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When the Spirit Comes

A Holy Spirit Seminar conducted over seven weekly sessions.
These seminars have been developed to give and up-to-date Biblical Charismatic Theology that introduces participants to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the Charismatic Gifts. The sessions are more advanced than the Life in the Spirit Seminars and formulated to give people a solid introduction to Catholic Charismatic (Pentecostal) spirituality. They have proven suitable for people of all ages and walks of life who desire to grow in their faith and give an effective witness to others.
Sessions Include: 1: Meeting the God of Love. 2: On the Road to Emmaus. 3: How to Forgive & Be Healed. 4: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit. 5: Come Holy Spirit. 6: When the Spirit Comes. 7: Understanding Charismatic Worship.

The Lord's Prayer Seminar
An in-depth bible study of the Lord's Prayer conducted over eight sessions.
This seminar unfolds the richness and depth contained within each line of the "Our Father." Jesus taught this prayer as a "way" of praying and not just a prayer to pray. Each line gives a powerful insight to the richness intended by Jesus when He taught the disciples about this prayer. The very fact that Jesus said to call God "Our Father" was in itself significant: It implied a deep, close and personal relationship as a member of a family with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: Hitherto, an unseen God. Later, Jesus said that to see him was in fact, to see the Father. He said, "The Father and I are one." The seminar explains what it means to call God your Father and what it means to Hallow His Name. It explains the coming of the Kingdom and God's will in heaven and on earth. We discover how God's provision can be seen in our lives and how we can give and receive forgiveness. We also discover a way to deal with and overcome temptations, and how we are delivered from all evil. Finally, we see how that God's is truly the Glory and the Everlasting Kingdom.

Flame Day Parish Renewal
Conducted over five sessions, this seminar explains the nature of Faith, Love, Adoption, Maturity and Evangelisation. Often conducted as a "One Day Parish Renewal" it is suitable for parishes, churches or groups. It can also be conducted over five weekly sessions, five consecutive days or as a weekend retreat. - This seminar has been proven successful in Australia and in England in both Catholic and Anglican parishes. Flame One gives participants a clear opportunity to personally experience a living and vibrant faith in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Intercessors Schools
An in-depth bible seminar developed to explain the nature of Intercessory Prayer and to instruct the participants in the art of intercession. These schools are conducted as teaching / workshops and show the difference between General Intercession, The Burden, Travail, Universal Prayer, Prayer Enjoined, The Prayer of Faith, The Prayer of Consecration, The Prayer of Commitment, The Prayer of Worship, The Prayer of Agreement, Prayer in the Spirit, United Prayer, Tongues and many others. - Most importantly, these seminars teach Intercessors how to operate in the Anointing, pray "in" the Spirit and deal responsibly with spiritual forces.

Blood Covenants

A five session bible study seminar which unfolds God's Covenant nature and plan from Genesis to Revelation.
These five sessions trace the concept and remnants of covenants in cultures and societies up to this present time, including God's Divine Covenant Plan through Adam (person), Noah (family), Abraham (tribe) Moses (nation) and Jesus (the whole world). Blood Covenants are the key to understanding
the whole Bible, Jesus Sacrifice, Life Abundant, the Blessings of Abraham and Divine Healing.

The Covenant Armour of God
This ten session seminar examines Ephesians 6.
It takes a close look at spiritual warfare and the real nature of the conflict and gives participants an effective strategy for daily living with God's battle plan for victory. - God exchanges our own feeble and rusty armor for His own Glorious Armor. We look at each piece of armor and discover why it is placed by Saint Paul on a particular part of the body. We begin see how this is related to the virtues of Truth, Righteousness, Faith, The Gospel, Salvation, and the Word of God.

The Genesis Factor
A Weekend Camp-Style Retreat for young people aged from thirteen to sixteen. It combines "fun and faith" and, introduces the retreatants to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Charismatic Gifts at a level that suits their age and maturity.

YES - Youth Explosion Seminars
Empower young people with the Fire, Vision and the fullness of the Holy Spirit. These series of interactive and teaching seminars build a sense of purpose and belonging, releases the Supernatural Gifts of the Holy Spirit and teach youth how to evangelise youth by becoming Dynamite for Jesus! Sessions include: Getting to Know You. The Unknown God. Seated In Heavenly Places. Washed in His Blood. I Can Work Signs & Wonders. The Elisha Principle. We are Warriors, Not Wimps. Youth Explosion Seminars are for young people from age seventeen (17) and upwards. YES is youth reaching youth for Jesus.

Set My People On Fire
Conducted over fifteen weekly sessions with three retreats, this is an advanced in-depth Charismatic Bible Seminar inspired from a Prophecy received during prayer on Christmas Eve 1989. Included in the programmes are three workshop/retreat weekends which occur every fifth week when subject matter is opened in greater depth. "SMPOF" has been conducted successfully in Australia and England and also in the USA by correspondence. To see the complete programmes click here

The Fruit of the Spirit is, Love.

This seminar opens up the deeper application of "Abiding in the Vine" (The Word) in John 15. The sessions also open up Galatians chapters 5 & 6. We discover that the Fruit of the Spirit is Love (singular). Joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control are all the fruit and consequences of love in action. This seminar also explains each of these manifestations of love and shows the participants how they can abide in them. It also explain the difference between the four loves expressed in Sacred Scripture through the original Greek text. These loves are, "storge", "philea", "eros" and "agape", each expressing a different relationship.

According to Saint Paul, a human being is a tripartite being consisting of spirit, soul and body. Each of these dimensions are explained in full relating to the food needed for healthy growth in the Spirit and, the fruit of that growth, which is love in each area of our lives. There is no authentic spiritual growth without the fruit of the Holy Spirit who's Alpha & Omega is Love itself.

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