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Inspired Podcasts by Catholic Evangelist/Preacher Eddie Russell FMI recorded from Flame Ministries International's St. Mary's Cathedral weekly Praise Meeting (CPM) are attracting a huge audience on iTunes, Facebook, the Firecast-FMI web pages, and other popular podcast sites.

If you seek no-nonsense, to the point, uncompromised Bible Preaching and Teaching, you will find it all right here.
Eddie Russell FMI is Commissioned Catholic Evangelist who founded Flame Ministries International as "A Public Association of Christ's Faithful" in 1990 under Archbishop Barry James Hickey of the Archdiocese of Perth, WA.

Eddie Russell has accepted invitations for preaching missions to Uganda, USA, Portugal, England, Singapore, Scotland, St Lucia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates and around Australia. He is the author of three books; The English and Croatian editions of his first book 12 Steps to Divine Healing has sold out. The German, Portuguese, and Slovenian editions are still in print. Now in its second edition, "It's Faith Jim - But not as we know it" was nominated for Book of the Year UK in 2007. His latest book, Divine Healing in the Jubilee Year is available on Amazon Kindle E-Books.

Posted on iTunes by Titus the Prodigal Son: I found Flame Ministries on the Internet about a year ago. I was grateful to find such a powerful Catholic ministry online. Now that their ministry is available on both iTunes and YouTube, I know that their ministry will grow exponentially. If you are looking for powerful charismatic, neo-pentecostal teaching, you need to subscribe to the Flame Ministries FIRECAST today. God Bless Flame Ministries for making these teachings available on iTunes. God Bless!

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