He then began to hate and hurt people and hung around with gangs, "Robbing whoever - it didn't matter anymore."

On New Year's Eve 1978, Danny met a girl - "I saw this girl that was so beautiful she was angel. I winked my eye at her and boy, I felt like a million dollar man."

The day Danny died. Danny had never been with a girl before but said he had kissed many of them. Danny says there was a kid at the Mall living with a gay man until he was 18, so after the movie they all went back to the homosexual man's house - "The girl put so much PCP in my drink it would have killed a grown horse. I lay in that man's house for 3 days, out cold and stiff as wood." Danny said.

Danny says that a woman working downstairs finally found him and called his mother and sister. Upon arrival his sister called 911 emergency. He was taken to Intensive Care. His heart had stopped beating and the doctors said there was no hope for him. His father came to see him, and while praying for Danny wept bitterly - "My daddy was praying and crying and God's almighty hand was upon me because my heart began to beat again. The doctors said it couldn't be, I was supposed to be dead!"

Danny was in a coma and sent to another hospital, and later to a mental hospital for 3 months because they were not sure he had not tried to kill himself. During this time, Danny thought the gay man had done this to him but discovered that it was the girl. He never saw here again and has always wondered why she did it.

Danny did not stop taking drugs and was later told by his mother that she did not want to see him ever again, and so since 1979, Danny has not seen his 10 year old sister or brother alive and seen no other member of his family either. Shortly afterwards, at age 16, Danny was sent to jail where he was raped by two older inmates and says that the police did nothing about it.

Danny says that during this time in jail his heart became cold, but had heard of Jesus during 1980. He says it was great but did not last long and he fell away, "Prison was bad in those days. You had fights and carried a homemade knife all the time wherever you went. Prison life made you harder," he said, "No love, can't trust anybody. Everybody is trying to be bad and tough, when inside a little boy is crying for love and help."

Inmates walk the line

Danny finally got out of prison in November 1983 without a penny in his pocket and nowhere to go and made his way hitchhiking to Miami. At age 20 now, he could legally enter bars and clubs and because he had nowhere to go and could not locate his family he went back to his old hangouts at the gay strip bars.

Danny got a regular job and began living with a gay man 13 years his senior but kept fighting with him. He says that although there were many pretty girls at his workplace he did not let on that he was gay because he was ashamed - "I wanted a wife and kids of my own so I could give them the love I never had." Danny says he was fired because he fought with a waiter for cheating him out of tips. Shortly afterwards Danny left his gay lover because he was slapped around for kissing a girl.

Everglades Correctional Institute, Dade County, Florida USA.
Everglades Correctional Institute, Dade County, Florida USA.

The crime that finally got Danny Costello life in prison - "I just snapped."
Danny then went back to his hateful life of cocaine, pills, pot, drinking and selling his body and this led him to the fateful day when he had finally lost all hope for a normal future. Danny was picked up by a man and went home with him and began a drug and alcohol binge that ended in a tragedy for both.

"I wanted help so bad and was tired of my life and wished I could die. I asked God to let me die so I wouldn't suffer so much and I ended up being picked up by a man, and we were doing heavy cocaine and drinking. He took me home and I kept looking at myself in the mirror. I was higher than ever and tired of having to sell my body in order to survive. I just snapped. I kept on hitting that man until I beat him to death. It was like I had sold My soul to the Devil."

Danny was sentenced to life in prison with little chance of parole (We are not sure if Danny was on death row). He spent many years in various maximum security prisons, and although Danny never forgot his brief encounter with Jesus in 1980, Danny continued to sell his body because it was the only life he knew; he had no one to send him money to buy things in prison and this was the only way he could survive. Danny said the he watched other prisoners die from AIDS and wondered when it would be his turn.

Danny Costello Today
June 2006 - Danny Costello today at Everglades - Danny now preaches God's love to other inmates.

During this time Danny prayed for God to teach him about His Word and to understand it. "I was transferred to Everglades CI and met the chaplain there who showed me a Godly love that nobody had ever shown me before. This man and his wife became special spiritual parents to me." Danny says.

Danny recounts that at first he just went to the chapel to eat Chinese and Spanish food. "People would ask me why I came and I was honest with them about coming for the food. Then one day, I finally ate the spiritual food and my life was transformed."

Danny eventually registered for a Life in The Spirit Seminar and his transformation began. "It is a 3 day fellowship where brothers and sisters from the outside came into prison to share talks of what their life was like before meeting Christ as their Lord and Savior. They were loving people who did not see the wall I had put up around me that

only God could have revealed to them - Their Godly love won me over to the Lord." Danny goes on to say. "I have submitted to God 100% and still stand by the power and grace of God's Holy Spirit. I quit smoking, doing drugs, having sex with men - I gave it all back to Satan because Jesus didn't want it." He said.

As much as Danny's life has changed, he like all of us suffer temptations that attempt to drag us back to our old lives. "Do I have problems? Yes, and I get tempted daily. That's the way it is to be a Christian - We must endure the difficulties in order to grow stronger."

Danny holds on to his faith in Jesus and draws on the grace God has given him saying, "I learn daily from the Holy Spirit because Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to lead and teach us all the truth. I know that I can do all things through Christ Jesus because my life is not just mine now - it is his!"

Danny says that he is grateful that the Lord did not let him die in his sins and go to Hell - "He took a foolish thing like me and made me into something! So now it matters not if I am inside or outside prison - I will will preach the truth of Jesus Christ, for I am truly free within myself - Jesus Christ set me free and forever I will always be grateful to him." Danny says.

Danny has now been to many camps giving his testimony and preaching Christ. He says that he has seen how God delivers people from bondage and gives him all the glory for his love and power to heal and set free - "I am nothing without Christ and I will give honor and glory with praise to God the Father and Jesus Christ who makes us one through the Holy Spirit. Amen." Danny says in conclusion.

(Does Danny Costello exhibit the characteristics of the Joshua Generation?)

Danny Costello is only one story of salvation that we heard at Everglades CI.

DAVID AND EDDIE have received mail from inmates telling of how much their visits have changed their lives. The inmates are always impressed with David's testimony because, as with Danny Costello, they can identify with it and it has changed the lives of several men.

At the end of the day during our last visit, Danny made his way through a crowd of over 100 men at the service to tell us what our visits have meant to him and he gave David the biggest hug of gratitude you can ever imagine - David's testimony especially, has given real hope to many hopeless and lost men who will never see life outside a jail again.

It is impossible to describe the joy of around 150 prisoners as they realised that their witness and incarcerated lives; lives that society has abandoned, have reached the ends of the earth all the way to Perth, Western Australia, the most isolated capital city in the world, and there inspired and blessed so may strangers in a strange country. God truly does set prisoners free! - Danny Costello especially, along with other inmates at Everglades CI with similar stories, are a great inspiration to us and we look forward to seeing them all again soon.

The Everglades Prison Ministry is an outreach of the St. Louis Catholic Parish and forms part of 5NF.
It is headed up by Deacon Alex Lam and his wife Colleen along with teams from the Chinese Charismatic prayer group and this report is to Rev Lam's credit.

DEACON ALEX LAM is the Chaplain at the Everglades Maximum Security Institution located in Dade County Miami and it is on the invitation of Deacon Lam that Eddie and David, and now Patrick, have had the honor of ministering to inmates like Danny Costello. As a result, a great friendship and love has grown between the inmates and Flame Ministries over the past 3 years that has inspired our Flame Congresses - The Compassion of Christ and Our God is an Awesome God, and now last but not least - The Freedom Album.

Flame Music Ministry's web site

5NF MIAMI - A Testimony to the Fire of God's Healing Love.

In addition to the five night evangelisation program, 5NF also has an intensive healing prayer service held on the Thursday afternoon at the Morning Star Retreat Centre adjacent to the parish grounds.

Touched by the healing power of the Holy Spirit at 5NF Miami.
The healing power of prayer touches a young woman at 5NF.

THIS allows Eddie and David to spend quality time to focus entirely on God's healing love with those suffering various illnesses that the evening sessions cannot accommodate sufficiently if needed.

Even though the evenings can go as late as midnight, the crowd needs do not allow for any in-depth time with sufferers even though, power prayer, if I may put it that way, does not need length of time because God can heal in an instant as many testimonies on these news pages have reported; the Word of God being active and sharper than any sword is sufficient when accepted, and often people receive healing and salvation immediately during the preaching

alone. Never the less, the day of healing gives sufferers a sense of God's concern by setting time aside especially for their particular needs. Often, this time of healing has amazing results for many as a letter to Eddie and David expressed recently.

We have changed the name of the writer for this publication and will call her Jana.

"When you prayed for me at St. Louis, the Lord began a healing process that still continues; many levels of emotional and physical healing have happened."

In her hand written letter, Jana begins, "When you prayed for me at St. Louis, the Lord began a healing process that still continues; many levels of emotional and physical healing have happened. I was addicted to pain medication because of a chronic pain problem and the Lord has helped me to cut back on the medication. This began immediately."

JANA still needs a complete recovery from the serious neck injury when falling from a horse, but says that the addiction to pain killing drugs has stopped and physical healing has begun. Jana continued to tell of spiritual healing from a haunting of her deceased husband, "The Lord revealed that my deceased husband was still with me and holding me back. He (Jesus) released me and helped me to release my husband to him." Jana wrote.

Suffering horrendous sexual, emotional and physical abuse since childhood, Jana recounts how Jesus began to work forgiveness in her heart - "I have also been released from the anger I had at the people who abused me in childhood. This has freed me mightily and can now begin to let go of all those people in the cult who hurt me as well as my father who killed my baby sister."

Altar Call at Five Nights of Fire Miami FL
People crowd to the front of the sanctuary
during an altra-call for healing and salvation
at St. Louis 5NF Miami.

Jana also writes of her gratitude for Jesus healing her relationship with her son, and although she says this might take some time, the process has begun and asks for prayers for his complete salvation.

In her letter, Jana speaks at length of the emotional healing that has taken place and says, "The emotional healing has enabled me to reach out to people and connect on a human level which I was totally unable to do before - I had many walls built by fear and past pain, but now I now am beginning to receive some love and to give some love and have been able to ask for help which I was totally unable to do before. Most importantly, I am beginning to feel loved by God!" She said.

"I know now that Jesus loves and accepts me as I am. I had no love in my life growing up and the abusive patterns continued into adulthood until Jesus touched me through you and your ministry, and I now look forward to you returning to Miami." Jana concluded.

DANNY Costello and Jana's compelling stories might not seem common in their degree of lifelong agony, but in reality, they are not isolated from the loneliness we all feel at times. 5NF has been a grace from God through the inspiration of Scott Kaldahl for evangelisation and revival in Miami. The lives of these two people alone give testimony to the great value of 5NF, not only for the parish, but also to the Church at large as it has spread to Colorado Springs last year and Pittsburgh last year and this.

OFTEN, we do not hear about the lasting impact Flame Ministries has on people's lives because our schedules are usually so busy and we have to move on quickly. However, these news pages show us that God is alive and well bringing about the certain hope of the Jubilee freedom and liberty that Christ died for, simply because God loves us. Perhaps the best way to express this is to refer you to past issues of this newsletter and also just let the photos here speak for themselves. We would like to do another 5NF in 2008 and pray that conditions are right in the parish for us to do so.

Eddie and David pray for healing at 5NF Miami.
Eddie prays for healing at 5NF - She falls under the power of the Holy Spirit.
Eddie Russell preaches at 3rd Annual Five Nights of Fire, Miami FL
Let the children come to me - Jesus said.
David Harp prays for healing at Five Nights of Fire, Miami. FL

No. They did not catch the big shark, just a sun tan.
Caught anything guys?

There was a little time to relax before flying
to Pittsburgh.

Thanks to Juan Bauta taking time off work we were able to enjoy a cruise in his boat and visited an island off the coast of Miami. Juan has made this a priority day off
so that we get a little break and a suntan.

We are not complaining even if we will reconsider if it
is safe to go back into the water.

The 3 Jonah's - Just when you thought it was safe.

A Byzantine Fire in Pittsburgh:
5NF takes off at St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Rite Church.

St John the Baptist Ukrainian Church Pittsburgh PA
St. John the Baptist Byzantine Church
is a famous historical landmark in the city of bridges.

From the South to the North - and then East meets West.
( that from east to west a perfect offering may be made...)

LAST YEAR we did Three Nights of Fire in Pittsburgh for the first time without the benefit of a music ministry. The impact gained another invitation from Fr Ivan Chirovsky of the St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Rite Catholic Church in Pittsburgh PA for the full five nights this year, but this time with the assistance of FMI's music director Patrick Carre to provide the music each night.

The theme followed on from Miami on the concept of Jubilee Freedom and although numbers were nowhere near those attending the 5NF in Miami and

Colorado (last year), it attracted people from all over Pittsburgh both Roman and Byzantine Rite Catholics as well as some from Protestant churches.

A Yellow Bridge in Pittsburgh PA
One of the magnificent bridges that connect the many rivers in Pittsburgh.

Fr Ivan at 5NF Pittsburgh PA
Fr Ivan leads a traditional liturgy at 5NF Pittsburgh.

Bridge-Building in the City of Bridges.

FATHER IVAN attended the first 5NF on the Blood Covenants in Miami in 2005. It was his first exposure to charismatic spirituality that was a strange experience for him; his Byzantine liturgical spirituality seemed worlds apart and as well as the difference between Roman and Byzantine Rites, the idea of spontaneous worship could not be more foreign to him.

The differences melted in the clear presence and fruit of the Holy Spirit; the Spirit of unity; different rites might confuse us, but the Holy Spirit, the sign and seal of unity and the Spirit that reveals authenticity breaks down all separation and builds bridges of faith. It was this manifestation that touched Fr Ivan and held him to attend all five nights.

The cement that connected was when Eddie called on Fr Ivan to assist in praying for the people at an altar call. Fr Ivan had never done such a thing before, and although feeling awkward and somewhat out of his depth, he was faithful and accepted.

To his surprise, people received blessing and healing as he laid his hands on them and several fell to the ground in the power of the Holy Spirit. Later, Fr Ivan, eager to share the richness of the Byzantine tradition said a special Mass and Liturgy just for Eddie and David where he took them behind the screens to witness the ritual surrounding the preparation of the Eucharist and explained Byzantine liturgy and its iconography.

5NF Byzantine Style in Pittsburgh PA.

DUE to his Miami experience Fr Ivan, eager for unity and revival invited Eddie and David to Pittsburgh in 2006 for three nights of fire that was a huge success and so Fr Ivan stepped out in faith and organized the full 5NF for 2007.

Because all liturgies are sung, there are no choirs or musicians. It was a unique experience to lead a charismatic praise session with people used to Byzantine chants, but it went well. In fact it was almost surreal to hear charismatic songs rendered with a Byzantine vocal sound with no musical instruments.

This year we were blessed to have Patrick with us using a keyboard and at times, his new guitar. Patrick made a significant difference from the previous year and as people relaxed over the days they began to praise with more confidence. When Patrick sang The Freedom Song from the new FMM album it touched the people deeply and they showed their appreciation openly.

The appreciation was reciprocal in that when Patrick experienced 5NF at these elaborate Byzantine liturgies he was very impressed with its richness of songs, chant, spirit and word. I suspect it might have some influence on his future compositions; I wonder what a Byzantine liturgical chant would sound like with a contemporary musical beat.

Patrick Carre at 5 Nights of Fire Pittsburgh PA
Patrick leads charismatic praise at 5NF Pittsburgh.

Fr Ivan assists in an Altar CallDavid makes a pointEddie preaches with Bible in hand
Powerful messages and anointed prayer ministry blessed everyone at 5NF Pittsburgh PA where East met
West for 5 great Nights of Fire for the 40th anniversary year of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the
City where it all began - Duquesne University is a short distance from the Church.

Known as The Duquesne Weekend, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal began there in January 1967 and has since touched over
100 million Catholics around the world. Said to be the fastest growing movement in the Catholic Church today, we were privileged
to visit the university in the 40th year. In biblical terms, 40 is the number of a generation, and 100 million is 10% of the Church
- What a tithe to bless the 90%! - To read about that weekend go to

We could not help thinking on the history of Pittsburgh as the place where the American Civil War began that liberated the salves,
and how significant it was that a worldwide renewal of the Holy Spirit began in the same place also setting prisoners free
- Freedom was the thrust of our message in the USA.

Fr Ivan Chirovsky and his wife Maria with Pittsburgh at night in the background.
Our gracious hosts, Fr Ivan Chirovsky and his wife Maria with Pittsburgh at night in the background.

Pope Benedict

East and West Form One Church, Says Pope
Addresses Visiting Bishops From Ukraine

CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy, SEPT. 24, 2007 ( Benedict XVI affirmed that Eastern and Roman Catholics are united in forming one Church.

The Pope said this today when receiving in audience the bishops of the Latin rite of Ukraine, in Italy for their five-yearly visit and accompanied by Greek-Catholic bishops from that country. They visited Benedict XVI at the papal summer residence south of Rome.

The Holy Father stated: "In the variety of its rites and historical traditions, the one Catholic Church in every corner of the earth announces and bears witness to the one Jesus Christ, the Word of salvation for all men and for all of man.

Byzantine Cross
The crucifix at St. John the Baptist Church, Pittsburgh.

"It is for this reason that the effectiveness of all our pastoral and apostolic projects depends, above all, on faithfulness to Christ."

The Pope asked for an intensified collaboration between the Latin-rite bishops and the Greek-Catholic bishops in Ukraine "for the good of the entire Christian people."

"Animated by this spirit," the Pontiff told the prelates, "it is not difficult for you to intensify cordial cooperation between Latin bishops and Greek-Catholic bishops, for the good of the entire Christian people. Thus you have the opportunity to coordinate your pastoral plans and your apostolic activities, always offering testimony of that ecclesial communion which is also an indispensable condition for ecumenical dialogue with our brethren in the Orthodox and other Churches."

The Holy Father suggested to the Latin and Greek-Catholic bishops that they meet at least once a year, reaching "agreement between yourselves in order to make pastoral activity ever more harmonious and effective. I am convinced that fraternal cooperation between pastors will be an encouragement and a stimulus for all the faithful to grow in unity and apostolic enthusiasm, and that it will also favor fruitful ecumenical dialogue."

Benedict XVI highlighted the prelates' efforts "to proclaim and bear witness to the Gospel in the dear land of Ukraine, sometimes encountering no small number of difficulties but always supported by the awareness that Christ guides his flock with a sure hand, the flock that he himself entrusted to your hands as his ministers."

Year of Jubilee Seminar: Derek Williams FMI in England.
OFFICIAL LAUNCH at The House of the Open Door Community, England.

The Proclamation
Derek Williams leads people
into the Throne Room at the
HOD Jubilee Seminar.

England; Sept 08,

THE JUBILEE SEMINARS written by Derek Williams FMI was formally launched on the weekend of June 30 to June 2 on the invitation of the
House of the Open Door Community in Childswickham, England.

THE IDEA for a new seminar came to Derek in July 2006 when Eddie and David were in the UK. They had been invited to the Prince of Peace Community in Liverpool to do a weekend of teaching. Derek was doing the Friday evening, David the Saturday morning, Eddie the Saturday afternoon. Derek's session was 'enter into his rest' when he explained the biblical principles behind some of the O.T feasts and how they lead into the year of Jubilee. David's session the next morning built on the concept of rest, and as the revelation flowed Derek was very busy writing.

Eddie was so impressed with the teaching on 'Entering the Rest' that he asked Derek to
develop it into a seminar

FOR DEREK the most important thing was to produce a seminar with very high quality teaching so that the Flame Ministries International name would be blessed by it. "It took nine months and many hours of prayer, listening to God and studying the bible diligently to develop the final seminar." Derek said.

The first teaching was 'the Pilgrim feasts of Israel' where Derek explained how the feasts of Israel were established by God and how they are fulfilled in Jesus. Looking at the Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles and going through Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, the evening ended with Derek calling down the Holy Spirit and all present being mightily blessed.

"We began the weekend with lively praise and worship;It is always useful on a weekend like this if the people are hungry for praise, and they certainly were. Liz led the praise helped by Maggie Dullaghan who helps lead praise at the annual New Dawn Conference, David Davila who had recently completed Set My People On Fire at Bedford, and Carol Heathfield on drums who is full of enthusiasm for God and had played throughout the seminar at Bedford." Derek said.

On Saturday there were five teaching sessions; 'Enter into His rest', the session that began it all, 'Drink of the Living Water', 'A double portion, walking with Elijah and Elisha', one of Derek's favorite sessions. 'Abiding in the Word', and 'The seven graces of prayer'.

Each session flowed into the next and the whole group were fed some solid spiritual food as Derek delivered each session with defined and clear teachings using scripture and good examples from daily living.

"What particularly struck many people was how Derek took scriptures that were quite commonplace but he gave a whole new meaning to them, and brought in a fresh dynamic, almost like they were hearing the scripture for the first time. Derek's teaching on Isaiah 55 struck many as did his understanding of the Woman Caught in Adultery in John's Gospel chapter 8." A delegate said.

The anointing blesses
The anointing takes hold as the worship goes deeper in the Spirit.

As Derek explained that scripture it caused Scott Kaldahl who had flown in from Miami USA to attend the seminars, to gasp out loud - 'Wow!"

After several of the sessions Derek called down the Holy Spirit on the group who were caught up quite powerfully into the presence of God and had very deep and powerful times of worship. Most, if not all, agreed that it was more powerful to have this than to have somebody pray over them.

I give you my praises O Lord

Caught up in the Spirit
Above: Stuart and Tara below
in deep worship at the
Jubilee Seminar.

Praising God at HOD
The people in deep worship.

Filled with Holy Joy
And then... "Break forth into joy O my soul."

Blowing The Jubel

ON THE SUNDAY, morning Mass was celebrated by Fr John from Nottingham, followed by the final session 'The fire of revival'. Derek looked at several of the O.T. scriptures referring to fire and brought them together showing how God reveals Himself to us under the form or experience of fire. "After this session we had an overwhelmingly powerful time of ministry where those gathered began to shout out their praise spontaneously at the top of their voices which led into a powerful time of prophetic worship. The only sadness was having to make our way home." Derek said.

THE FOLLOWING WEEKEND, Liz Gonzalez and Derek Williams revisited Nottingham where we had taught 'Set My People On Fire' last year and gave them the Year of Jubilee seminar with a similar response. It is good to see that the group in Nottingham is thriving under strong leadership and with a good Parish Priest to back it up.

Anybody wanting a set of the CD's for 'The year of Jubilee' can order them from the UK office for a donation of £15 + postage.


Cheryle Douglas FMI @ SMPOF WA

Cheryle Douglas FMI teaches
on Break Open the Word at a Set My People on Fire Seminar at St. Anthony's parish in Perth, Western Australia.

Eddie Russell makes a point at SMPOF WA

SMPOF author, Eddie Russell FMI makes a point at a a Set
My People on Fire Seminar at St. Anthony's parish in Perth, Western Australia recently.


Thanks to Derek Williams in England, Set My People on Fire
has become much in demand
around the UK over the past
couple of years with growing demand and bookings way into 2008.

FMI in Perth WA receive many emails from satisfied delegates
in England as the two opposite clearly demonstrate.

If you want to know where the
next SMPOF will be held in your area of England or Australia
please refer to our
Current Missions Calendar or subscribe
to this newsletter for regular updates.


A show of hands at 5NF showed
an interest in SMPOF.
Currently we are considering
the feasibility of spending
some time there to establish
it. Stay tuned.

There is not enough thanks in the world that can tell you the difference "Set My People on Fire" has made to my life.

Dear Eddie,

Thank you so much for responding to God's call. I am attending the SET MY PEOPLE ON FIRE seminar in Manchester with Derek Williams - It has been incredible.

What has the seminar done for me? It's hard to know where to start -
It has opened up the scripture in an amazing way. I feel that I am able to read it for the first time, knowing that this is only the start.

It has healed me of an oppressive tiredness - I was unable to do anything without it being an effort. From getting up to going back to bed I was in a state of weariness. I tried the doctors without any success. I was prayed with at healing masses for this without any change, there was nothing that I could think of that I didn't try. I didn't think that it would ever go. Then at one of the SMOF sessions they prayed for anyone who needed spiritual healing. I felt that something had happened but I was unsure what.

Since that night, I am awake when the alarm goes off, and I can stay awake for the whole day. My vision seems clearer/sharper and I am beginning to be able to think more clearly. It is hard to explain unless you have felt exhausted constantly. I feel that I have been given my life back. I am now able to function as a person. I can only equate it with the paralyzed man when Jesus said "your sins are forgiven you, get up pick up your bed and walk." to me that is exactly the difference.

It has freed me from myself, I am no longer weighed down with guilt. I am able to pray more. I can say that my concerns/worries/problems no longer interest me. For me it was like a roller coaster with great spiritual highs and dashing lows. My heart at times felt as if it had been cut to pieces. and the pain was quite severe. I obviously was in a bad way spiritually.

I have been lifted out of a deep hole. I have been picked up and given the chance to begin. I have been shown what areas need work on and my weakness and they are not what I would have come to realize on my own and with God's grace allow Him to work in and through me.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot - I have lost over a stone in weight, and I feel as if I am a new person.

Thank you again, there is not enough thanks in the world that can tell you the difference that "Set My People on Fire" has made to my life.

God bless -
Maire McGurdy England

Hi all -
I Thought I would pass this on as in light of the weekend I've just had on the Flame Retreat. We all run around from one place or job to another and sometimes we forget it is the little things that really make a difference.

So I would like to thank Flame Ministries, Derek and Liz for the Praise and Worship and the teachings we have received this weekend and God is moving and He is ALIVE in us.
Also Thank you to Fr Pat for allowing these seminars to take place at Our Lady's.

Thank you and God Bless
- Love NIchola England

Pat Brooks FMI


We are pleased to announce that Pat Brooks has been welcomed to Flame Ministries International UK.

Eddie and David met Pat in 1994 when they went to England to conduct SMPOF at her parish in Peterborough. Pat was the leader of the CCR prayer group and that time in England began a lasting friendship with FMI.

Pat has a long history in the CCR UK as a prayer group leader and her Children's Ministry at the New Dawn Conferences. She is a Special Minister in her parish where she also began a successful youth ministry. For the last couple of years Pat has assisted Derek with administration and CD copying and she will continue in that role as a fully inducted member. FLAME MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL WARMLY WELCOMES PAT BROOKS TO THE MINISTRY.

New Dawn CCR Conference, Walsingham, England.
David Harp speaks at Cross Streams Youth Sessions at New Dawn

There is more to David Harp than his amazing testimony, and yet his life continues to astound, bless, and give great hope to so many people around the world.

David speaks to youth at New Dawn
David speaks to the youth at New Dawn
on the dangers of drugs and promiscuity.

THIS WAS CLEARLY DEMONSTRATED at the CROSS STREAMS Youth Seminars at the 2007 NEW DAWN CONFERENCE in August. Cross Streams is a part of the New Dawn UK conference which takes place at Walsingham, and is the programs specifically for young people and young adults, with two streams: one for 11-14 year olds and another for those 15+ years.

The actual conference is for all of the family, with stuff for everyone; adults, youth, children and toddlers. It's been going for 20 years with 2007 being the 21st New Dawn Conference that attracts up to 3,000 people from Europe, Africa and other countries.

For Eddie and David, NEW DAWN was the last leg of a grueling mission schedule that began early May in Uganda and on to Queensland Aust, USA, and England. They had been traveling and ministering constantly and were now very tired but went directly from London to Walsingham - a journey of some hours.

However, the idea of ministering at this conference with such speakers as Fr Stan Fortuna and ICCRS president Michelle Moran gave them a fresh enthusiasm and a chance to catch up with Derek Williams who was also ministering at the conference with Pat Brooks in the New Dawn Children's Ministry.

It also gave them a chance to make new friends. Patrick especially connected with the musicians whom he considered very professional. It also gave him an opportunity to get Fr Stan's autograph for a friend in Perth which he did.

Fr. Stan Fortuna at the New Dawn Conference in Walsingham UK
Fr Stan Fortuna speaks to a
packed tent at the New Dawn Conference.

The real work was for David who had been invited to address the youth on the dangers of drugs and promiscuity. His sessions with the 15 year olds and upwards held an enthralled crowd that raised some very real questions during a Q&A time. Later, David commented they they were all very tuned in to what is happening out there in the world and not one question or comment was anything but intelligent. David's story touched many young people and several approached him afterwards to share their struggles. David gave them his time and prayed with them.

David's only challenge was how he could tell so much horror and detail to those under 14 years as this was a new experience for him.

New Dawn Walsingham 2007
Huge crowds packed a huge tent at the New Dawn conference in Walsingham.

Eddie suggested that children like stories, and Jesus used them in his parables to teach adults, and so if he told the story in the third person and then at the end, tell them that the boy he spoke of was himself, it would hold their attention and in the end reach them on a personal level.

David did this and it worked for him. However, he commented afterwards that he dropped a few words in the telling and some kids caught on it was about David. This only added to the magic and all were enraptured with David's courage and victory in his life.

There was little time after New Dawn before returning to Australia to begin a Set My People on Fire seminar, and so they spent a couple of days to rest with Derek and Lynn.

All in all, this was a very tiring but special mission; Uganda, England, USA and Queensland not only received many blessings from Eddie, David and Patrick, but they in turn were very much touched by the people they met that will leave a lasting impression and many wonderful memories.

David Harp addresses COURAGE in Brisbane QLD.

David Harp Addresses Courage in Brisbane.

David Harp was a special guest speaker at the Brisbane Courage and the National Catholic Charismatic Renewal Conference in Brisbane QLD in June.

INVITED BY BRENDON SCARCE of the Emmanuel Community COURAGE Ministry as part of the CCR National Conference in Brisbane, David addressed workshops related to COURAGE; a ministry for those suffering same sex attractions.

After Eddie and David met with the Bishops of Brisbane, David went on to impress the conference speakers and delegates with his insights into the struggles and

realities of same sex attraction. Peter Lane of Exodus Asia Pacific was particularly impressed with David and sought permission to publish David' s testimony in his book released in their new ministry in India and was later given permission by David to use the account written in Eddie' s book, It's Faith Jim. But not as we know it.

Both Peter and Brendon as well as representatives from the Bishops Office valued David' s input and commented that when their summations were made to the general audience on the final day of the conference, that it had inspired others to seek assistance.

Beginning in Australia in 1987, Exodus Asia Pacific, is a coalition of Christian Ministries in the Asia Pacific region has been helping men and women find a way out of sexual brokenness and are part of Exodus Global Alliance. The first Exodus ministry was founded in 1976 in USA.

Being the first time in Brisbane, it was great to meet members of the Emmanuel Community. It was also great to catch up with Fr. McAlear who was the keynote speaker as well as Fr Jack Soulsby, an old and dear friend of FMI.

Eddie, David and Patrick left two days later for their missions in the USA and England.

To see the Ugandan Mission that was part of this outreach tour and other news; blind see, lame walk, demons flee... CLICK HERE

The man that carried a 6 ft wooden cross 6,700 Km across the USA to speak at the CPM
in April 2008.

Flame Ministries' Cathedral Praise Meeting in Perth City will host Jim Murphy on behalf of the State Service Committee of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal for one night only on April 24th starting at 7.45pm.


JAMES "BUTCH" MURPHY is the founder and president of Vera Cruz Communications. While still a senior in high school, Jim made a decision to surrender the rest of his life to Christ. That decision has had a major impact on every aspect of Jim's life.

He has been involved in youth ministry on parish, diocesan, national and international levels. He has served as a member of several parish pastoral teams. He gives parish missions, speaks at retreats, and consults for many parish and diocesan level groups in the Church.

In 1992, he was inspired to undertake a 6,700 km journey on foot across America, carrying a 6 ft. cross in an effort of prayer and evangelisation. The journey took 18 months...and 14 pairs of shoes!

Come to catch the excitement of Jim's message of good news and to hear his challenge to discipleship — for people of all ages!

CATHEDRAL PRAISE MEETING - 450 Hay Street, Perth City (East). Please note that seating is limited and so you need to be early to ensure your place. Cost: FREE - A Love Offering will be received so come prepared to be generous.


The Kiss

DAMIEN DOHERTY married Bernadette Forrester at St. Anthony's Church, Greenmount on Sunday December 9 2007.

The Mass was concelebrated by five priests of the Polish Salvatorian Order and attended by family and friends - the church was packed to witness what could said to be one of the most beautiful weddings ever.

Damien met Bernadette a few years ago in relation to his involvement with youth work around Perth. Many young friends left the annual Embrace the Grace Conference in New Norcia to attend.



8 A NEW AND EXCITING WEEKLY SERVICE called "NOW" (Night of Worship)
EVERY SUNDAY at 7.15pm followed directly by Mass at 8pm at St. Thomas the Apostle Church Corner of College Road & Melville Street, Claremont.

Flame Ministries Int, and the Flame Music Ministry will lead a time of Charismatic Praise and Worship that flows directly into the Mass.



No Fear of Terror.
By Kaye Rollings FMI
Kaye explains the power of God's protection available for us today.

Rocks for Christ
By Cheryle Douglas FMI
Cheryle tells how to overcome life's burdens

Some food for thought:

(The Wisdom of Ed)


When dog is happy it wags its tail - cat does not.

When cat is angry it wags its tail - dog does not.

When dog sees cat wagging its tail it thinks cat is happy - it is not.

When cat sees dog wagging its tail it thinks dog is angry...

So, be careful what you wag at each other - You just might be wrong.

God bless you all - Eddie Russell FMI

OUR NEXT ISSUE will have a full report on the Let God ARISE Congress plus other exciting news as we move into a whole new move of God in 2008.

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>> February: Set My People on Fire, Perth.

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