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The Lion of Judah Catholic Prayer Fellowship

The Lion of Judah Catholic Prayer Fellowship.
A local church of Flame Ministries International in Perth, Western Australia, experiencing Revival in the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit. ~ Established 1990 ~

'The Lion of Judah Catholic Prayer Fellowship' 7.30pm - 9.30pm at The Holy Rosary Parish (Hall) 46 Thomas St, Nedlands. This is a great new missionary adventure for Flame and we would like you to be part of it. So please join us to celebrate the Lord each week as we journey along the Narrow Road of faith and growth in the Holy Spirit.

Why do we call it a "Praise" meeting and not a prayer meeting?

Catholic Charismatic Renewal gatherings are often referred to as Prayer Meetings
or Prayer Groups.

Whilst both these expressions relate to a slightly different dynamic, the common connection is the word "Prayer." This word however, does not fully express the purpose for these church meetings, and it causes considerable confusion in the minds of people who only understand or use formal prayer and devotions. This is especially so for those who have not experienced the Baptism of the Holy Spirit: They cannot relate to a Prayer Meeting that lasts for two or three hours saying the rosary, formal, or petitionary prayers. It was to ovoid this confusion that we began to use the word "Praise" since it more clearly expressed the spirituality and type of prayer experienced at our weekly meetings. The name Judah means, "Praise."

Why Pentecostal and not Charismatic?

When this current outpouring of the Holy Spirit began in the Catholic Church in the early 1960's shortly after Vatican II, it was called the Catholic Pentecostal Renewal. Due to confusion in the minds of Catholics with Protestant Pentecostalism, the term Pentecostal was dropped in favor of the word Charismatic and became known as the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Since its small beginnings in the USA, it has spread rapidly to become one of the fastest growing movements in the Catholic Church with a global membership exceeding 150 million today.

Unfortunately, due to the word Charismatic, many Catholic clergy have viewed this renewal as immature and infantile.
St. Augustine of Hippo had stated in his time that the Church only needed the Charismatic Gifts in the beginning to get the infant Church growing, but now that it had reached its maturity, it no longer needed these Gifts.

This is the view held and taught by many seminaries and priests today. St. Augustine however, after witnessing 73 miraculous healings in his own Cathedral in Hippo later wrote that he was wrong and that the Church did need these Gifts. in addition, the word Charismatic has been abused so much that people now associate it with pop stars, film stars and fanatical despots like Hitler and Jim Jones. Consequently it has lost its true meaning and it has hence diminished its relevance in the minds of many Catholics

(As the church became more institutionalized, the gifts of the Spirit became less common and were seen only in the lives of the great “Saints’. Some, such as St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430 AD) initially thought that they were meant only for the early Church, to “kick-start” her, so to speak. However, he later withdrew this opinion in his Retractions, when he himself witnessed the gifts in abundance in his own Diocese.

It was apparent to him then that the gifts occurred where people had expectant faith. Later one sees the gifts in evidence in the lives of St. Francis of Assisi (1182-1226), St. Dominic (1170-1221), St. Catherine of Sienna (1330-1380), St. Teresa of Avila (1515-1582), St. John Bosco (1815-1888), The Cure of Ars (St. John Vianney – 1786-1859) and many others down the centuries. The Cure of Ars is known to have had the gift of tongues.) -

The word Charismatic comes from the Greek word 'Charis' which means 'Gift'.
It is due to this understanding that the Charismatic Renewal is often viewed as a "Gift Centered Renewal" with an overemphasis on Tongues. Properly understood of course, neither of these are correct because the CCR in its wider expression covers not only the Gifts, but also various ministries as well as personal and community lifestyles which are lived out in all areas of Church life and social activity.

However, in spite of this, many prayer groups in the CCR have become gift-centered, and do very little other than a few songs, petitionary prayers and run Life in the Spirit Seminars occasionally. These seminars only take participants through the basics, introducing them to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. More often than not, there is little or no follow up other than encouraging regular attendance at the local parish meeting. Unfortunately, other than the die-hards, many people eventually leave and go to Protestant Pentecostal Churches or leave the CCR or the Catholic Church altogether.

Are we Catholic?

The Lion of Judah is a "Neo-Pentecostal" and fully Catholic church faithful to the Pope.
In addition to being a member of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Western Australia, Flame Ministries International through which this meeting was founded in 1990, is a Canonical Lay Organization Constituted as, "An association of Christ's Faithful, (Canon 301), entitled to use the name "Catholic" (Canon 300).

We are also Neo-Pentecostal. "Neo" meaning, "New" and "Pentecost"- al, relating to Pentecost of course. We use this term because it more accurately expresses the purpose and spirituality of our meetings and is aligned with the original terminology avoiding a "Gift-Centered" mentality. Our meetings therefore express a greater variety of the Charismatic "lifestyle" encompassing all aspects of Christian living and, unlike many prayer groups, our meetings are filled with vibrant praise and are also focussed on the Preaching of the Word of God.

What is the purpose of a Catholic Pentecostal church meeting?

The purpose of a Catholic Pentecostal Praise Meeting is first and foremost, to offer
Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship to God and enter the Habitation of God.

Thanksgiving is related to what God has done and is always related to Salvation. Praise is related to what God is doing as it causes Him to dwell in our midst. Praise is also the language of faith and it is where the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit is made manifest as it did on the first Pentecost. Worship is related to who God is to you. It is deep and intimate worship in the Holy of Holies. This is where the Glory of God is present in the Shekinah which means, "Habitation of God."

All other forms of prayer and ministry are important, but secondary to this.
The bible tells us that "God dwells in the praise of his people" and "God's dwelling place is with man." Unless this is apparent, little else seems to happen. When our focus is turned more directly to prolonged praise, we begin to experience God's presence in greater power because the people understand the reason they are there. Often our meetings will be a continuous praise and worship from beginning to end as the Holy Spirit inspires us. During these times the Charismatic Gifts are manifest in greater power and frequency and we begin to experience a fresh and tangible anointing. One Revival Anointing in particular is called
"The Baptism of Fire".

From this anointing, experienced at the Cathedral Praise Meeting in May of 1993, a Prophetic Vision and Prophetic Word were also revealed relating to a Global Revival beginning from that moment onwards.
Since then, Revival has come to pass the world as the Prophecy said it would. This current Revival was first revealed to us in a vision, and prophesied in early 1990 by Eddie Russell FMI at a Flame Ministries International meeting in Perth. Since that time the Cathedral Praise Meeting has enjoyed God's presence in a fresh and tangible way. The Gifts of Healing and Miracles have increased as well as the Fruit of the Holy Spirit. "The Lion of Judah Catholic Prayer Fellowship" now continues an unbroken connection and continuence of the prophetic vision into the future.

The Lion of Judah Catholic Prayer Fellowship is very strong on Preaching the Word of God.

"Unless we are formed in, and conformed to, the Word of God, even our thanksgiving, praise and worship is weak and ineffectual."

Group Leader Eddie Russell FMI preaching at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda.

Each week, often as the Spirit leads, there is an inspired teaching and the full use of the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit are encouraged. Without the Word of God there is no solid ground upon which to place our gratitude. If our time of thanksgiving, praise and worship is not filled with heartfelt gratitude, then it means nothing and avails nothing. A few years ago the Lord spoke in a prophetic word, "When the Praise is low, the Gifts won't flow". Our praise therefore is vibrant.

In addition, regular organized Teaching Seminars are also held both for the instruction of the regular members and for the evangelisation of others. Such seminars as Set My People On Fire, The Holy Spirit & His Manifold Anointing, The Lord's Prayer, Covenant Armour of God and many others help in building the faith of our members and gives them food for praise and worship.

The Meeting Leader, Mr. Eddie Russell FMI is the Founding Director of Flame Ministries International. He is an Officially Recognized Catholic Evangelist Commissioned by the Archbishop of Perth WA, and author of three popular books; 12 Steps to Divine Healing (2nd Edition), It's Faith Jim. But not as we know it (In 2nd Edition), and The Sword of Gilead and the Book of Angels, all available on Amazon and Kindle. He has preached Conferences, Parish Missions, Seminars, Retreats and Revival Rallies in Australia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, St. Lucia Caribbean, Indonesia, Uganda, Singapore, Malaysia, England, USA and Mexico. To date, Eddie has preached the Word of God to over 25 million people. You can listen to Podcasts of teachings from the CPM/Lion of Judah on FireCast-FMI and watch television teachings on Firecast-TV channel and when possible live broadcast weekly. We also have great resources and teaching on our FMITV Channel on YouTube. (Also see the Seminars)

Stir up the Holy Spirit!

Saint Paul instructs Timothy in his Second Letter, "For this reason, I remind you to stir into a flame the gift of God that you have through the imposition of my hands. (2 Timothy 1: 6).

The Word of God expressed in this exhortation, reveals a very interesting situation: Saint Paul is actually telling Timothy to stir up the Holy Spirit!
Many people will wait for the Holy Spirit to stir them. They can wait a long time. I have found that this is one major reason why so many do not even pray in Tongues: They wait to be 'stirred' instead of 'moved', 'filled' or 'inspired' and then, acting. Wisdom dictates that we must "act" on the Word of God if we are to see the Fruit of that Word in our lives.
(John 15:1-17. - Luke 6:46-47. - James 1:22) At the Cathedral Praise Meeting we acknowledge these principles and we see the results.

In addition to the Public Meeting we have various outreaches. One in particular
is our Prayer Chain.

Beginning in 1990 using telephone and fax, this has now reached thousands through the Internet. This Prayer Ministry is Strictly Confidential and requests are only passed on to the Group Members who are trained and nurtured in the "Prayer of Agreement". Over these years we have seen amazing and even miraculous results for people we have never met. Our
Confidential Online Prayer Requests receives numerous requests each day.

Flame Music Ministry

Music is the substance of the praise and worship that begins our meetings, and so great emphasis is placed on the role the worship leader and the music ministry. At the CPM, this is led by the Flame Music Ministry. Music director, Patrick Carre FMI, has written and produced worship CDs along with original scores from his members. A lot of the material used at the CPM are original songs from their My Word the Message, and The Freedom Album CDs.

Popular with youth and parishes around Perth, Flame Music Ministry performed at the 2008 World Youth Day in Sydney. Their song RISE, from the Freedom Album was the official song for the Perth Days in the Diocese that preceded WYD-08.
Flame Music Ministry

If you are a visitor to, or live in Perth, take time to visit us.You are assured of a warm welcome.

The Lion of Judah Catholic Charismatic Prayer Fellowship
. The Holy Rosary Parish (Hall) 46 Thomas St, Nedlands. The Times are: 7.30pm - 9.30pm each Wednesday Evening.

The Leader is: Eddie Russell FMI, SD.
Phone: + 61 8 9382 3668. - Click to >

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