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Eddie Russell FMI

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News Contents:

Posted January 2010

Eddie Nominated Australian of the Year 09

5NF Miami; Holiness sets new boundries

2009 Congresss; what the speakers said

5NF Perth WA sees packed church

Ignite the Fire 2010; 20th Anniversary

SMPOF flow on from first 5NF in Australia

Greg LeCoulre's Fire Dream; Global Webcast

St Lucia and Johhny Depp's pirate ship

Uganda 09; Child sacrifice shocks Patrick

Eddie Russell; Cancer scare while in Uganda

5NF Kampala sparks new generation in Africa

News Roundup; Books wow reader in Zagreb

2010 A year later! Senator Conroy, AUSTRALIA to get mandatory no opt-out Internet censorship like China, Iran, North Korea and Cuba in spite of massive public and professional opposition. The Great Australian Firewall; Conroy waits for Christmas to sneek this through knowing people are busy and won't act - You need to act, because in this case, what goes up won't come down www.getup.org.au/campaign/GreatFirewallOfAustralia - Ignite the Fire celebrates a happy 20th Anniversary for Flame Ministries International.

The Year that was, and is to come.

Eddie Russell FMI

Beginning 2009 with the 19th Annual Flame Congress, The Word of God & Prophets of a New Age, we celebrated the Year of Saint Paul with a fresh vigor for the Gospel and with new speakers from FMI that at times stunned the participants. There is no doubt in our minds this set the pace for a power-packed year that launched us into a new realm of the Spirit, and as the year unfolded, this proved to be true; the overwhelming realization that we had moved into exciting new horizons grew with each passing day.

This 2010 edition, that celebrates our 20th year will try to pack in as much as possible, and I hope it inspires you to become the best you can be in the Lord. Our prayers are with you all for a wonderful new year as we thank God for your support throughout 2009.

For the latest event updates, go to our
Current Mission Calendar.

God bless you all in 2010 - Eddie Russell and all at FMI.

v HIGHLIGHT: Eddie Russell Nominated for the Australian of the Year Award 2009


Perth Catholic evangelist Eddie Russell, founder of the charismatic Association of Christ’s Faithful called Flame Ministries International, nominated for Australian of the Year 2009.

Australian of the Year Award

Mr Russell, a Catholic evangelist of 30 years since his conversion after immersing himself in various cults and lifestyles, was stunned upon receiving a personally signed letter from National Australia Day Council chairman and Australian Test vice-captain Adam Gilchrist on December 19.

“I must say that, even though the letter said that I did not make the final choice, the fact that I was nominated for Australia’s highest honour of a citizen, is in itself an award, and I confess to feeling a deep sense of humility and gratitude when I read the letter,” he told The Record.

Elda Ruoff said that she nominated him having been transformed by his preaching in the Thursday evening praise and worship sessions that she has attended for the past three years at the Cathedral Parish Centre on Hay Street in Perth city. “I nominated him first and foremost to uplift the Church and give glory to God, as you never see religious identities in the Australia Day

nominations,” she said. “His contribution has been amazing. He’s such a gifted preacher; he delivers the Gospel like no one else,” with such passion and dedication.” The Catholic Record Newspaper

v 19th Annual Flame Congress: The Word of God and The Prophets of a New Age.

REPORT: Conceived before the Synod on the Word of God was announced, the Congress found its confirmation through Pope Benedict's message at the 08WYD regarding his call for youth to become Prophets and Apostles of a New Age and the subsequent synod. Both expressed the very heart of Flame's vision and official commission, and so gave us the impetus to present it with a strong conviction by the Spirit.

Archbishop Hickey
Archbishop Barry James Hickey, "Look up, the fields are white, ready for the harvest."

Eddie Russell FMI
Eddie Russell FMI, "This is the last
and final harvest!"

It was with some surprise, considering the bold eschatological thrust of the congress, that Archbishop Hickey, not only affirmed the theme, but also expanded upon it. This was especially so regarding the urgent need for effective evangelisation through preaching the Word of God as a matter of priority as we become more aware of the signs of the times in the last days as Jesus revealed them.

No wallflower in this regard, the Archbishop features on prime time television with short, but inspiring messages, aimed at a secular audience. He is a man of action, and that comes through strongly by his podcasts, television broadcasts, and in his messages at Flame Congresses over the past 20 years.

For the first time, with the exception of Archbishop Hickey, all speakers were Flame members, several preaching for the first time at a public event with the message given by the Holy Spirit.

Subjects that approached the hidden mystery of the ages, the secrets of the Apostle's joy and the scientific data on physics regarding the speed of light slowing down related to time running out, answered many questions that assisted our faith and understanding the coming of Jesus. With these, and all the teachings, people were impressed, inspired, and made open comments about how they had taken affect in their lives during the congress.

The Last and Final Harvest; The End-Time Immanent Return of Jesus Christ
(Also with mp3 version)

Cyrus D'Souza FMI: Col 1:26-28. In past times, God spoke in partial and various ways through the prophets. In these last days, He spoke to us through His Son. Christ is the fullness of revelation by God; He is the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecy. In this teaching he unfolded the mystery at the heart of St Paul's letter, "Mystery means to shut the mouth, or to keep silent. Things remained a mystery to past ages and generations because God chose not to reveal it. But in these last days, he has chosen to reveal it in, and through,

Jesus." He went on to explain the meaning of the greek word Doxa used in this passage as well as other inspiring insights; it was an eye-opener for everyone.

Livia Cianfagna FMI: "Created to become like Christ and made for a mission, we do not fulfill this mission alone but together with God and with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We develop our relationship with God through listening, studying and understanding His Word and with our brothers and sisters by sharing our life experiences with them. We must abandon our own agenda's and take up God's agenda. Sharing this with believers and non believers and not letting the devil keep us silent. How can we be silent when fire burns inside us?"

Carlos Moreira FMI: "In closing the world Synod of Bishops on the Word of God, Pope Benedict XVI says that the priority for the Church today is above all to nourish itself with the Word of God, so as to bring forth a new evangelisation. This is a call for every member of the Church of which Jesus Christ is the head, to not just be a hearer, but a doer! This is an instruction from our shepherd on earth to not just be a pew-warmer at Mass, but to do exactly what the word 'Mass' means, which is, 'The Dismissal' - to take this Good News that we have received out to all the world."

Kaye Rollings FMI: "Paul was an apostle and prophet of the new age of Jesus Christ. He understood that when the veil is lifted, we will come into the full glory of God through Jesus who is the gate. Paul could have continued to go the easy way of the world - he had position and power but moved against the popular current, preaching a message of repentance and reconciliation with God through Jesus, whom he had never seen. There was a cost to Paul for following Christ, he lost all, relied on charity to live, was vilified, beaten and imprisoned.

Nevertheless, Paul counted the cost as nothing in comparison to what he had received in return - a brand new life in Christ. Pope Benedict has now called us to be apostles and prophets of a new age. We are called to live the power of Jesus in our lives, to live His Word confidently, without timidity. To proclaim Him to the world by word and example and by the wonderful works He will perform through us. This is the clarion call to arms."

Kay Ford FMI: "Both Jesus and John and Paul and all the Apostles witness to the joy of Christ being in them despite all circumstances and the same joy made complete by seeing our joy complete and overflowing as a fruit of their joyful witness to the Word, a fruit of their proclamation of Jesus in word and in being. And, so it flows ever on to non believers (the life of the Word manifest) to bring them into full knowledge of Jesus so that they may have that same joy in the new life Jesus brought into the world and wrought for all mankind by his death and resurrection."


v 20th Annual Flame Congress: Ignite the Fire! January 22 to 24, 2010.

The Church is in a very anti-Christ and anti-Catholic environment and the challenges are great.
How the Church responds and rises in these days is paramount in the economy of salvation.
The Church in its strength and prophetic calling is a great source of comfort for the people and
one that fosters courage to all of us.

Video interviews above recorded at 5NF Miami, Florida, July 2009.

At the heart of Jesus’ mission was the desire to set a fire upon the earth, and his longing that it was already blazing. At this congress, we will enter into his heart’s yearning, focusing on, renewing our faith and ardor while drawing deeply from God’s prophetic revelation that began Flame Ministries 20 years ago (See below).

With a Café style fellowship and refreshments area at the entrance of the auditorium, we will have displays spanning Flame’s 20 years that has reached three continents, eleven countries, numerous cities and tens of 1000’s of people throughout Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

In addition, in recognition of other Perth ministries and their dedication to evangelisation, there will also be displays by the Archdiocesan Catholic Youth Ministry (CYM), True Love Waits (TLW), Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR), Disciples of Jesus (DOJ), St. Joseph’s Catholic Youth Ministry and others, demonstrating signs of unity in our special diversity.

All the speakers have had experience in various areas of evangelisation and renewal.

Drawing inspiration from the1989 prophecy, keynote speaker, Rev. Mgr Brian O'Loughlin VG,PA will preach the opening Fire Rally on Vatican Council II’s Constitution on The Church in the Modern World, Chapter 4, The Role of the Church in the Modern World & the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Other subjects such as, Light and Fire, Weapons of Love, I am coming in waves of power, Leaders in the Night, The Baptism of Fire and more will be covered by the spakers:

Fire Preachers:

Fire Rally Friday Jan 22. 7.30pm.
Free Entry.

Day sessions:
Saturday Jan 23. 9am.
Saturday Jan 23. 11.30am.
Saturday Jan 23. 1.15pm.
Saturday Jan 23. 4.30pm.

Fire Rally Saturday Jan 23. 7.30pm
Free Entry.

Day sessions:
Sunday Jan 24. Mass 9.30am.
Celebrant, Mgr Brian O'Loughlin .
Sunday Jan 24. 11.30am.
Sunday Jan 24. 2.15pm.
Sunday Jan 24. 4.40pm.

Fire Rally Sunday 24 7.30pm
Free Entry.

Music and Praise
Flame Music Ministry.

Crèche for children aged between
1 and 12 years for all the day sessions. Information & registration forms call
Megan O'Neill 0422 768 039 or email: megs774@hotmail.com.

Kay Ford (08) 9382 3668
Email: kayford@bigpond.com

Prophecy Christmas Eve 1989:

Fill the world with a fire burning bright, and let them know that I am Lord.

Give to them a great desire for My Light, and let them know they can be whole.

Turn your eyes upon the message in My Word, and let the Words become your life.

Give to them an everlasting firelight and make them all My steadfast sons.

Know that I will walk within you in the world, know that I am filling you.

Let them know they can be leaders in the night, give them all new hope in Me.

Tell the world that I am coming in My might, show them how I want to move.

Give to them My message written for all men, and make them all, the blind to see.

I am coming in waves of power. I am coming in storms. Filling the world with My Glory, before I take My Church home.

Get yourselves ready for battle, guard yourselves all around. Put on all of My armour, trained by My own right hand.

Set My People On Fire. Show them how they can be. Give them all new hope for the future. Show them how life is in Me.


Revival Time! It's beyond your dreams!

v Set My People on Fire 2010 to be Live Broadcast over the Internet from February 10.

Greg LeCoultre, the full time youth coordinator at St. Joseph's parish in Subiaco, is a young man
with a dream and a burning desire for revival, especially amongst Catholic youth.
Greg LeCoultre.

He knows from experience the power of the Bible to transform and heal lives as his conversion to the Catholic Church reveals, and so he contacted Flame Ministries to present Set My People on Fire for the parish. The seminars, subtitled, The Sequel, is a follow on from the Ignite the Fire Congress. Hosted by the parish youth ministry, it aims to reach as many people as possible - Globally.

To achieve this, Gregg invites all youth groups and movements in the Archdiocese to take this opportunity to unite in a common purpose of evangelisation and to build on the unity already present around Perth. He also sees the SMPOF as an opportunity to develop our apologetics along with Archbishop Hickey's statement, "The "Set My People on Fire" seminars are an excellent source of Biblical teaching, especially as a living experience of the Word of God for the participants." - Archbishop Hickey.

"We do not want to recruit people for Subi youth or Flame, but to give everyone a chance to grow in their faith and vision and become more effective in their parishes." Greg said recently. "We also want to beam the weekly sessions live over the Internet so that everyone in Perth and in any country around the world can logon and watch the teachings every week."

Back in July, the St Louis parish did a live broadcast of Five Nights of Fire over the Internet. This was hugely successful and came be seen
here. UStreams is one option for us, but we intend to make SMPOF a far better production and so we are looking at several alternatives.

We now have competent tech people to film and Live Stream the seminar and it looks like it will be TVU networks will be the sation of preference. We want this to be the biggest Bible Seminar ever achieved in Australia, and hope it will be a success, so let's also hope that Perth ISPs have the broadband grunt to pump this out to the world. "If you have Skills, Expertise, or just want to help make this happen, please contact me."

To make this seminar the best experience possible for as many people as possibe, we are also seeking a service with the technology allowing online registrations. This will have a secure User Name and Password.

Whilst anyone can watch, registrations will allow you to download the comprehensive Weekly Seminar Notes with Daily Bible Readings, and will let those completing the requirements receive the first International Set My People on Fire Certificate. There will be a small registration fee for this that will cover some costs. We will keep you informed. To see the live program and how it works, click on the fire logo below.

Set My People on Fire; Satisfy your soul.
St Joseph's Upper Room: 3 Salvado Road Subiaco WA.
Start Time: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 at 7:30pm End Time: Sunday, May 23, 2010.
For more information, contact Greg LeCoulre: Email, glecoultre(at)stjosephssubiaco.org.au
Mobile, 0413 052 705. Parish, 08 9381 0400.

To see the program and particiaption details, click on the fire logo.


SMPOF information also on Facebook Events.
If you want to keep up to date and informed about which webcast service we will use along with all the logon and tech details, please check the Facebook pages or contact Gregg. Also, Flame Ministries International on news(at)flameministries.org. We will also update this page as more information comes to hand.

v UGANDA MISSION 2009: Amazing.

A new experience for Flame' Moderator for Youth & Music, Patrick Carre.
Patrick has travelled to many countries with Eddie over the years, but this was his first experience of Uganda. His cultural awaking came when faced with the evil of witchcraft and child sacrifice.

Ugandan Witchdoctor

Child sacrifice, Uganda.Hearing the warning of a schoolteacher during Mass, telling the children not to walk alone because there was a plague of kidnapping for child sacrifice, satanic rituals and slavery, Patrick came face to face with the reality of life in Uganda within his first 48 hours.

Informed that the incidents of child sacrifice had increased over the past two years, we were shocked to hear that often the wealthy perpetuate it.

By sacrificing children to a witchdoctor and burying the skull in the concrete foundations of new buildings, especially commercial ones, it aims at casting spells for good fortune and success. Some even go to the extent of sacrificing their own children. "It brought home to me just how real this all is, again coming into a totally different society and seeing things you wouldn't believe existed." Patrick commented later in his Facebook diary.

The upside of this insane horror was to discover later in Masaka, that Eddie's challenge to give up witchcraft or go to hell, during his last mission had taken effect. Masaka diocese CCR coordinator Cotilda, said that due to that challenge during the Lord's Prayer Conference, incidents of witchcraft and people consulting witchdoctors had dropped in excess of 30% in the Masaka diocese. Perhaps this demonstrates the importance of uncompromised preaching from the Word of God; it really is a matter of life or death, heaven or hell, and it is our responsibilty to make it known no matter the cost so that people can believe and be saved.

The video above, telling of a young girl born blind and healed by Jesus, was taken at that conference, and further demonstrates that grace is more powerful than any curse.

5NF Kampala in Uganda sparks a new generation of young believers.

Makarere University in Kampala, Uganda, hosted Five Nights of Fire on behalf of the Ugandan Charismatic Renewal from May 4 to May 9 on the subject of the Holy Spirit Anointing and so placed 5NF on three continents.

The five nights attracted a full church, around 500, with many students deciding to stay up late to finish assignments so they could attend. It struck a chord in their hearts when hearing about the Joshua Generation and the characteristics of a modern-day Joshua. Several students requested the J-Generation characteristic list to use in discussion groups and prayer meetings on campus.

Eddie had commented that whilst the likes of Colonel Gaddaffi bought up huge area of land and built huge mosques in an attempt to Islamize Uganda, those like him could never own the hearts, minds, skills, talents, arts and sciences that the students embodied in the heart of Uganda.

To achieve this, he encouraged them to pursue excellence as a norm for their lives and in their professions and to use the Joshua characteristics list as a guide to achieve it. You can check if you have the character of a Joshua Generation by going to this page. It will give a greater insight to its vision.
J-Generation: this is who I am.

When Eddie spoke about the speed of light is slowing down, and thus time running out, the physics students delighted in the data and facts presented confirming Eddie's summations as accurate and a cause for further investigation, especially in view of Jesus' imminent return and signs of the times. This connected with the three main thrusts of 5NF Kampala; the anointing of the Holy Spirit empowers all human activity in all areas of life, a new generation of prophets rising and prepared to take the land for Christ,

and the inevitable and soon return of Jesus only demonstrated the urgent need for effective evangelisation to take back what belongs to Christ, be it in homes, businesses, personal lives or as a nation.

5NF was so successful that the J-Generation took off and fresh zeal for the Gospel and its proclamation emerged. Driven along with Patrick's input leading worship with the NET Uganda music ministry, both the NET team and the students experienced a new way of worship that propelled them into another dimension of spontaneous praise. This left everyone with a fresh vigor and an enthusiasm to pursue more and more the unending creativity of the Holy Spirit.

No one could deny the presence of God and the anointing of the Holy Spirit present during those times as the videos here show, and so we will let that and the photos speak for us. "Eddie preached up a storm focusing on the Popes message at WYD2008 empowering them to bring Christ into everything they do, the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and introduced the Joshua Generation," Patrick said. The result of 5NF Kampala gave rise for considerations from the leaders to take 5NF to every university in 2010. To hear an urgent message from the 2009 congress regarding the Last and Final Harvest; the Signs of the Times; the Sign of the Son of Man and the Joshua Generation Click Here.

Christ the King Meeting, Kampala.5NF Makarere University.
Jesus heals at Kasese, Uganda.
Children listen to Eddie at the Kasese conference.
Patrick preaches at the Kitaasa conference.

Banjo Pat

Christ the King Kampala: An impromtu invitation to preach.
The leader of Kampala's largest charismatic prayer group attended 5NF. He was so impressed that he invited Eddie to preach at their meeting that week. Held at an earlier time in the day/evening Eddie accepted. His message on The Provision of God met an enthusiastic congregation, many of whom were young professionals and office workers struggling with the effects of the global economy and so his message touched many with hope.

The 2009 Uganda Mission took Eddie and Patrick around the country from Entebbe to Kasese near the Congo border. Beginning in Kampala, they went to Masaka, Kitaasa and Kasese, where Eddie preached 6-day conferences with four sessions a day while Patrick busied himself with photography, videos, and music and praise with the NET Uganda music ministry that travelled with them.

Eddie and David had preached at a parish in Kasese during 2007. Now back again in another parish, Patrick witnessed the effect of the previous visit for himself in the expectation of the people and the stories of conversion and healing many shared with him.

One evening session on Isaiah 53, discerning the Body of Christ, saw many people healed, repent and accept Jesus. After preaching, Eddie began to pray for the huge crowd starting at the feet of Jesus on the Cross up to the crown of thorns as Patrick sang one of his songs between the stanzas. Although most could not understand English, Patrick's gift and the anointing of the Holy Spirit touched them as though they did.

Stopping at each wound on every part of Jesus' body, Eddie prayed healing for the people asking them that if appropriate, to put their hand on the injured or sick part of their own body. Later, during testimonies at the concluding Mass, one man stated that he suffered malignant tumors on his buttocks. "When Eddie came to that part of Jesus' suffering, I put my hand on my buttocks and found that all the tumors had vanished!" Others told of conversions, various healing, deliverence from witchdoctor's curses, especially over their children and the hope the messages over the conferences had given them.

As the days passed, the excitement and presence of God increased as more evidence of God's love touched the people. Neither heat nor rain stopped them, and it was an awesome sight to see hundred's of people of all ages dancing and singing the praises of God in the pouring rain.

Patrick also preached an inspiring session in Kitaasa about how praise causes walls of opposition to crumble, as did Joshua at the battle of Jericho in order to take the land. This ignited a fresh enthusiasm in the people that now understood the broader dimension of the power of praise. Later, told that many people had never attended a charismatic meeting before, we were surprised considering the vibrant participation of the people.

An extra seminar: Being the month of May, the Bisanje parish in Masaka held a weeklong retreat on Mary the Mother of Jesus. Because Eddie and Patrick were taking a break during that week, Parish coordinator, Cotilda, asked Eddie to contribute to the event.

He accepted, and over the next few nights, explained the Miracle of Cana taken from his book, It's Faith Jim, but not as we know it. These in-depth sessions brought new insights and understanding of the role of Mary as the New Eve and Jesus as the New Adam and included a deep insight into the role of men and women in marriage.

Later, Cotilda told about the new understanding the men had received regarding respect for their wives, and how she had come to new appreciation of Mary the Mother of Jesus in her own life.

There is no doubt from what we witnessed, and what was said to us, that this mission was hugely succesful. Because it made possible only by the generous donations of those that support us a Friends of Flame, we acknowledge the Pauline concept of partners in grace. Saint Paul acknowledged the rewards God gave him for his ministry and the same rewards given to those that suppoted him financially. - We do the same and sincerely thank everyone that helped us.

Philippians 1: 5 -7 - I thank my God for your fellowship (your sympathetic cooperation and contributions and partnership) in advancing the good news (the Gospel) from the first day you heard it until now. ... It is right and appropriate for me to have this confidence and feel this way about you all, because you have me in your heart and I hold you in my heart as partakers and sharers, one and all with me, of grace (God's unmerited favor and spiritual blessing). [This is true] both when I am shut up in prison and when I am out in the defense and confirmation of the good news (the Gospel).

Philippians 4:15 - And you Philippians yourselves well know that in the early days of the Gospel ministry, when I left Macedonia, no church (assembly) entered into partnership with me and opened up [a debit and credit] account in giving and receiving except you only. (AMP)

We will be going back to Uganda around September 2010. If you want to Partner with us, please go here and make a donations. Every little bit helps.

v 5NF Miami - Five Nights of Holiness at St Louis.

Organised later than usual, 5NF went ahead during July at St Louis Catholic church, Miami, and in spite of the late promotions, there were good numbers and good reports all week long.

The theme for 2009, Our call to Holiness; Set apart unto God, adopted through the inspiration of Juan Bauta and Scott Kaldahl proved to be exactly what the Holy Spirit intended.

Over the years we hear of many healed, set free and blessed with conversions and this year was not exception and so maybe it is best to let the people speak for themselves.

Jennie writes, "Our 5 year old, is doing AMAZINGLY! Praise God for putting the right people in our lives. You told me to believe what was happening at 5NF that it did not have to be all bells and whistles. It is so completely true. Your words that night by the baptismal font have become a part of my faith walk now and I will never forget them. We, collectively, keep thinking it has to be a burning bush or something and often, the ember starts the biggest fires. Bless you Eddie. Much love in Christ." - Jennie.

Melanie wrote, "I went Wednesday night to St. Luis and I wanted to say that it was an amazing experience. Recently my grandmother passed away and it had impacted me with guilty feelings about how I could have been a better "grandchild." ...

... Your talk reminded me on the Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ. My grandmother used to play Bingo at a local Casino in Miami. Before I went to the church, I had seen her old bingo bus; I became sad but I just kept going. When I came back home that night the same bus crossed my path. I then knew it was her surrounding me. I feel revived and closer to Christ again. Like you said - making a bold step to the Lord. Thank you. He called me and I listened." - Melanie.

Economic woes and a crashing economy in the USA did not stop the joy of giving at 5NF. While the USA and world economies reeled in the meltdown of the markets, people at 5NF were jubilant and generous in their giving.

The Offering at St Louis Church during 5NF.

Phillip Dick and Jennifer Bird talk about Eddie's revelation of light and time running out, and the manifestion of the Fire of God. In this video, Jennie refers to leaving Egypt with what belongs to us, she refers to seeing the video in the Uganda report above taken at Makarere University in Kampala. This video inspired many people as the comments on the 5NF Facebook page shows... see link to Facebook in the other column bottom right.

Javier speaks about how Flame's teachings have effected his life and encourages you to try it.

While the two videos above promote the 20th Annual Flame Congress in Perth from January 22 to 24, they were filmed at this 5NF in Miami Phillip, Jennie and Javier witness to the power and impact of Eddie's messages and encourage others to experience them.

UStream Webcast of the Baptism of Fire final night

Eddie had told Scott about how the Ugandan Catholics in Masaka placed huge baskets at the foot of the sanctuary for the collections at Mass. In spite of their poverty and many struggles, they danced and sang down the aisle to place their money in the baskets.

Eddie was so impressed with this joy-filled attitude of such poor people he adopted the practice at the St Mary's Cathedral Praise Meeting, and at Flame seminars and Flame Congress. Scott, impressed by what Eddie shared, arranged for a huge Wicca basket placed on the altar, and each night told about this Ugandan tradition and encouraged them to do the same.

The result was amazing as the video here shows, so much so, that one woman later told Eddie on his Facebook page, "I want the heart of a Ugandan." Others left messages for each other on their Facebook profiles saying how much they looked forward to the next night's offering.

"Hello my brother! I have to tell you, it's like I was operated on by Jesus last night. I wanted to talk to you about it but I could barely walk or talk or do anything but just bask in the presence of the Lord! Jesus came to me and said "It's me, just me, I am all you need!"...

...Over and over, he kept loving me reminding me that HE is IT! HE IS LOVE! Of course because it was by and through the Spirit, some things just can't be explained in words of the world so I won't even try. I am thanking the Lord for the time of offering at 5NF because hopefully people will come to understand that it is more than just "give money". Blessings and see you tonight! I can't wait!" - Jennie Bird.

While not preaching on giving, the Word of God and the Holy Spirit revealed through joyful giving that God's economy is bigger than that of man. One couple expecting a foreclosure on their home that week danced with the same joy at the offering. We heard later, that the foreclosure threat fell through. "God loves a cheerfult giver."

If you are on Facebook, you can read more wonderful testimonies here on the
5NF Page. If you are not on Facebook, try the link anyway and maybe hook up with "Eddie Russell Fmi" and join us all there. If you do request a "Friend" connection with Eddie, please send a note also so that he will know who you are and add you to his Friends list.

v New Mission in St. Lucia in the Caribbean including Johnny Depp's Pirate Ship.

St. Lucia is a small, lush tropical island that is still relatively unknown. One of the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles, it is located midway in the Eastern Caribbean chain, between Martinique and St. Vincent, and north of Barbados. St. Lucia is only 27 miles long and 14 miles wide and so it did not take long for us to drive from the airport in the south up to Rodney Bay in the north where we would stay.

Met by Geoffrey Devoux at the St Lucia National Airport, we drove north to Rodney Bay where we would be staying. However, due to the national Mardi Gras, we took a longer route to avoid the crowded streets. Later, watching the events on television that went late into the night, we could see why in spite of the fact that we wanted to see it as our first cultural experience.

St Lucia is beautiful, very beautiful to say the least, but we soon discovered that the mosquitoes are like Rambo hoards trained in Kamikaze boot camps, and so the first night cost us several pints of good blood and left us with the dreaded itch - Living in Australia, we are somewhat used to persistent mozzies. In Uganda, they are malaria carriers and so we are never without a coating of repellant, in Miami they have blunt proboscis and hurt when they viciously pierce your flesh, but the St Lucian mozzie is far more determined to drain your lifeblood, and so they did.

Oh I know, it's a tough life, right? But frankly, after such a long time traveling from Australia to Uganda, back to Australia and then to America after month long mission with 6 - 8 day conferences, 16+ hour flights and running the gauntlet security checks and short transit times, we needed a break on our own and managed a short one in St Lucia, effectively, one day off.

The primary reason for our visit from July 21st to July 30th was to minister in the prisons. Therese Robinson, a well-known and respected woman in Catholic charismatic renewal in Caribbean living in Canada, heard of our work in the Everglades Correctional Facility in Florida and her love for the youth in prison, and her desire for revival in St Lucia, she organized our visit, albeit with very short notice.

Certainly, the notion of preaching Jesus Christ to Rastas or Rastafarians was challenging.

The Rastafari movement that originated in Jamaica in the 1930's, believe that Haile Selassie, the former Emperor of Ethiopia is an incarnation of the Christian God called Jah and worship him as god. Rastafarians also reject Western society (Christianity) that they call Babylon, and encompass the spiritual use of cannabis, a plant that for these reasons grows all over St Lucia, the home and religion of the famous Jamiacan Reggae legend, Bob Marley.

With the welcome of the island nation's Chief Magistrate and Warden, we visited both the youth and adult jails in the Castries.

The first was to the youth. Upon arrival at the prison, we were surprised, even shocked to see so many youth, some barely 13 years old serving time for anything from petty thievery to murder.

It was a Saturday and it was their day off. Arriving in the hall, they were watching an adventure movie on TV and so, needless to say, our arrival was not welcomed with open arms. Reluctantly closing the television, around 25 young people finally sat down. I must admit, I felt sorry for them missing their day off entertainment.

Patrick began using an icebreaker, but they were so cold in response to Patrick's best efforts, it would take a century of excessive global warming to melt them even slightly. Not be put off, he kept going until finally the younger ones began to respond. This embarrassed the older inmates. However, eventually some participated while others still considered themselves too tough to play games with the kids, but in the end, they did have smiles and some fun.

The message afterwards was very simple and short. Mainly encouraging them never to be back there again, "The magistrate told me that she does not want you here. The governor does not want you here. The prison officers do not want you here. We do not want you here, and God never planned to have you here - You are not welcome here, and no one wants to see you back here again." The rest of the message spoke of vision, hope, and a dream for excellence while avoiding the drugs that are so rampant there.

By the time we left, the negative atmosphere lifted and several of the boys, especially the young ones thanked us sincerely. It was a highlight when one of the older tough guys spoke out about how much it meant to him and thanked us for coming.

We also went to the adult Bordelais Correctional Facility with a prison ministry team from a local parish. Being maximum security, this was far different. Watched carefully by the guards, the inmates seemed nervous.

Although only a few came to the service, it was a very blessed time. Once settled, they accepted the message eagerly. This dealt with the Jubilee, self-esteem according to God's vision of their lives, and the idea of never returning once set free.

When the call to repent and accept Jesus as Lord was offered, the response was immediate, after which we managed to speak personally with some that wanted to go to confession for the first time.

Sadly, our time ran out and they returned to their cells, but we did manage to pray with some of the men. Upon leaving, we asked the priest to make a special visit before their enthusiasm died in order to hear the confessions hoping it would be soon.

Although we had a very short time in both prisons, we would have to say that it was more than worthwhile and worth the cost to do it.

While still in Castries, we ministered at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in the center of the town. This was an outreach to the youth of the islands and the Cathedral youth group hosted it. This meeting, broadcast on EWTN reaches a huge audience.

The EWTN camera crews were there to film the service, but because of the short notice of our visit and a different night to their regular meetings, their music team could not be there, and so Patrick led the praise all alone with songs they did not really know. It was awkward, but Patrick did a superb job, and eventually, they participated with enthusiasm.

Preaching from the sanctuary was also awkward without a podium but that did not deter the message on Pope Benedict's WYD08 message on Apostles and Prophets of a New Age. Drawing on the "In the World, not of the World" material from SMPOF, it incorporated both Pope Benedict's call to youth, the Signs of the Times, and the Joshua Generation vision.

Again, the response to the altar call encouraged us as young and old gave their lives to Christ and accepted healing prayers. The prayer ministry lasted a long time as more people came into the Cathedral and asked for prayers. Later we heard that the priests were very happy with the way the evening went.

Flame in Soufriere.
Soufriere, the previous capitol is in the southern tip of St Lucia and even more beautiful with its pointed Petit Piton mountains and valley towns. This is where Johnny Depp's movies, Pirates of the Caribbean was made. The ship used in the movie sails up and down the coast. Geoffrey generously treated us to a trip back to Rodney Bay on the pirate ship but that was not to happen.

As guests of the Stonefield Villa Resort, we were treated like kings and given the best villa during our stay. This was such a relief for the short time there with the astonishing and amazing Petit Piton as our view while sitting at our own swimming pool eating the magnificent Mangos that fall from the surrounding trees. It just could not get better.

Unfortunately, this was not to last. After a very powerful service at the local church, a thief broke in and stole cash from my wallet while I sat at the pool praying for a very sick friend in Australia that had just been diagnosed with cancer. It had only taken moments and all the lights were on.

From 6am that morning until after lunch, we spent time with the police investigating and writing reports, consequently we missed the pirate ship and had to get a lift back to Rodney Bay.

Our host, realizing our financial dilemma gave some money to tide us over and we were grateful to her for that. "I have two men of God staying under my roof and have been blessed by them. I cannot apologize enough for this" she lamented.

It had been a stormy night and the wind loud, hence the opportunity for the thief, and so we continued to assure her that it was no fault of hers nor the resort; these things happen at the best of times, and it was just our misfortune to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The service at the Church of the Assumption had a remarkable attendance considering there were only a few days notice of our visit. Even more so because the prayer group had finished a Life in the Spirit seminar retreat weekend just a day or two before, so to see the church nearly full was a very pleasant sight.

Told later, that most of the people that came had not been to a charismatic meeting before surprised us because they accepted it as though they had. The prayer lines were long and needed the assistance of others from the charismatic renewal prayer group and community members.

Arriving back at Rodney Bay, we took a day off. However, the next day, storms delayed the flight back to Miami. This meant that we missed our connection to London. We waited in line for around six hours, around 12 hours in total from St Lucia, as chaos with flights frustrated 100's of stranded travelers.

Finally, around 11.30pm, American Airlines decided to tell passengers the situation and arranged overnight accommodation for the international connections. We were fortunate that we had longer time than most, and so our overnight stay at the luxury 5 Star Doral Golf Resort in Miami was a welcome relief from the stress. The next day we boarded a flight back to Australia. However, we had to fly back via Sydney and then to Perth rather than London and Singapore as planned.

St Lucia was a real adventure, but would we go back again? Well, of course we would, and hope that we will. We can certainly see that Theresa's love for the people and her desire for revival was well founded. We might even set up a Flame regional office next the swimming pool at the fantastic
Stonefield Estate Resort in Soufriere.

Thank you Geoff and Loy for everything; a new friendship, great chats, awesome food, and supporting us in our financial loss, and a special thanks to Theresa Robinson for making it all happen.

v 5NF PERTH WA: A first for Australia.

The unfolding events and witness during the year testified to the realization that Flame Ministries had moved yet again into another realm of the Spirit along with its encumbant blessings (and not so few attacks). Not the least of this was that Five Nights of Fire (5NF) that began in Miami, Florida a few years ago through the initiative of Scott Kaldahl, and subsequently spread to Colorado Springs and Pittsburgh PA and now to Australia as a Parish Lenten Retreat.

The retreat, on the invitation of Father Terry Raj entitled, Blood Covenents; discover the Mystery of the Scarlet Thread, for the St Jude's parish, Langford WA from March 23 to 27 saw a packed church over the entire five nights.

As has been the case in many countries, the subject brought the Bible to life and answered many questions regarding seeming Bible contradictions and the OT history of the Eucharist. Moreover, as the title indicates, the subject reveals the history of blood in God's plan of salvation from Genesis to Jesus and so reveals our place in it for all eternity.

Parishioners heard how blood, and the concept of covenants are common and natural in all societies from the North American Indian's concept a Blood Brother, to the origin of the wedding ring in modern society even though people have little or no knowledge of its ancient beginning including the true meaning of the term, "Blood is thicker than water" - it did not mean what people had thought.

Step by step, the story unfolded with understanding covenants in cultures, including today's, and then a demonstration of the nine steps of an ancient Hebrew covenant ritual. From there, parishioners embarked on a Biblical journey that removed the mystery of the Genesis factor regarding sin, and followed God as he took the same nine steps through Adam, Noah, Abraham and Moses.

The journey ended with Jesus taking the same nine steps to his passion and death on the Cross, his descent into hell and his ascension into heaven, and seat at the right hand of majesty wherein he invited us, washed in the Blood of the Lamb, to approach the Throne of Grace to obtain mercy and help.

Over five evenings, parishioners followed the miracle of the scarlet thread, and so discovered their true place in God and access to heaven. 5NF (Five Nights of Fire) served to make Easter a far more meaningful celebration. If you want to know more about Blood Covenants and your relationship with the Godhead, you can order the CD series from our Online Shop.

v Set My People on Fire St Jude's Parish; the flow on effect from 5NF.

Eddie Russell and Father Terry Raj.

Father Terry Raj, parish priest of St Jude's Catholic Church in Langford WA, was impressed with the 5NF Lenten Retreat and wanted something special leading up to Advent. He chose Set My People on Fire.

Considering the success of the Lenten 5NF with its huge turnout of parishioners, the seminar had far less, around 20 people. This is not surprising; Lent was a liturgical season, and so a greater than normal turn out is to be expected, SMPOF on the other hand was not, and besides, many people think 15 weeks is along time and too big a commitment. In addition, many older people do not like to be out at night, especially if traveling alone.

Never the less, the seminar went beautifully in the power of the Holy Spirit, and it especially touched the young people present. One could say it was meant to be that way, especially considering the revelation and growth they experienced, and as always, the Bible became a living word as its depth and meaning opened up to them.

Rosy Parker is a young delegate that attended the seminar.
It had a wonderful effect on her life, faith and relationship with Jesus, and so we will let Rosy tell the story for us in this video. In the video, she speaks about her experience and encourages other young people to do the seminar. The video gives information about Ignite the Fire, the 20th Flame Congress along with an exhortation from St Joseph's youth leader, Greg LeCoultre about the upcoming Set My People of Fire in his parish in Subiaco WA.

v EDDIE RUSSELL - Cancer test showed positive while in Uganda.

As many know, Eddie tested positive to prostate cancer in 1994/5 while writing his first book, a book from the perspective of God's perfect will rather than his permitting will, but through his faith and prayer over two years he was declared cancer free after eight biopsies found nothing in spite of the prior evidence.

Although still suffering benign prostate enlargement that needs management, he has been free of that cancer since then, but now, suddenly faced again with a more aggressive type of cancer, his battle began once more.

Early in the year, around April, the Australian government invited all men over 50 to undergo a free colon cancer test. Just prior to flying to Uganda, Eddie completed the test and posted it. Later, while in Masaka, he received an email saying, "There is no other way of saying this, but your tests came back as positive."

Not able to go for examinations for several weeks, the news became another test of faith, most especially because of the healing focus of the mission. As previously, the idea that God's Word is true no matter the outcome in the flesh, caused him to hold fast to the promises of God while not compromising his message to the people.

Understandably, however, the prospect of death or severe disability brought about a surreal perspective of life and its value. It is, and can be, very short indeed. Eddie told Patrick on several occasions that this news brought him to a realization that he might never see these people again, and so his message could be the last opportunity to give them something of true value for their lives. This acute awareness grew with each day, and most clearly when preaching and praying with people during the month long mission.

Upon his return to Australia, he went for a colonoscopy that removed several large pre-cancerous polyps. The next day, told of a negative result and thus cancer free, he thanked God for his love and mercy and especially for all those that prayed for him.

Both these incidents of prostate and colon cancers send a clear message to all men, especially of middle age, to get regular checks. Eddie was only in his early 50's when prostrate cancer struck. It might be embarrassing to talk about or think of, but death is no cure and so wisdom dictates - Swallow the pride and get a check, then you might live not to regret it, because, "When it comes to cancer, death is not an option!" (Eddie Russell)

v Eddie's books wow reader in Zagreb, Croatia.

Email received January 5, 2010:

Dear Eddie,

Wow. Just wow. I have read both of your books and that is all I can say.

I've been a Roman Catholic my whole life and a practicing one, I've been to Charismatic Renewals before but this is the first time I have heard the Good News proclaimed in such a powerful, beautiful way.

It is the best news possible, ever! And I don't mean this only idealistically either. Because even when you state certain shortcomings in thinking or behavior, it is like you wrote the book for me. I recognized myself and I could only say: Yes, that's me, that's my erroneous thinking. The Word of God is like a sword, dividing the truth from the lies. It helped me to see myself as I am and as God wants me to be. Also, as a linguist, I really loved that you explained the etymology of Greek and Latin words from the Bible. It helps to understand the message better. Therefore, I would like to thank you and shake your hand as a friend in Christ.

Eddie, I am just so blessed that I stumbled upon you online. Thanks once again for the wonderful two books. I am so grateful that God sends His amazing message through you.

Bless you - Antonija.

Click to Shop
12 Steps to Divine Healing, and,
It's Faith Jim, But not as we know it,
are available online here.

v Rounding up the news.

The primary reason for this late newsletter, apart from my time, or lack of it, is due largely to the Australian government's restriction on multiple emailing.

At least that is what we were told by our ISP over the last year, and so, every time we tried to send to our Email Subscriber List, around, 2500+, our ISP's email filter shut down the posting. After lengthy, and at times, lively discussions on the issue, we were informed that a limit of 30 mails allowed prevented spam. Well, for those more Internet-savvy, you would know that spam is a term for unsolicited bulk email (Junk). Freely requested subscriber requests on the other hand are not spam no matter how many there are, but that made no difference - We could not post to you.

Effectively, this means that people are shut off the web, and one has to wonder about this; we are not Chinese spammers, that is the excuse given, and yet we are penalized as are so many other legitimate users. Thankfully, after several months searching the www, we finally found a program we could afford that could send multiple emails without violating these restrictions (we hope) and so hence, you are finally receiving the legitimate mail you requested from us, so all I can say is - Enjoy while you can!

The Great Australian Firewall.
How to fight it.

As you can imagine therefore, it has taken a long time and hard work to put this huge edition together. So much has happened over the year, and so there is no time left to tell about the Holy Spirit & His Anointing Seminar, Flame members Carlos and Melanie's first baby, Ruth and Richard's wedding, Damien's second baby on the way, the request to re-publish it's Faith Jim in England.

Neither is there time to talk about the advent of 12 Steps in Audio Book format with musical soundtracks that will be available soon, new members, anticipated missions to USA, Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, and Uganda again in September and a whole lot more.

Neither is there time to tell you about John's daughter-in-law who died giving birth recently and how they cut her open and rushed to save the baby. The baby was also dead. John and his wife prayed hard. Then the doctors found a faint heart beat in the baby, and how both the mother and baby came back to life with no brain damage, and how this account is published in the Medical Journals as a medical miracle and reported on prime time television news.

FIRECAST-FMI. GO THERE NOW!I can only suggest that you come to the St Mary's Cathedral Praise Meeting each Thursday, or if you cannot, at least link up as a Friend on Facebook, keep checking our events page, and importantly, make sure you set your spam filter to accept our email address and open your email to see if we have sent you updates.

In the meanwhile, we send you our prayers and blessing for an amazing 2010; the anniversary of our 20th year. And remember, you are personally invited to celebrate with us at Ignite the Fire. We hope you will.

God bless you,

Eddie Russell FMI and all of us at Flame Ministries International.
Ignite the Fire! - It's Beyond your Dreams!

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